How to Request for UBA Prepaid Africard and Fund the ATM card

It takes me less than 3 hours to request and get my prepaid UBA Africard ATM, activate the card myself, changed the PIN, loads the ATM card with cash, and ready for use.

You will learn the nitty-gritty of how to apply for the UBA prepaid Visa card called Africard. You don’t need to have an account with UBA before you can make a request for the Visa card, fund the card, and start using the card for your online transaction.

Although you will still go through the entire procedures to open a UBA bank account. But, this card does not necessarily need users to have an account before.

If you already have an account, you can link the card to your account while filling your form. This prepaid and preload card won’t affect the main account ATM card.

In this post, I will document all the steps I took to get a UBA Africard prepaid ATM card, the requirement that you will be asked to provide, the minimum amount you need to fund your account with, charges per withdrawal, online charges, and how to change your ATM PIN from the default PIN to your own desired PIN.

UBA Africard prepaid cards

What is UBA Africard?

UBA Africard is a standalone ATM card that does not need an account number to function. The card stands on its own for an online transaction and works in over 30 countries and in different currencies.

However, you may want to wonder that since the prepaid UBA card doesn’t have an associated account number, how then, will you be able to load cash on the ATM card.

I’ll provide a relevant answer to that question when we get to how to fund UBA Prepaid Africard.

Basic Requirement

Despite the fact that the ATM card is not necessarily needed to be associated with a user account. You still need to provide the necessary requirement at the point of registration for the UBA customer service agent attending to you to have the proper documentation of your card.

So, when you are ready to get the free Africard by UBA, make sure you have the following with you.

  1. Means of identification such as National ID card, Internation passport, voters card or other means of identification that is valid.
  2. One passport photograph
  3. Utility bill. This Utility bill is very important as part of your community service. Without it, you may not be able to complete your request for this preload card as your form will not be treated. There is a way out. In case you don’t have access to the utility bill or you don’t have a utility bill to complete this task, go to your local government and request for a community tax declaration.

How to Request for UBA Africard

Once you have the basic requirement available you are ready to request for your UBA Africard to start your online shopping.

Walk into the nearest UBA banking hall and tell one of their customer service agents that you need a UBA prepaid Africard. 

You will be given a form to fill. Make sure you provide your correct details such as your exact house address for address verification, your real name, card type where you need a personalized card or instant card.

Don’t worry we’ll consider the differences between the two cards below so you’ll know what to go for.

Now, after you have filled the form, return it back to the agent you collected it from and wait for your card. It will take less than an hour to complete everything.

Personalized vs Instant

You can get the instant card instantly before you left the banking hall while for the personalized card, you have to come back for it after 5 – 7 business working day.

The personalized Africard have you name boldly written on it like the normal ATM card while the instant card does not carry your name on it.

Meanwhile, other information and features of both cards remain the same for local and international use.

How to Activate UBA Africard

Whether you requested for the instant card or the personalized card, this approach works to activate it. And you can even activate it before you leave the banking all using a POS machine with or without the help of the customer service.

Now, to activate your card, follow the procedures below.

  1. Insert your ATM card into the ATM machine
  2. Peel off the orange tab, you will see two different PINs. One to activate your ATM card and the other for your web or online transaction.
  3. Click on proceed
  4. Now, the ATM card will be activated and you can use it to transact and withdraw money.

Alternatively, you can try the follow approach to activate your Africard.

UBA Africard Activation

Through the UBA ATM, insert the Africard ATM, type the ATM PIN inside the flip to begin your UBA Africard activation and click on enter on the machine. Click on change PIN, enter your new Africard ATM PIN and click on the change button to change the old PIN to the new PIN and you ATM will be activated

Now, your ATM card is fully activated and it can be used in any ATM machine. However,you will be charged when you use the UBA africard ATM in another ATM other than the UBA machine.

Change ATM PIN

What about if you want to change your ATM PIN? Before you can change your PIN, make sure you activate it first.

Now, to change your Africard ATM PIN follow these procedures.

  1. Insert your ATM card into the ATM machine
  2. Enter your old PIN
  3. Click on change PIN on the ATM machine
  4. Enter your new PIN
  5. Enter the PIN again to confirm
  6. Done

Now, your old PIN will be invalid. When next you want to use your Africard at ATM or POS location, the new PIN is what you should use else it will not authorize your transaction.

How to Fund Africard ATM

Do you remember we said that you do not need an account number to operate Africard from UBA? If that is so, how do you fund your Africard ATM?

When you are handled over your ATM card, turn the ATM card to the back under the CCV information. There you will find an 11 digit boldly written in black ink.

That is your account number to fund the ATM card. However, you cannot transfer fund to it from other banks.

The easiest way to fund your Africard is to walk into any UBA bank, fill the deposit teller, write the number at the back of your ATM in the account position, and tell the cashier that you want to make a deposit or fund your Africard.

Within a few minutes, you will receive the alert and your ATM is ready for use. You can deposit other denominations as well. You can fund your ATM with dollar, pounds, and euro.

Africard Charges

Africard charges differ from country to country.

  • Domestic non-UBA ATM Transactions ZMW5.00
  • International ATM Transactions ZMW2.8%
  • International POS Transactions (including online payments) 2.8%/txn
  • Card (Re)issuance fee (instant) ZMW40.00
  • Card (Re)issuance fee (personalized) ZMW50.00

Change UBA Passcode & Check Account Balance

Africard Account Balance

When you open your UBA Africard parcel you will see two codes in it. The first code is your UBA Africard ATM activation code which you must change and the second code is called UBA passcode for online transactions.

However, it’s recommended to change the passcode from the default to a preferred code.

During the process, you will create a new username aside from your UBA Africard account you see at the back of your ATM bottom left.

1. Go to UBA Get Secure Card site here

2. Enter your customer ID (the account number at the bottom of your UBA Prepaid card)

3. Enter the 4 digit passcode and click on the login

4. If this is your first time, you can change your login username and change your password.

Booom!!! You will be taken your UBA bank account as regard your UBA Africard account balance.

Change Password

You only have 5 logins ailed attempt before your account will be locked. However, it’s better to request for a change of password if you forgot it before you are locked out of your own account.

If you forgot your UBA Africard password here is how to request for a new password. They are two different approaches which we’ll discuss here.

  1. Go to UBA secure card website as shared above
  2. Click on forgot passwordUBA Prepaid Africard
  3. Enter your customer ID and the last 4 digits on your ATM card and click on confirm.Confirm customer ID and 4 digits code
  4. UBA will send a link to your email address to change your password.

Make sure you have access to the necessary information to change your web passcode to avoid failed logins.

Change UBA Africard Passcode While Login

Forgot UBA Africard password

While you remain log into your Africard web account you can change your passcode from the admin dashboard.

  1. Log into your UBA Africard web account
  2. Click on change password
  3. Enter your current password
  4. Enter the new password and enter the same password to verify it
  5. Click on change password

How to Transfer Fund from UBA Africard Account

To transfer fund from your UBA account Africard follow the procedures below.

  1. Log into your UBA secure card account
  2. Click on transfer fund
  3. Click on confirm for UBA to send you a one time password to finalize your transaction.UBA Africard fund transfer
  4. Enter the recipient name, card number or customer ID, amount, and click on confirm.UBA Card to Card fund transfer

You can only carry out UBA Africard card to card fund transfer online unlike other online banking.

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    • Yes, you can link the UBA Africard ATM to your PayPal account to withdraw to your local bank account. Meanwhile, if you are talking about a PayPal account that can receive fund you need an international PayPal account and not the usual Nigeria account.

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