Blue Light Filter/Shield Apps for Smartphones

Only a few Android, iPad and Tablet smartphones come with the blue light filter or shield feature to reduce the brightness of your phone and reduce the light coming directly to your eyes when you use your device at night. If your smartphone has the blue light shield and you are not using it, there is no doubt that you are causing your eyes a lot.

In fact, research showed that when you use your phone few minutes before you sleep without the light filter or shield, you will have a minimum of 1 hour short below the normal hours you are supposed to spend sleeping.

The blue light cost high eyes strain, you must have been warned not to use your phone when you want to go to bed or not to spend much time with your phone without screen guard to reduce the light to avoid strained eyes.

So, with the blue light shield feature on most devices or light filter apps for smartphones, you will be free from strain eyes are a result of your phone screen light.

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There is also light filter or shield for other devices like Mac, Windows. However, here we’ll share the list of best blue light filter or shield for Android such as Samsung.

Blue light filter

Benefits of Blue Lights Filter or Shield on Smartphone?

Below we take a look at some benefits of the blue light shield feature on Androids and why you should consider using the light filter feature.

  • The blue light filter reduces eyes strain.
  • The blue light shield slow or prevent age-related macular degeneration
  • The blue light filter or blocking glass will help you sleep better

To mention a few of the blue light blocking glass benefits you know it worth to enable to feature to reduce the brightness of the rays of light emitting from your phone screen directly to your eyes except you use eyes glasses.

You Don’t Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Here are some few of the popular blue light clocking glasses for computer

  •  Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses
  • Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses
  • Amber-lensed Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  •  Spektrum Prospek Premium Computer Glasses
  •  Gunnar Optiks Intercept Computer Gaming Glasses

These are few of the common blue light shield blocking glasses for a computer. However, for a smartphone, you don’t need a blue light blocking glasses. All you need is the blue light filter for a smartphone in devices like Samsung.

How to Enable Blue Light Shield in Android?

It’s not all smartphones that have the blue light shield feature. So, if you have a phone with the blue light shield feature, follow the procedure below to enable it.

Meanwhile, the blue light filter is called “Night Mode” in a most Android device. Therefore, if you have either the blue light shield feature or night mode, here is how to activate it to reduce screen brightness at night.

To activate the night mode or blue light shield just go to Settings > Display > Night Light.

Blue Light Filter

After that, you can choose to configure how the night light works. You can go for manual or automatic depending on your choice. However, it is better you go for automatic so that you will not need to always turn the night light on always.

Best Blue Light Filter Apps for Smartphone

The blue light shield or night mode is not currently available on all devices. Most especially on a non-pixel device like Honor, Huawei, Asus, OnePlus, Samsung etc.

However, the alternative way to use the blue light filter feature on Android phone without waiting for the next Android update on your device here is a few of the best apps to turn on the night mode.


As at the time of writing this article, I am currently using the twilight light filter app on my Android Marshmallow device. With it, I am 100% covered and the issue of strain eyes is yet another story in my archive.

The Twilight blue light shield for Android reduces the screen light to the minimal and maintain a brightness according to the condition of the environment you find yourself.

The moment you enable the auto feature of the app, the app will run even in the sun and reduce the screen light to the minimal.

BlueLight Filter for Eye Care

The blue-light filter app for eye care has the same feature as night mode and Twilight app mentioned above. It’s one of the few Android apps to monitor and reduce phone brightness with different colors.

With the BlueLight filter app for eyes you are 100% covered that your sleep will be merry and there won’t be a strain eyes issue again.

Since I have started using the night mode on my Android phone and the blue light filter app on a non-supporting device I have not recorded a night without perfect sleep. No more eyes strain or tiredness. Moreover, I have switch to my Windows and planning to install the blue light software for Mac anytime soon.

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