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How to Download and Install Hotschedules APK on Android

A few weeks ago we considered Hotschedule login where we detailed everything you need to know about Hotschedule. Take time to go through it to understand how to manage your employee Hotschedules account and reset your Hotschedules password. However, we have received a lot of complain about how Hotschedule employees can log in to their Hotschedule account on Android with Hotschedules APK and we have decided to share a link to download and install HotSchedules mod app for Android.

Here in this guide, we’ll detail everything about the Hotschedules APK app and how you can use it to your advantages as an employee at Hotschedules.com with or without MyPass login.

Hotschedules APK allows employees to log in and manage their Hotschedules account on Android with just a click. Once the APK app is installed on your smartphone (Android) you are good to go to check your Hotschedules status, work shift, work schedule, work time, and many more.

What is Hotschedules APK?

Hotschedules app is an app you can download from the Google play store to log in to your Hotschedules account on your Android smartphone to check your Hotschedules employee’s detail. However, the APK app is the modified Hotschedules app which is downloaded from the third-party download store to check and manage your Hotschedules account.

However, the Hotschedules APK is only compatible works with Android phone. 

How to Use Hotschedules APK

Once you have downloaded and installed the Hotschedules APK (which we’ll guide to do in this guide) you will be able to use the APK app in the following ways.

  1. You will be able to log in to your Hotschedules employee’s account on your Android phone.
  2. There will be no need to log in to your Hotschedules account on a computer to view your Hotschedules work schedules.
  3. You will be able to change or reset your Hotschedules login password and username on your smartphone.
  4. Hotschedules APK provides the fastest means to access employee’s information and respond to whichever one that needed to be responded to.
  5. The mobile app provides the easiest way to see the latest news related to your work at any time rather than looking for where to check your Hotschedules employee’s account.

The Hotschedules APK ease you all the stress of logging and managing your account on a computer alone. Since the Hotschedules app allows you to carry out all the necessary task on your smartphone to meet up with your work schedules, then, you need to download and install it.

How to Install Hotschedules APK on Android

Hotschedules APK app cannot be downloaded from the Google play store, so, to install the APK app on your phone with an error message displaying on your Android while installing saying the “APK file you are trying to install might contain unsafe contents“.

Enable Unknown Sources

Here is a step you need to follow on your Android to enable unknown sources to be able to install the Hotschedules APK on your Android phone.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Scroll down and click “security”
  • Navigate the page and click on “Unknown sources”
  • Once you clicked or toggled the “Unknown sources” a window will appear warning you about installing apps from sources different from the Google play store.
  • Read and click “OK” to accept the popup

Upon accepting the warning message, you will be able to install apps that are downloaded from third-party sources.

How to Download Hotschedules APK

There are various ways to download APK apps including the Hotschedules app from app download sites other than the Google play store. You can download the Hotschedules APK from the following APK download site.

  1. Aptoide
  2. APKpure
  3. APKHere
  4. APKMirror
  5. AppStore
  6. Yalp Store

There are some other APK sites to download APK apps. However, for security reasons, we advise to only download apps from trust sources.

How to Install Hotschedules APK on Android

Here is how to install Hotschedules app on your Android from an APK download source.

  1. Go to Aptoide APK site >> search for “Hotschedules” and click on the download button and download the app on your Android.
  2. Navigate to your Android phone file manager and go to your download folder.
  3. Click “Hotschedules.apk” and click “Install” to the bottom right from the popup.HotSchedules APK
  4. The Hotscheules app will begin installing and this will last for like than 5 – 10 seconds.Installing HotSchedules
  5. Click “Done” to close the app and “Open” to launch the app and sign in to your Hotschedules account.Open

With the Hotschedules APK app install on your Android phone you will be given two options to log in to your Hotschedules account.

  1. Hotschedules account
  2. MyPass

Next, we’d discuss how to log in to your Hotschedules account on your Android phone with your Hotschedules login and MyPass username and password.

Login Hotschedules on Android

With the Hotschdules APK installed on your Android phone here is how to sign in to your account with your Hotschedules employee’s login.

  1. Launch the “Hotschedules APK” from your Android.
  2. Type your “username and password”.
  3. Click “Log in” to sign in and manage your Hotschules’ account.

You will be redirected to your Hotschedules employee dashboard where you will be able to manage your account.

How to Reset Hotschedules Password

There is a possibility that you may forget your Hotschedules login if you do not store it on your password manager. As a result, you need to go through the Hotschedules password reset without the Hotschedules web on the APK app.

  1. Launch the Hotschedules APK app.
  2. Click “Forget username or password”.Reset Password
  3. Type your “Hotschedules” username and click “Continue”.Reset HotSchedules Login
  4. Sign in to your primary email address linked to your Hotschedules account
  5. Click the “Password reset” link
  6. Create your new password and repeat the password to confirm it
  7. Click “Submit”

The new password will now be set as your Hotschedules login password henceforth.

Hotschedules MyPass Login

With MyPass login you can sign in to your Hotschdules account with ease without using your login to Hotschedules.

  1. Launch the Hotschedules APK app
  2. Click “Log in with MyPass”HotSchedules Login
  3. A new “global” window will appear showing “HotSchedules with MyPass”
  4. Type your “MyPass username or email and password”MyPass Login
  5. Click “Log in”.

Now, you will be redirected to your Hotschedules profile account from your MyPass. You can also log in to Labor from “MyPass” HotSchedules APK.

Download HotSchedules APK from the link.


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