Best Cheapest Wireless Earbuds

Getting the best cheapest Wireless Earbuds isn’t always a walk in the park

 There are tons of options available from different countries such as china, japan while some are from European countries

And due to that disparity, it could be hard to decide on which one you should go for if you want to get the best value for your cash.

But now that you’ve visited us at Gadgetswright to get more information about Earbuds that comes with impressive features yet are affordable.

 We have taken our time to sort out tons of Earbuds while also taking into account the variables like recent purchases, customer experience, Brands and Reviews.

And with all these, we’ve rounded up the list of the top 6 best cheapest wireless Earbuds you should go for if your budget is under $100 or even way lesser than that.

But before delving into the best cheapest Wireless Earbuds list. Let’s briefly explain some of the metrics that have been used to pick these best cheapest wireless earbuds to help you better scrutinize your choice of AirPods if you can’t get any of these close by.

Choosing the Best Cheapest Wireless Earbuds

Choosing the Best Cheapest Wireless Earbuds

Before deciding on what Earbuds to go for, you have to ensure that you are comfortable with its features while also ensuring that it is something you can afford. 

But then, there is more to that if you want to have a better shot at selecting an Airpods you would be impressed with

Although, I will have to make a digression here: Cheap Airpods are known to have some downside due to their price.

And as they say, what you pay for is what you get. 

So if you want something decent enough you should ensure you have a budget of at least $20

That said, let’s get into the metrics you should look out for on your next wireless earbuds purchase

Splash level water and dust resistance

You might come across some Earbuds with a water resistance rating. Popular Airpods Pro comes with an IPX4 rating which means it can withstand water at a splash level.

If you want Earbuds that you can take to the shower or beach, You should go for Earbuds with a water resistance of IPX5.

While all these are nice to have it depends on your lifestyle and your preferences.

Decent Listening time

The listening time matters as you do not want to purchase Airpods that last for just an Hour. 

Also, this should be mostly influenced by how frequently you go out or travel.

While most cheap Airpods might not have a long listening time. You can get a power bank to keep you in the loop.

But then, you should ensure the Earbuds you are going for have a listening time of at least 2 hours.

Good sound quality

The quality of the bass is very noticeable on the first try especially if you are a lover of music. 

If you are into audio podcasts, and you do not listen to music, this might not matter.

But then, decent Earbuds should be audible enough and should sound great.

While most cheap Earbuds might not come with a noise cancellation property, getting an Earbud with one will improve your audio experience. 

NB: it is not advisable to wear it out at night or when you are all alone as you need to be security conscious of your environment

Responsive Touch controls

If you own an Airpods or you don’t have one, one of the things with Apple Airpods is that you can simply tap the down section to play, or skip pause music.

Some Earbuds, come with a button which you can use to carry out these functions, but an earbud doesn’t have that, it might seem daunting having to open your phone every time or play, skip or pause a piece of music.

Easily fit with your Ears

While this might not be an issue. If you’ve just gotten an AirPods that is smaller or too big for your Ears, you can change the earpiece rubber to your ear size.

Most Earbuds without an earpiece rubber would sit well with your ear but it might not be as comfy with that rubber

Best Cheapest Wireless Earbuds

Below is the list of the best cheapest Wireless Earbuds that offer you the best feature while still being very affordable.

6. SkullCandy Grind Fuel

Best cheapest Wireless Earbuds

Rank: best wireless earbuds under $50

“I’ve been using these little buds for about 6 months now, and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. The grip in my ears is very good, I always use them when I jog in the mornings, and they never felt like falling off throughout all this time”

Just as I made mentioned earlier, Different Airpods come with a different downside.

However, if it meets your preference and it’s affordable you should go for it.

The Skullcandy earbuds come with some impressive features at that price such as its sleek and fit design.

Coupled with that, it comes with IPX4 water resistance so you can use it for jugging and not get worried about your sweat.

Another thing you would enjoy about these Earbuds is their small and sleek size. It fits well into your ear and to some extent, it might not be easily noticeable when you are out jogging as it doesn’t bulge out from your ears.

While its sound quality might not be the best out there, it is still a decent choice for anyone that listens to audio podcasts.

With all these features. The Skullcandy Grind comes at just $24 making it a very competitive bargain.

However it comes with some downsides such as the fiddly touch controls and the short battery life, but then it is a decent option if you want something under $30 with decent audio quality.


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5. JLab Audio Go Air

Best cheapest Wireless Earbuds

“For the price, an excellent pair of buds! Build quality is excellent, packaging nice. Magnets hold the buds in-place in the holder and that’s very effective it does come with everything you would find in a headphone packaging.”

Jlab audio is one of the cheapest on this list since it is just $14. At that price, you can’t expect more than the barest minimum features.

Well, Jlbab gives you more than what you’ve paid for. 

Apart from its competitive pricing, it has a great aesthetic and a decent sweatproof resistance.

Although, its sound quality might not be a top-notch bass. But it is decent enough if you know your way around adjusting the music setting from your smartphone. 

Besides that, the backup time is pretty impressive as it lasts for a total of 15 hours with its case.

Also, you don’t need to worry about size as the Jlbaba earbuds fit perfectly on all ear size

If your budget is under $20 and you need something decent enough for an audio podcast and won’t fall off anyhow, Jlbaba is a decent option


4. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 

Anker makes great products and these are just as expected. Nice that multiple silicone pieces are provided for the best ear fit. Comfort is great, can wear for hours at a time with little to no ear discomfort. 

The Anker Soundcore Liberty has cool aesthetics even though it is cheaply priced at $31. But, that isn’t the only impressive thing about this Earbud. 

The Anker Soundcore liberty comes with Big bass sound, Adaptive listening features, and Wireless charging with good audio call quality. 

Coupled with that, the 28 hours of overall listening time is quite impressive.

While the audio quality is fairly above par, it also comes with a 4-mic system which helps to reduce any noise interference. 

With its IPX5 water resistance rating, you can use them during a shower or on the beach without having to worry about water affecting it


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3. Soundpeats Air Pro 3

Best cheapest Wireless Earbuds

Rank: Best budget wireless earbuds with noise-cancelling

These are so good. Great fit and seal in my ear. Nice and light like the Air3. Nice bass. They are super comfortable and have reasonably effective sound cancelling and transparency mode

If you need Airpods that don’t lag while playing games yet still at an affordable price. Then the Soundpeats Air Pro is a no-brainer.

Apart from the fact that you only have to minimize to 60ms in game mode to put the audio in perfect sync, It also comes with a noise cancellation feature.

It is almost impossible to beat this price tag with the features it comes with 

Besides all that, the Soundpeast also has a long listening time of 24 hours and it also has a decent water resistant rating.

However, it comes with some downsides, due to the poor video calling audio sound a bit poor. 

But the listening experience is above par


2. EarFun Air Wireless Earbuds

Best cheapest Wireless Earbuds

Rank: best wireless earbuds under $100

“After the first charge, I must’ve went three or four days using them on and off without a single charge. And sometimes I feel like I can get a whole week out of em”

If your budget is under $100, don’t skip a beat, just get these pair of Airpods. 

You can’t find any better contender among the best cheapest wireless earbuds at this price range with all the impressive features it comes with.

The Ear fun Air is an outstanding Wireless earbud you should try out. But before going deep into the features of these AirPods, it is good to know that the Earfun Air is the only wireless Earbuds that has received the iF Design Award” and “CES Innovation Award” together.

With such an award, these Earbuds can’t be short of impressive features such as the Top notch sound signature and powerful bass it has.

Also, the IPX7 water-resistant rating gives you all permission to wear it underwater. Isn’t that impressive

Coupled with that, it also comes with a noise reduction feature to block out any external voice from affecting your listening experience.

That isn’t the only feature that makes you want to buy these earbuds. It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which means you don’t need to worry about a crack in transmission while listening to your favourite podcast

This review won’t be complete if I don’t mention the 35 hours of battery time, the touch controls, and the variety of ear tip plugs that are available to ensure that the earbuds can fit any ear size notwithstanding how big they might be.

All these features make it one of the best among the best cheapest wireless Earbuds on this list. But then the only thing you might find dissatisfying about the earbuds is its fiddly touch controls.


1. Google Pixel Buds A-Series 

Best cheapest Wireless Earbuds

Rank: Best budget wireless earbuds 2022

These are the bomb! Not only do they fit, the sound is amazing and the noise cancelling is perfect. The bass sound is phenomenal

The google Pixel Buds need no introduction as one of the best cheapest wireless Earbuds on this list. Its audio quality is way above par.

Also, It comes with ear tip sizes and a stabilizer to fit into any ear size with ease

Other impressive features of the google earbuds are the IPX4 water resistivity which can prevent water at splash level so you don’t need to worry about sweat while jugging.

Besides that, these Airpods come with an IPX4 sweat-resistance rating which works well with swat and water splashes.

In addition to that, it pairs easily if you are using an Andriod, however, it might not pair very quickly on an iPhone device 


Which are the Best and Cheapest Earbuds?

The best cheapest wireless Earbuds depend on certain factors such as your budget and preference.

Based on this list, the overall best cheapest wireless earbuds is the Google pixel Earbuds


Figuring out the best cheapest Wireless Earbuds on your own can be daunting. But with these lists, you should be well informed on what to look out for on your next wireless Earbuds purchase

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