Achieve3000 Login for Students/Parents and Teachers

Achieve3000 Login

Achieve3000 login is a login to Achieve 3000 students, parents and staff account. The online school creates a flexible and conducive atmosphere to learn from the comfort of your home without attending the four wall of a classroom.

Achieve3000 student login web portal allows students to meet up with their academic and class demand, have access to tutors materials on their course of study, open room for group work and assignment, allow employees to grade students and post student performance online for them to view with the Achieve 3000 login.

Students guardians and parents can also use their children’s Achieve3000 password and username to access their children’s Achieve account to see how they perform in school and even sign up for parents account.

Achieve3000 students have an opportunity to attend training on Achieve using the event code that was given to individual students to participate by their instructors.

When instructors give Achieve3000 students homework or assignment, the students will log in to Achieve3000 web portal and submit their answer(s) to the homework. This, instructor, can grade students and see if they are progressing.Achieve3000 Login

Achieve3000 Lessons

For Achieve3000 user to be able to login Achieve3000 such a student must be a member of one of the following departments.

  1. SmartyAnts Program
  2. KidBiz3000
  3. TennBiz3000
  4. Empower3000
  5. eScience3000
  6. Spark3000
  7. LevelSet
  8. AchieveIntensive

SmartyAnts Program

SmartyAnts program is a special program for pre-nursery students that are either pre-1 or pre-2 pupils to get playing materials. So, if you have kids in this category you can create your SmartyAnts program log in to get materials for your kids.


KidBiz3000 login provides adequates materials for kids between the age of 2 – 5. This is a perfect age to shape so many things about your kid. Joining this program will expose your kids to what other smarts kids use at home.


For kids within the age range 6-8, you can consider the TeenBiz3000 program. At this point, your kid may start to differentiate between various items and you will begin to see the genius in him/her.


There is where the real learning process begins. At age 9-12 you children will not only get materials they need they’d also have an interactive class with their tutor online.


This is Achieve3000 advanced class. It’s for adult and experts to know more about their field. Kids can also enrol in the Spark3000 program if you as a parent see that you kids need to improve his sense of thinking in a particular aspect that he or she is doing exceptionally great.

Create Achieve3000 Account for Parents

Here is a quick Achieve 3000 create account for parent via kids account.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your child’s account on Achieve3000
  3. Click on the arrow beside your kid’s name
  4. Click on “create parent login”
  5. Enter your unique security code
  6. Select your Achieve 3000 parent account security questions and provide your unique answers
  7. Take note of your login on the home
  8. Navigate back to Achieve3000 homepage “Home Edition”
  9. Type your username and password
  10. Click on “Login”

This Achieve3000 parent account login can be used to access TeenBiz. So, there is no need to create another TeenBiz login.

Achieve3000 Login

Here is how to sign in to Achieve3000 user account either as a kid or as a parent.

  1. Go to Achieve3000 web portal
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Click on “Log in”

This same way, you can sign in to Achieve3000 parent account to check your child’s performance using parent account username and password. However, SmartyAnts login is quite different from the Achieve3000 user login.

If you are logging in to Achieve3000 SmartyAnts program here is the approach.

SmartyAnts Login

Here is how to login SmartyAnts program on Achieve3000.SmartyAnts Login

  1. Go to Achieve3000 login portal >> SmartyAnts or Click SmartAnts login portal here.
  2. You will be presented with 4 different options which are; 
  3. Learn more about Smarty Ants
  4. Launch the Teacher Dashboard
  5. Launch the Student Program
  6. Launch the Parent Dashboard
  7. Now, to log in, as a teacher clicks on “Launch the teacher dashboard, for students, click on launch the student program, and as a parent, click on parent dashboard. And since we are concerned about SmartyAnts login for students click on “Launch the student dashboard”.
  8. A new window will open and you will be taken to
  9. Enter your Achieve3000 user login for SmartyAnts program login and click on “Enter” to proceed.

You will be redirected to your SmartyAnts account on Achieve 3000 and you will be able to see your needed materials and how your kid is progressing.

Achieve3000 Password Reset

Here you can reset Achieve3000 password to your online class account.Achieve3000 Login Password Reset

  1. Go to Achieve3000 web portal
  2. Click on “forgot your password”
  3. Enter your username
  4. Click on “Submit”
  5. Follow the instruction on the screen to reset and change your Achieve3000 user password.

Always make sure that you choose a secure password. As a kid, always inform your parent about a decision to change your Achieve3000 account password. While a parent needs to take permission from their kids if they are enrolled for spark3000 or Empower3000 programs.

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