Amazon Customer Service Telephone Number

Amazon is the largest online electronic and cloud computing company in America with Amazon customer service telephone number 009 1 206-266-2992. 

With Amazon customer service telephone number you can reach to Amazon to lay a complain, cancel amazon order, complain to Amazon representative, convey a message to Amazon representative, question amazon agent while your Amazon affiliate is deleted or suspended.

While the Amazon customer service telephone number is mainly for contacting Amazon if you cannot reach Amazon via Amazon customer eMail service, you can simply dial Amazon telephone number to talk to a representative via your phone.

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When you communicate with Amazon representative through Amazon customer service telephone number it does not guarantee that the problem will be solved. But, Amazon will have a record of the complaint about their record and will be able to address the issue at an appropriate time and it’s much faster compared to when you contact Amazon via Amazon customer service email.

The best use of Amazon customer telephone number “009 1 206-266-2992″ is when you intend to cancel Amazon products that you already othered for. At the same time, if othered products are being shipped but not delivered to the appropriate address location.

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Meanwhile, you can also call Amazon customer service telephone number to number how long it will take your shipped product to be delivered to your country. While it takes 72 hours at maximum to deliver goods in America, it may take up to up to 3 months or more to deliver your Amazon product if you are using free shipping.

Also, the closeness of your shipping address to Amazon head office is also a criterion while your goods will be shipped and delivered on time.

Amazon customer service

How Can I Contact Amazon Customer Service?

They’re three good ways to contact Amazon customer service. The fastest among the mean is via Amazon live chat link, Amazon customer service telephone number, and Amazon customer contacts email address.

While I choose email to be the last is that, if you send an email address off hours your email may not be responded to instantly unlike when you are into Amazon live chat via live chat link and on a phone call talking to Amazon customer service representative.

The easiest way to lay a complaint about Amazon with instant respond is via a telephone number. The moment a representative pick up Amazon customer service telephone number, the issue will be attended to and you will be guided on what to do instantly to ensure the problem is resolved.

While when you contact Amazon via email you stand the chance to wait for more than 24 hours because of the means of communication. Contacting Amazon through email address is more like chatting a friend that has to respond to your previous message before you send the next message.

The best way that works for me best when I want to contact Amazon is calling the Amazon custom service telephone number 009 1 206-266-2992  and you may want to try that as it works faster.

Meanwhile, different country has a different time to contact Amazon via a telephone call. Due to differences in time zone, then to contact Amazon via phone call you need to know Amazon zone region local time and compare with your own local time.

When Amazon Customer Service Hours?

Most companies operate between the hours of 8 A.M to 6 P.M. While some operate 24 hours a day. Amazon can be found in the latter category. Meanwhile, before you can contact Amazon customer service during working hours you are to login to your Amazon client account following this link whether as an affiliate partner or as a customer.

Once you login to your Amazon account following the link provided above you will be asked to send a complaint via email which will now queue on the existing Amazon awaiting to reply messages or mailbox.

However, to beat the Amazon customer service hours you should use the Amazon customer service telephone number. If not enter a voicemail you can speak directly to a representative about the issue and have it resolved instantly if not a tedious one.

Customer Number 888-280-4331 – by the Numbers

Phone number to dial                                     888-280-4331
Call-back available                                         YES
Call picked up by a real person                      YES
Department you’re calling                               Customer Service
Call center hours                                             24 hours, 7 days

Best time to dial is 88:30 am

Navigate phone maze to a human                  Don’t press or say anything OR press 0
Average wait                                                   20
Current wait                                                    41
Rank (among phone numbers)                      1
Rank (overall)                                                1
Alternate methods                                          Phone or email or chat or web or facebook or twitter
Quality of communication                               80%
Quality of help                                                79%
Customer votes                                              74,352
Information last updated                                Tues Feb 20 2018 10:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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