How to Update Toshiba Fire TV and Android TV Firmware/Software.

It is necessary to update Toshiba TV Firmware (which can be referred to as Software) anytime a new update comes up if you want to enjoy the full range of features and functionality your Toshiba TV has to offer you need to ensure that you update the new firmware.

Updating the Toshiba TV will add the latest additional features from Toshiba and fix different software issues and bugs the TV might encounter.

Sometimes, it can be the easiest way to resolve common issues like WiFi turning on and off indiscriminately, which you might have encountered using your Toshiba TV.

To update Toshiba TV software is free, and requires only a USB flash drive or internet connection, and this generally takes less than an hour to download and update.

The Toshiba smart TVs are of two types, the Android TV and the Fire TV. This article will explain how to update the different types and methods you can use to update Software on both Android and Fire TV.

Meanwhile, there are two ways to update your Toshiba TV software.

  • Update your Toshiba TV software online [via the TV settings interface].
  • Toshiba TV software update USB

Here in this article, we will consider both how to update your Toshiba TV online and Toshiba TV software update USB drive.

How to Update Software on Toshiba Android TV

If you use the Toshiba Android TV, the following are the required steps to update Toshiba TV Firmware.

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Toshiba Android TV.
  • Scroll down the menu list and choose the About option.
  • On clicking the About option, click on the System Update option.
  • Finally, follow the prompts you see on the screen to complete your update.

If you have followed all the steps listed above, you have successfully updated your Toshiba TV software.

how to update software on Toshiba Fire TV

How to Update Software on Toshiba Fire TV

If your Toshiba TV is a Fire TV, to update the Software, all you have to do is follow the under-listed steps.

  • From your Fire TV home screen, go to the Settings option.
  • Choose either the My Fire TV or Device option, depending on which option appears on your screen.
  • Now, select Install Updates, or Check for Updates, depending on which option appears on your screen.
  • Then follow the promptings on the screen to complete your update.

If you followed the steps listed, you have successfully updated the Software on your Toshiba Fire TV.

Now, we would consider how to update Toshiba TV Firmware with either the internet or a USB flash drive, regardless of the type of the Toshiba smart TV.

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Requirements to Update Toshiba TV Firmware using USB

Before successfully updating your Toshiba TV Software using a USB Flash Drive, you need to know your TV model and Software version. To know this, follow the listed steps

  •     Go to your Toshiba TV home screen and select the Menu option.
  •      Then, click on the Get Help option.
  •       Now, click on Support Information.

From there, you can get your Toshiba TV model and version. You can update your Toshiba TV using a USB Flash Drive with this information. 

However, it is important to note that you can neither update the exact version you are currently using nor downgrade to a previous version of your Toshiba TV.

Toshiba TV Firmware Update Download

If you’d choose to go with the option to upgrade your Toshiba TV using the Toshiba TV firmware update USB or toshiba tv software update USB you’d need to download the latest firmware update to your USB device first.

You cannot use the same firmware update or software update for all the Toshiba TVs. You’d need to download the firmware update for your Toshiba TV model to be able to update the TV using a USB drive.

Therefore, following the steps below will guide you through the Toshiba TV firmware update download to a USB drive.

  • Go to the official Toshiba support.
  • Click on the “Software/Firmware >> Download” tab.
  • Type the name of your Toshiba TV model.
  • Wait for the model software to appear [if there is a new firmware update available]
  • Once the new firmware/software has been downloaded to your USB flash drive you can then plug it into your Toshiba TV to update it and install it.

How to Update Toshiba TV Firmware USB

After you have downloaded and transferred the Toshiba TV software update to your USB flash drive the following steps will help you to quickly upgrade your TV with it. If you are lost here; you can attempt the next headline on how to update your Toshiba TV firmware via a USB flash drive as they both work in the same way.

  • Transfer the Toshiba TV firmware update to your USB [if you’ve not done that].
  • Slot or insert the USB into your TV via the USB port.
  • Select “Yes” once the TV automatically displays “OSD.”
  • The TV update will begin instantly once you selected “Yes.”
  • Once the update is completed you will see a successful message asking you to remove the USB that the firmware/software has been updated successfully.

Toshiba TV Software Update USB

Follow the steps below for your Toshiba TV software update USB drive.

  • Plug a USB flash drive into any USB port on your computer.
  • Then from your computer web browser, go to the Toshiba TV Firmware download centre.
  • Input your product type and the model number.
  • Then click on Go Next.
  • Select the Download tab. If there is no current update for your TV model, you will be unable to click on the tab, or there will be a message within the tab telling you there is no current update available for download.
  • If you can find TV Firmware in the category available for download, click on the link associated with the Firmware, which will then take you to the update and release note dialog box.
  • Click the download now button and save the downloaded zip file to your USB flash drive.
  • Extract the content of the zip file and disconnect the USB flash drive from the computer.
  • Turn on your Toshiba TV and connect the USB flash drive to the USB port of the Toshiba TV.
  • After a couple of minutes, a Firmware file detected in the USB message will appear in a dialog box on your screen. Select Yes to update the Firmware.
  • A progress bar will then be displayed on your screen. It is required that you do not turn off your TV while the Firmware is updating.
  • The progress bar will disappear, and a message letting you know that you have successfully updated Firmware will appear on the screen.
  • Disconnect the USB flash drive from your TV and restart the TV.
  • After which, you can resume using your TV, which would now run on the latest installed Firmware.

With the steps above, you’d be able to do your Toshiba firmware update USB drive. But, if it’s too complex for you kindly check out of headline below on yet another Toshiba TV firmware update USB.

Toshiba TV Firmware Update USB

With detail on how to update Toshiba TV firmware USB in the steps below.

  1. Download your Toshiba TV firmware to your computer (I will show you how to download your Toshiba firmware or software to your USB below).
  2. Plug a USB flash drive into an available USB port on your computer and copy any files from the drive that you want to keep into a separate folder on your computer.
  3. Format the drive as a FAT32 file system (you can move all your valuables to your computer if you can’t afford to lose the file).
  4. Step 3 above will erase all files on your flash drive.
  5. Go to the Toshiba support homepage by clicking here
  6. Go to the support page menu and click on “Product Support.”
  7. Go to “Category” and choose “Televisions.”
  8. Go to “Family” and select your type of Toshiba TV.
    1. 3D TV
    2. LCD TV
    3. LED TV.
  9. Select your Toshiba TV model beneath Choose Model.
  10. Click the red “Go” button to the right of the Choose Model section after selecting your Toshiba TV model. The product support page for that specific TV model will be displayed.
  11. Select the “Downloads” tab.
  12. If there are no downloads available for your TV model, it is either your won’t be able to click the tab or there will be a message within the tab that says there are no downloads at this time.
  13. If this is the case, no firmware updates are available for your Toshiba TV.
  14. Check back periodically, as firmware updates are released as needed and aren’t scheduled.
  15. If there is content in the Downloads section, look in the Category section for an item titled TV Firmware.
  16. If this option doesn’t appear, no firmware update is available. However, if this option does appear, click the clickable link associated with the firmware.
  17. The TV Firmware Update and Release Notes dialog box appear. In this dialog box you can see the size of the firmware update file, when it was released, exactly what it addresses and more.
  18. Click the red “Download Now” button and save the file to your connected USB flash drive.
  19. Extract the contents of the ZIP file on the USB flash drive.
  20. Disconnect the USB flash drive from the computer after the firmware update file saves successfully to the device.
  21. Power on the Toshiba TV and then connect the USB flash drive to the USB port on the Toshiba TV.
  22. Wait a few moments for the “Firmware file is detected in USB” dialog box to appear on the screen.
  23. Select “Yes” to update the firmware. A progress bar displays on the screen.
  24. Do not turn your TV off while the firmware is updating. The progress bar changes to a “Success!” message after the update successfully installs.
  25. Disconnect the USB flash drive from the TV
  26. Restart the TV.

Once the TV is restarted successfully your TV will turn on normally. If the above didn’t work, consider the steps below to update your Toshiba TV if the Toshiba firmware update USB didn’t work or you can’t afford to go through the process in case you are scared to brick your Toshiba TV when updating your Toshiba TV firmware/software via USB.

How to Update Toshiba TV Firmware using the Internet

The following are the required steps to follow to update your Toshiba smart TV via the internet.

  • Turn on your Toshiba TV and connect it to a WiFi network.
  • Then, press the Menu key on your Toshiba TV remote.
  • Scroll down the menu list and select the Get Help option.
  • Now, choose the Software Upgrade option.
  • Then, follow the series of promptings on your screen to complete the update.

Successfully following these steps will update your Toshiba TV Software.

Although the process to update Toshiba Fire TV firmware and Toshiba Android TV firmware are quite similar but the approaches are not the same.

And with this article, updating your Toshiba TV firmware whether the Toshiba Fire TV or Toshiba Android TV  should be made easy.

In case you are faced with any difficulty, kindly leave a comment below so that we can be of help.

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