How to Fix Ecobee Thermostat Black Screen Displaying

Is your Ecobee thermostat displaying a black screen even after you have powered it on? Then this article will guide you on how to fix your Ecobee thermostat black screen displaying.

Ecobee thermostat is a smart home device that ensures that the temperature in your home stays just the way you want it to. It does this by simply configuring the room temperature using an app in your smartphone,  and you can successfully regulate the temperature settings in your home, using either an iOS or Android device, from anywhere in the world.

The  Ecobee thermostat is one of the best brands of thermostats in the world, but sometimes, it could develop a fault like the black screen display, which you can fix yourself right in your home.

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How to Fix Ecobee Thermostat Black Screen

Now, one thing you should note is that the process to fix the Ecobee thermostat black screen for a device in use is different from a new Ecobee thermostat device.

So, if you have newly installed your thermostat and it is displaying a black screen, then the issue is most likely from the wires and connections of the thermostat.

Below, are the ways you can go about fixing this;

Check the Power Wire

As is typical with electronics, you need to properly connect your Ecobee to a power source. It is also wise to ensure that the power wire is connected to the R terminal securely, by gently pulling the wires to confirm they are secure.

Functioning C Wire

Ecobee usually comes with extra C wires, so you can easily replace them if they aren’t working. If the C wire is not connected, ensure to do so securely.

Power Extender Kit

For your Ecobee3 or Ecobee4 model, check that the wiring is attached correctly by following this connection guide;

  • Connect the R wire to the R terminal
  • Connect the G wire to the C terminal
  • Connect the W wire to the W1 terminal
  • And connect the Y wire to the PEK terminal.

How to Fix Ecobee Thermostat Black Screen Displaying

My Ecobee Screen is Black

The most likely reason your Ecobee thermostat is displaying a black screen is usually due to insufficient voltage going to the thermostat.

Ecobee derives power from the furnace, so any disruption to this power source will result in a loss of power at the thermostat, but there is no need to panic as they are several ways to go about fixing  Ecobee thermostat displaying a black screen, you can;

  1. Inspect the breaker and heater power switch
  2. Check if the heater got overheated and tripped
  3. Examine the furnace fuse
  4. Check the air conditioner for condensate drippage

We have just outlined these quick fixes for your Ecobee thermostat displaying a black screen. In the following segment, we will discuss each of them elaborately.

How To Fix Ecobee Black Screen Displaying

If you are experiencing an Ecobee thermostat black screen displaying, below are the suggested approach to take to put an end to it.

Inspect The Breaker and Heater Power Switch

It is common for the breaker switch of your thermostat to trip when there has been a power surge or a lightning storm. So, you need to check your breaker box to ensure that the circuit powering the furnace is not tripped but if it is, follow these steps to get it fixed;

  • Inspect your breaker box, particularly checking if the switch powering your thermostat is off.
  • If it is, then turn it back on and wait for at least 30 seconds to ensure that it does not turn off automatically.
  • Allow your thermostat to turn back on.
  • Then adjust the power settings to confirm that your thermostat is functioning correctly.

This is one step to fixing your Ecobee thermostat displaying a black screen.

Check if the Heater got Overheated and Tripped

An overheated heater can result in your Ecobee thermostat displaying a black screen and these are the possible reasons why your heat gets overheated in the first place.

When the temperature outside is colder

On days when the temperature is significantly colder outside,  you will likely have your heater running for a longer time, at more increased temperatures in a bid to keep your home warm. The downside here is, at the end of the day, the heater gets overheated.


  • Lower your heat temperature set point to prevent your furnace system from overheating.
  • Give your heater a little break from time to time during colder days.

When the Filters are clogged or Build-up of dirt

 If your air filters are clogged,  the heater will need to work harder to ensure heat is supplied to the house but if your filter has been cleaned recently, then you should check other parts of the thermostat for a build-up of dust.


  • Regularly inspect the furnace for dirt buildup on other furnace elements like the condensing coil or heat exchanger.
  • You might consider hiring a technician to do a deep cleaning.

Examine the Furnace Fuse

This is another valid reason why your Ecobee might be displaying a black screen. Considering how vital the furnace is to the thermostat, the Ecobee furnace system usually has a fuse that helps to protect it from power surges, but sometimes the fuse could get blown out. We all know these things happen.

Now, this is how you can know when your fuse is blown;

  • Locate and open the furnace panel and check the wire within, if the body of the fuse is clear.
  • If the wire is broken, then the fuse is blown and if the body of the fuse has turned black, it also indicates a blown-out fuse as well.

To fix this issue;

  • Start by switching off the thermostat and make sure to turn off the power supply. This is very important to prevent electrocution.
  • Turn off the circuit breaker. This can help prevent any electricity from passing through the circuit.
  • Then, you would want to check the amperage using an ammeter, just in a bid to ensure that there is no current passing through the furnace.
  • Remove the blown fuse, it will be black.
  • The new fuse wire should be of the same type and length. Make sure that it is identical to the old fuse wire.
  • Replace the new fuse wire in the exact slot and make sure that the ends are connected firmly.

Check The Air Conditioner For Water Build-up

An excess water build-up due to condensation can cause your Ecobee to display a black screen because when the water exceeds a particular level, the system sensors automatically turn off the machine for safety.

Although Ecobee systems come with a drainage system or a drip pan, the accumulation of water in them could lead to mold growth, algae, or a clogged-up pipe.

This is how you know when water is accumulating in the system;

  • When you see puddles, water leakage, drippings, and moisture near your system or on it.
  • When your condensate drain pan is overflowing.
  • Your thermostat keeps rebooting or refuses to turn on.
  • Evidence of water damage near or on your condensate drain pan or drainage line.

How to Fix Ecobee Black Screen Displaying

  • Locate the evaporator coils, condensate drain pan, and drainage pipe. Now, depending on the model of your thermostat, the evaporator coils and drain pan may be located above or below the system but sometimes, you can find the drain pan beside the system, and it usually has a PVC drainage pipe attached to it.
  • Check if the drain pan is full and if it is, then cleans it out appropriately.
  • Look out for clogs within the drainage pipe, and you can either clean it out yourself or hire an HVAC technician to do it if you don’t trust yourself to do a good job.
  • Locate the float switch. at the pan just at the bottom of the system. What happens is, when the water or condensation exceeds a specific level, the float switch trips and turns the system off.
  • So, after you have successfully drained the water and cleaned the drainage pipe, you can turn on the float switch without any challenges.
  • If you are having a hard time finding the float switch, just open your device’s safety panel and check the safety devices.
  • Usually, you’ll see the safety device connected to the “R” terminal. Follow the wire, and voila! it will lead you to the float switch.

These are the possible reasons why your Ecobee thermostat is displaying a black screen.

You can easily get it fixed with the quick fixes we have discussed as well but if for any reason, these fixes do not work for you, then perhaps it’s time to call in an expert or replace your Ecobee altogether.

Ecobee Offline Black Screen

You should take the following steps if you need to get your Ecobee back online with the Ecobee offline black screen.

  • Try to power cycle your Ecobee by removing the Ecobee cable from the wall socket and plugging it back after 2 minutes.
  • Connect the Ecobee to your WiFi by following the steps below
    • Go to the Ecobee main menu.
    • Choose “Settings.”
    • Select “WiFi.”
    • Go to the “WiFi configuration.”
    • Enable the “WiFi” radio button and select “Network.”
    • You will have two options available.
      • Use iPhone, iPad or iPod.
      • Select “WiFi Network.”
  • Find the “WiFi” name you want to connect to from the list of available WiFi names.
    • If you are installing ecobee3ecobee3 lite, or ecobee4 you would have a dual-band network. So, you need to select 2.4 GHz from the network list.
      • The condition above won’t work for SmartThermostat with Voice because the model is a dual-band compatible ecobee device.
  • Type your “WiFi” password and click on the “Connect” button.
  • Click on the “OK” button once your ecobee has successfully connected to the internet.

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