How to Contact Facebook Teams For Immediate Support

How to Contact Facebook Teams For Immediate Support

It’s going to shock you today when I reveal to you how I do contact Facebook teams directly for immediate support and instant response. When you got your butt bully by Facebook and you need to contact them directly for an instant response you do not need to go through the stress of contacting them using their contact form.

This doesn’t work for me most times. Sometimes, I have to wait for 2-3 days for a reply. But in a case where I need an urgent response, I prefer to use the Facebook direct email address which will get me reply almost instantly without a delay.

Here, I am not talking about Facebook team individual email address rather the single Facebook contact email address that will pop in the reply you are waiting for. This is very useful when your Facebook account is flagged and you need to resume advertising instantly. With the Facebook contact email, you can get the issue resolve under 6 hours if you are good at what you do.

This Facebook direct email address has helped me resolve a lot of issues I had with my Facebook ads account in the past and I got it resolve under 24 hours.

How to Contact Facebook Teams For Immediate Support

How to Contact Facebook Teams For Immediate Support

This is different from a robot that responds to the Facebook contact form on Facebook contact page. Rather, you are talking to real human being here and you need to monitor your choice of words. To the best of my knowledge, I found that citing a name of a Facebook team member in your Facebook direct message through email got a quick and a reasonable response rather than address the message to the entire team.

Facebook has a direct contact for a specific issue regarding a Facebook account. But this doesn’t really work for me as such. What really works me most is specific or let me call it general email address for Facebook with a lot of characters unlike the list of Facebook contact email address below.


Each of the Facebook department has an email for incoming problems from a member. For an appeal, perhaps concerning your Facebook flagged account or any other thing you can choose any of the Facebook email address above. However, the email that works perfectly for me to contact a Facebook team directly from quick support and immediate response is none of these ones.

How to Contact Facebook Teams For Immediate Support

Below is the list of Facebook special support contact email account. You can reach out to Facebook directly on any of these email addresses

  • – Reach Out To Help Desk
  • – Contact Facebook for financial issues
  • – Contact Facebook Press Service / Facebook PR
  • – Request Access To Your Personal Data on Facebook
  • – Best way to contact Facebook support
  • and – Contact Mark Zuckerberg (half credible information)

How to Contact Facebook Teams For Immediate Support

Here I will share that special Facebook email address that got almost all my flagged Facebook ads manager account restore under 24 hours. Note, for some reason you may have to provide additional information when you choose to reach Facebook team directly from this email address.

Being polite and constructive is an added advantage when you choose to use this Facebook contact email. This is the most important Facebook email address I have ever used.

Note: When you use this email address you may be asked to provide additional information most especially when you are trying to resolve Facebook payment problem for a flagged Facebook account.

The last time I used this email address here is the email I got instantly.

Hi Adesanmi,

Unfortunately, we’ve had to disable your account because our systems detected suspicious activity associated with your payments account. We’re currently investigating this matter. To expedite the investigation, please do the following:

1. Send us information that identifies the payment methods you’ve been using and your reasons for using them. Note: Your full credit card number isn’t required. Keep in mind that Facebook won’t ever ask for your full credit card number in an email. It isn’t recommended that you send this information with your correspondence.

2. Describe your advertising campaign and its intended audience.

3. Provide us with your government issued ID.

Also, feel free to provide any supporting documentation that you feel will expedite this investigation.


Upon reply to this email, I got my Facebook account payment method back to life instantly. You too may want to try this and see yourself.

Which of Facebook team contact do you find the best? Direct email or Facebook contact form? Please use the comment section below to share your experience.

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  1. I cant login or create a facebook account,i keep getting a message telling me to upload a photo of my self,after upload my account gets block which frustrates me. Pleas remove that safety proceedure because it dosent help what so ever…
    I’ve created tons of account with thesame encounter facebook dosent help with stupid safe measures…
    My name’s Stephen im a 13 year 0ld

    1. Facebook is not meant for 13 years, old kids. It is mainly for an average of 13+ which means you have to be more than 13 years to use Facebook. However, the only way to use Facebook is use age above your age which is not ideal. And also, you cannot open more than one Facebook account per person

  2. Hi Team, In regarding to fundraising through FaceBook. I have contacted the charity that I am fundraising for through facebook (A21) and they assured me the fundraising is legitimate and they did sign up for this and they do receive the funds. What I want to know from Facebook is do you deduct a fee in any form from what people donate?
    Your assistance in providing this information would be appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Pauline McCloughan

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