Amazon Wish List Search or Registry ( How to find them)

Many Amazon Prime subscribers choose their wish list search so that users can easily choose the perfect gift. Some may use their wish list as a place to collect dream items that they would not buy for themselves. Accessing someone’s Amazon wish list is an easy task if that person has shared it with you.

Amazon Wish List Search

What is Amazon’s wish list?

Amazon Wish List is a gift list, like a baby or wedding list, where you can create your wish list and access it to your family and friends to buy gifts for you from what you have listed. After purchase, Amazon will deliver these items to your door as a surprise.

The concept of Amazon’s wish list came from the idea in October 1999, when people could create a clear list of things they wanted from loved ones and share with others. This avoids asking someone what you want, especially for Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries.

It was originally intended for grandparents and parents to know what their children wanted. A lot of updates have been made since then, and the way that wish lists are created has changed.

Here, Amazon’s wish list plays an important role and helps sellers use this function to sell more items.

How does the Amazon Wish Search List work?

So Amazon’s wish list has been simple so far. Regardless of which product page you are on, you can do two things:

  • Add the product to the shopping cart
  • Add product to wish list

If a product is purchased from the Amazon wish list, that particular item will be removed to avoid double purchases.

However, concerns about security, privacy, and the old desire for things like collaboration lists forced Amazon to take this function more seriously and discover things to take it to the next level.

Until 2018, recipients could only view and share the Amazon wish list, but they could not be added or changed. This feature was only available for registering marriages on Amazon.

Now Amazon has published editable wish lists for everyone at the invitation of the “wish list generator.” You can also change them by adding, changing or deleting quantities. In addition, a wishlist creator can have full control over who can access it.

How to buy an item from a friend’s wish list or Amazon wish list

The value of these shared lists and records is to ensure that the recipient of the gift receives what he needs or wants while avoiding duplicate gifts. It’s best to shop or sign up from the list and not use it as a list of ideas that you can fill out from your account or through purchases at your local department store.

Choose a gift and then add to cart. Confirm your selection in the pop-up window by clicking the Add to Cart button again and then selecting Continue Payment.

Use the payment function as usual. If your friend has assigned a shipping address to the list or registration, select the address on the payment page under Other addresses. Please only send this to this address if you intend to deliver the gift to Amazon.

Note: You can send your friend even if your friend has not added an address to the list. If so, enter the address yourself.

Select Gift Options to add a message to the gift and delete the pricing details from the receipt.

Confirm your payment information and choose Place Order.

Note: If you can send the package with the delivery address in the file, the item you purchased will be removed from your wish list after the order is completed. If you choose to have the gift sent, it will not be automatically removed from your list.

Your order will be processed and sent. You will receive delivery updates for the package in your email as if you were purchasing an item for yourself. Your friend will not be informed of the package before arriving.

Note: Some users use a general list for their wishes and purchases. The list holder can buy freely from his list. In these situations, Amazon suggests that someone bought the item and, upon request, announces that the item was purchased.

Find someone’s Amazon wish list search by email address.

Did you know that Amazon lets you search people’s wish lists by email address? This could help you when shopping for Christmas.

Recently, more and more Christmas decorations have appeared in my neighborhood, not to mention the many photos of Christmas trees I’ve seen on Facebook this week. There is only one conclusion: the holidays are just around the corner.

Amazon Wish List Search

Have you already started shopping for Christmas? Best question: Do you know what you get for this person who is particularly difficult to buy each year? If this person is using Amazon, they may want to see if they have an Amazon wish list.

The person receiving the gift must have a public wish list on Amazon. This is the default setting when creating the list. Just go to the Find Amazon Wish List page to do a search. You can make inquiries by email or name and city or state.

In related messages, Amazon makes it easy to create your own wish list, publicly or privately, or anywhere in between. Click the Manage this list link at the top of your wish list and select “Change privacy settings.” From here, you can choose public, private or shared. With shared settings, you can send a link to your wish list if you want to share it, but it won’t appear during the search.

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