Annalise Bishop Mother, Sister, and Net Worth

Annalise Bishop is a popular celebrity kid in the show business who was born in October 2008. Since her dad, Jamie Foxx is an oscar-winning celebrity. He is one of the most popular black American actors in the united state. who rose to fame after the release of the movie Ray, where he starred as Ray Charles. 

The net worth of Jamie Foxx stands at $100 Million while Annalise Bishop’s net worth is un-estimated since she is still on the young side

Since her dad has the habit of taking one of his daughters for a film premiere or red carpet event, the appearance of Annalise Bishop has made more people interested in who she is, who her mom is, and what she’s like. 


Annalise Bishop was born on October 3, 2008. She was born in texas, united states, and she is the second daughter of the popular Jamie Foxx while her mom who hasn’t tied the knot with Jamie fox yet is known as Kristin Grannis. Annalise has one sibling which is a half-sibling.

Her name is Corinne Marie Bishop and she has also followed in her father’s footsteps by being an actress however she is also a model. Annalise on the other hand is just 14. and her closest support system is her dad but we don’t know if she would like to thread a similar path as he did.

Early Life & Education

Annalise Bishop

Annalise Bishop is still in her early years and not much has been posted about her. her dad Jamie Foxx rarely speaks about her private life, so there is little to no info about how her early life is coupled with the fact that her mom isn’t married to Jamie makes being discreet the natural behavior. 

But, what we know is that Annalise Bishop went to Basha High School which is located in Chandler, Arizona.

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Currently, she is a high school football player since her dad once said  “Her last [basketball] game before COVID, she was playing with the boys, she had 21 points, 17 rebounds, 5 blocks.” 

Meanwhile, Jamie used to play football while he was young and dreamed of playing for the Dallas Cowboys, probably this talent has been passed down to the next generation

Annalise Bishop Career

It seems like annalise Bishop is currently bent on bringing her A-game while she’s on the field. She is currently a football player. Apart from her footballing activities, it doesn’t seem like she’s anywhere close to being interested in following in her dad’s footsteps by being an actress. But you can’t write it out since she still has age on her side.

But her dad might prefer being in the entertainment industry to football since he constantly comes for red carpet events and premiers with annalise, sometimes he comes with his two daughters.

Both Corinne Foxx and Annalise Bishop attended the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere. since Jamie was part of those acting in the film since he was going to reprise his role of electro in the new Marvel movie.

Annalise Bishop’s Net Worth

Currently, Annalise Bishop has no professional career yet, but she is currently a football player and she earns some pretty bucks, But she doesn’t earn anything close to what professional football earns since she is doing it at a lower level, for now, Probably she might progress and start earning around $40,000 years just like top Female football earners.

But for now, her net worth hasn’t been estimated however her dad’s net worth is estimated at around $100 million

Annalise Bishop Family

Annalise Bishop

Jamie Foxx hasn’t been married even after having two kids from two different relationships. Probably he is still looking for the perfect one. 

Kristin Grannis who is Annalise’s mom parted ways with Jamie Fox who was formerly known as Eric Marlon Bishop while annalise was still a small girl. But that hasn’t soured the relationship between them since they need to be there together for their daughter.

Meanwhile, Corinne Foxx’s mom who is known as Connie Kline has also parted ways with Jamie Foxx but, they still keep a good relationship 

Notwithstanding, Annalise Bishop has a beautiful family, and they have a close bond since there hasn’t been any odd report about them. In most cases, they are usually seen together on the red carpet and on movie premiers

Annalise Bishop Siblings

Being a Male celebrity brings down the ease of getting a lady, maybe not the right one. In Jamie Foxx’s case, he has dated both Connie Kline and Kristin Grannis and he also has a child with each of them, however, he has decided not to settle with any of them since he is still looking to get married.

Currently annalise Bishop whose mom is Kristin Grannis has a half-sister called Corinne Foxx (her mom is Connie Kline )

Annalise Bishop BoyFriend

Currently, she is focused on school and her footballing career plus, she is quite young to have a relationship. Her dad would be there to support and keep an eye on what she does. however, it doesn’t necessarily mean she might not have one since it’s a common norm over there.

Annalise Bishop Age

After Giving birth to two kids from two different women. Annalise who is the last born will be clocking 14 this year since she was born on the 3rd of October 2022, but she is currently 13 since she hasn’t done her birthday this year.

 Annalise Bishop Height & Weight

Annalise Bishop

Annalise Bishop looks a bit plump when compared to both her dad and her elder sister. Her body measurement is 30-2838 inches. In addition, she weighs 65kg and she stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches which is equivalent to 167.64 cm.

Annalise Bishop Social Media 

Jammie Foxx’s last child annalise is not active on any social media network for now. Annalise Bishop is still receiving her high school education while she is also an American football player. however her father jammie Foxx has 14.2 million followers on his Instagram page and 4.6 million followers on his Twitter page 

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