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Jack Scott Ramsay is a celebrity kid who rose to the limelight based on the appearance he made in a family cooking show called ‘Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch which his dad regularly performed in.

His dad, Gordon Ramsey is a famous chef, Food Critic, and Writer, while his mom (Cayetana Elizabeth Ramsay), was an author and TV broadcaster. 

Apart from making his appearance on a family show, he has also partaken in a couple of theatrical dramas and has performed at London’s ‘Edward Alleyn Theatre,’ making his interest in acting and entertainment more apparent. Currently, Jack Scott Ramsay net worth is estimated to be around $500k.


Jack Scott Ramsay was born on January 1st, 2000 in England, United Kingdom, along with his twin sister who is named “Holly”. Jack and Holly were the 2nd kids of their parents since Megan was born in 1998, making her the first child. 

Holly and Jack are followed by Matilda and Oscar who were born in 2001 and 2019 respectively.

Jack Scott Ramsey comes from a white ethnic group and he is a British citizen. Currently, his height is a bit shorter than his dad’s, since his dad stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches which is equivalent to (188 cm) while jack Ramsay stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches, which is about 179cm.

Early Life & Education

jack scott ramsay

Being a celebrity kid his early life should probably be discreet right? Wrong. While Jack was still young he made a series of appearances in tabloids and online publications.

That’s not all, he also took apart part in many sporting events and explored his acting skills by becoming part of a theatre group.

In his early years, he attended Dulwich College, after which he proceeded to further his education by enrolling at Exeter University.

At this period in his life, it was obvious that he was passionate about being in the showbiz and Media industry since he explored his acting skills by becoming part of a theatre group while he was still at school.

During that period he also made his stage debut at the ‘Edinburgh Fringe Festival,’ and some other interesting drama. His early life wasn’t soo discreet. probably that was what he prefers.

Jack Scott Ramsay Career

Most celebrity kids at Jack’s age usually have little to no career experience probably, because they feel their parents will pass down inheritance to them, however, that wasn’t the case for Jack Scott Ramsey.

He has been quite proactive with getting shit done without depending on even his parents.

Jack started in the entertainment industry when he was just 17 years old. Most of his acting experience came during his school days when he acted in the spooky gothic mystery “The Curse of Cranholme Abbey”. e.t.c.

Jack once professed his desire by saying he wants to make his career in acting which is a starting point to focus on what he plans to do for the rest of his life.

Jack Scott Ramsay’s TV Show

After having Appeared in different acting dramas, Jack Scott Ramsay felt more at ease to make a series of appearances in a food show in which his dad was also involved. A few years after Jack Ramsay was spotted on a CNBC network cooking entertainments show called ” ‘Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch” which was first aired in April 2015.

Currently, Jack is a major cast member of the show and it is currently shooting its fifth season.

A year after he appeared with the rest of his family at ‘The British Academy Children’s Awards’ (Children BAFTA) in London since they were nominated for one of the awards in the family category.

In addition to all that, around mid-2018, an announcement was made that Jack Ramsay will star in channel 4 upcoming show ‘Born Famous.’ The show will follow the children of some of Britain’s most successful celebrities.

In the show, Jack will be invited to live in Bretch Hill, where Gordon Ramsay lived before he found fame. Apart from that Jack Once made an appearance as a guest judge to determine the winner of a particular segment called ‘the mystery box challenge.

Jack Scott Ramsay Army: Jack Ramsay Royal Marines Rank

jack scott ramsay

Jack has always been an Exlopere of some sort. He tries a different set of things without keeping himself in a spot. Apart from his career in the Media and entertainment Niche on which he was focused. He also has some interest in partaking in physical activities and now he’s shown interest in joining the Marines. this happened in 2019.

The reason for this could probably be because he wants to achieve something for himself without the influence and connection of his dad.

Also, His decision to join the Marine means he will be paid 18,000 pounds per year and he won’t get any special treatment such as going through the training and if he can complete the 32-week training he will get a coveted green beret. He started the training around late 2019 and Finished it in autumn 2020.

Once he completed the training. His father showed how proud he was by mentioning that. Jack has made him one of the proudest fathers after posting it on his Instagram page 

Although the surprising thing was, that he is quite different from his dad since his dad is known for his cooking skill, not a military background 

Jack Scott Ramsay Net worth

Since Jack is Currently 22, AND Most celebrity Kids of his age would still heavily depend on the money they are gonna get from their parents.

However, Jack has his source of income since he has a career as a TV show personality having appeared in several commercials, brand promotions, and TV shows. In 2022, Jack Scott Ramsay net worth is around $500k.

Although that figure is still under review. His dad Gordon Ramsay who has had decades of experience under his belt working as a chef, Tv show host, and writer has an estimated net worth of $220 million with a yearly salary of $60 million.

Jack’s Family 

jack scott ramsay

Jack comes from a very loving and supportive family. He has a good relationship with his parent most especially with his dad which he often refers to as his “best buddy” plus he also shares his dad’s picture on his social media page.

His mother (Tana Ramsay) also has a good relationship with Jack, however, it’s quite astonishing that he is closer to his dad since guys are usually attached to their mothers.

He has 1 older sibling called Megan, One twin sister called “Molly, and two younger siblings called Matilda and Oscar. 

Also, the majority of Jack’s family member has had a pretty successful life, his sister Megan is a social media sensation, while his mom is a British author and TV personality too.

However, they’ve had some rough patches such as the miscarriage incidence that happened to the supposed fifth baby they were expecting,

Jack Scott Ramsay Siblings 

Since Gordon Ramsay and Cayetana Elizabeth Ramsay tied the knot on the 21st of December 1996, they’ve been blessed with 5 children, although Cayetana once had a miscarriage while she was pregnant for her fifth baby.

Currently, Jack has four siblings who are Megan (born in 1998), Holly (twin sister to jack, which was born in 2000), Matilda (born in 2001), and Oscar who was born in 2019.

Jack Scott Ramsay’s Girlfriend

Lately, Jack rarely speaks about his private relationship after he was once spotted kissing a lady which was known to be his girlfriend during the Christmas celebration in 2016. 

Her name was Martha and obviously, he was in a relationship with her for an unknown period, since he also shared several pictures with her. But it seems he’s parted ways with her because he has deleted all the images with Martha from his social media accounts.

But, you can be rest assured that he isn’t married yet.

Jack Scott Ramsay’s Age

Being the first son of the family indirectly makes him have similar responsibilities to a first child especially if the firstborn is a female. Jack isn’t the firstborn of his parents but he is the first son following Megan who is the firstborn who was born in 1998 while Jack together with his twin sister was born on January 1, 2000.

Presently, Jack Scott Ramsay Age is 22 years old as of May 5, 2022,

Jack Scott Ramsay’s height & Weight

Looking at Jack Scott Ramsay’s picture he looks a bit tall with a similar body structure as his dad. But he is shorter than his dad. He stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall, or 1.79 meters/ 179 centimeters while his body weighs about 70kg.

Jack Scott Ramsay also has blonde blue eyes and he has quite a striking resemblance with his dad even more than his twin sister Holly.

Jack Scott Ramsay’s Instagram

With the workloads he has being a full-time student at Exeter University, Jack still finds the time to push outpost of what he’s been up to such as high scenes while performing arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, running marathons, etc

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