How to Edit APK Files

APK editor is a simple APK app to edit APK files on Android. The editor works just like the name sounds. It can be used to edit an APK file background, change APK name.

It helps to convert an app to APK or edit APK files information. This implies that if you do not have the APK app itself you can use the APK editor to extract the APK version from the app and edit the file to suit your need.

Editing APK file with this editor is damn very easy. You ain’t gonna need a guide to change the APK background image, rename the APK file, change the APK file interface, remove the APK logo, and re-customize the APK app to your own taste.

If you have an APK file you are not OK with the design you can download APK editor for Android to redesign it.

APK Full or Partial Edit

APK file editor is classified into two when you want to edit APK files and change some of its designs.

There is a FULL EDIT and SIMPLE EDIT. However, both editing level works as its name sounds. With the full edit, you can recreate and rebuild your own APK file from the scratch using the APK editor app.

The SIMPLE EDIT works in another way. You don’t have to rebuild from the scratch with the simple edit feature. When you download APK editor app, you will need to import the APK file you want to edit into the editor and start some finishing touch like renaming the APK file name, change the APK author, change welcome message, etc.

Full APK Edit vs Simple APK Edit

Both the full and simple edit gives you the right to edit an APK file. However, the two approaches work in a different way.

Full APK edit is complex and not easy to get by when compared to Simple EDIT. With the simple edit, it’s about drag and drops while the FULL edit requires you start from the scratch.

If you are however not a developer, using the APK editor’s full edit to edit APK files could be very difficult to achieve but it’s achievable.

Edit APK file with APK Editor

If you don’t have the APK app you want to edit its APK file but have the app installed on your phone you can extract the app’s APK. Now, follow the procedures below to extract APK from the original app.

1. You first need to download APK Editor app and install it on your Android phone (I’ll share a link to download it soon).

2. Launch the editor app and allow the APK EDITOR to access photo, media, and files on your device.

APK Editor

3. Click on select APK from App and select the app you want to convert to APK app. You can also convert the system apps to APK by clicking on the 3 dots to the upper right.

Edit APK Files

4. Select either full edit (resource re-build) or simple edit (file replacement), common edit, and XML file edit (beta).

Edit option

5. Select decode option. You can to decode all files or decode partial files.

Decode APK files

6. You will see the app information you want to convert to APK app and you can start editing it and change the pre-defined information.

APK Editor information

7. After the editing click on the Build button to the top right and the APK will be converted to APK.

APK Editor build

8. Upon successful, the APK app will be saved in your phone storage. Now, you can install it on your phone.


Note: Before installing a modified APK app make sure you uninstall the app from your device to avoid conflict during the installation of the new app.

How to Edit APK Files using APK Editor

The above approach is how to extract APK files from a non-APK app. However, if you have an APK you want to edit to change its background image, change it author’s name, change the description, modify the code, etc, here is what you should do.

  1. Download and install APK editor from the link provided above
  2. If you don’t have the APK you want to edit available make sure you have the installer on your phone. Here, we’ll edit the Live Net TV APK app to help you understand better.
  3. Launch APK editor app on your phone
  4. Tap select an APK fileAPK Editor app
  5. Search for the .APK app from your folder and tap to select it.APK app
  6. Select the APK Edit option whether FULL EDIT or SIMPLE EDITEdit Option
  7. Click on the edit pencil in front of each file to start editingAPK Editor
  8. To change background image swipe to Image, click on the edit pencil, select the image, and then click on the save button.Change APK background image
  9. To change audio swipe to AUDIO and select your favorite audio after which you should click Save to change effect.Change APK audio
  10. The APK EDITOR will be working and replace all changes. Once the effects are made you will a successful message. Check the image below and you can proceed to install the APK app.APK editor success

Edit or Modify APK Files without APK Editor

As if the above approach using APK editor is not enough to edit or modify APK files. Here is another simple approach to edit APK files.

This approach will look at a different direction totally on how to edit APK files without using the APK editor app as shared above.

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