How to Use APK Editor Pro for Android

How would you like to get an APK Editor Pro for Android that allows you hack or modify any APK file from mobile device?. APK Editor Pro is an app that lets you edit any APK saved to your device. And if you don’t have the APK file itself, you can extract it from any app you have installed. With the APK editor, you can choose between recreating files from APK and replacing files within the APK. The first is a more complex and laborious process, while the second type of editing can be done more easily.APK Editor Pro for Android

Price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Lifestyle

Apk Editor Pro Key Features

  • Support editing application data
  • Support for debugging feature
  • Fix a crash problem
  • Add simple web server and png editor
  • Adapt to android 8
  • Support for “decrypt all files” (previous versions only decode partial files)
  • Update on dialogue
  • Upgraded approved components
  • Slight repair
  • Downloading images added

Scoring of the APK Editor Pro for Android           

  • Interface: 10
  • Performance: 10
  • Usability: 9.5
  • Durability: 8
  • Setup: 7.5


  • Full editing and simple editing
  • Compatible with most APK files
  • Supports statement editing
  • Editing examples and guides


  • May experience a slowdown
  • Requires care and knowledge of APK coding
  • Requires a backup copy of the APK file to be edited
  • Modifying the APK file can break devices

Main features of APK Editor pro


APK Editor Pro is a utility and tools created by SteelWorks. The app can modify and customize any APK files downloaded online either through the app store or transfer from computers. It contains many tools and guides to deal with changing APK file properties.


APK Editor Pro for Android allows users to hack and modify any APK files from mobile devices. This app supports Manifest editing which was lacking in the previous version of APK Editor.

Simplified mobile editing

The app comes with two types of APK mods. Full modification is to fix the whole APK file structure. Simple Edit is to replace any subfiles of the APK file. The APK editing process is very easy. Simply open the APK file from the installed files or applications folder and the modifications option appears. 

Users can modify APK information according to their personal preferences. They can save their edits after changing the APK by pressing the top-right icon. Anyone can also extract the APK file from the installed app to be modified. There are guides and examples provided for users only if they are lost due to editing.

How to download and Install Apk Editor Pro for Android

  • Find the APK Editor on any Android App Store. Click download.
  • When downloading the application, click Run
  • When opening the application, allow the application to access all your applications and media. Don’t worry about your files. It is safe.

 How to use APK Editor pro

Here is how to use APK pro Editor app.

  • Modify the application name
  • Here we will use an example of an application called the app builder.
  • Clicking “Select Apk from Application”. Then select “APK Creator”.
  • APK Editor for Android
  • Then click on “full edit”.
  • On the move, you will see three tabs in the editing activity, the “String” tab that is selected by default, the “Creator” entry for searching the target String element, and “Matching Items”.
  • Click the item to change it to your favourite series. For example, we change it here to “App Creator”.
  • Hit the save button. Shortly thereafter, you will see a prompt message asking where the modified apk file was saved.


APK Editor Pro is designed for those who have the talent to edit APK files. It has a simple but complicated procedure along the way. Users can unleash their app capabilities, or customize how they will look compared to the default settings.

Best Alternatives for Apk Editor Pro

Here is the best alternative to APK editor premium.


Quik, the first of two GoPro video editing apps, analyzes your videos to discover colors and faces for perfect framing of shots. This free app allows you to add transitions and effects of up to 200 photos and videos from your photo library or GoPro Plus. 

Not only can you cut, reduce and rotate photos and videos, but you can also choose from 26 different themes and a selection of fonts, filters and graphics. You can create HD 1080p or 720p HD videos in cinematic, square or vertical format for social sharing and even save your draft drafts for up to seven days.


There’s a reason why free Apple apps raise this list; they have the knack for creating great, easy-to-use functional apps packed with original features. IMovie Everywhere does everything the video editor should do. All you have to do is drop your clips, trim them by size, and add them to the included music, effects, and animated titles.


APK Editor Pro can help us to do things like rope wrapping, designing a background, refining a layout, at least an ad, capacity removal, etc. However, to use it effectively, we need a few technical skills.

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