Are AirPods Waterproof? Here’s The Truth!

You want to exercise with your AirPods, but fear that your sweat will cause water damage may want you to learn whether the device is built against water. You may also not know if the AirPods are waterproof or not. In this article, I will make it clear to you whether or not AirPods are waterproof, and also explain the AirPods IPX4 Pro rating and how to repair your wet AirPods.

There is no truly fully waterproof wireless headset, but despite the fact that the AirPods have no water resistance at all and the AirPods Pro with an IPX4, they have distinguished themselves remarkably well from competing products with similar official notes and ratings.

What exactly does the AirPods waterproof IPX4 rating mean?

The IP classification system is a set of standards for determining the resistance to the ingress of particles and liquids into a product. The numbers in an IP index are divided between powder (first digit) and liquid (second digit). For example, the iPhone 11 series has IP68 protection. This means the iPhone 11 is dustproof (6) and will work after being submerged in two meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

With the IPX4 rating for AirPods Pro, the X means that there is no specific rating for dust protection. The AirPods Pro can be set against a certain amount of dust but is not classified as such. The 4 means that the AirPod Pro is splashproof.

Are AirPods Waterproof

How Water-Resistant are AirPods Pro?

According to Apple, the AirPods Pro has IPX4 waterproofness. This means that they will not be damaged by sweat or water spray, but will be damaged if they are completely submerged in water.

What does this note mean? “IP” means Ingress Protection or the rating system. The first number after IP indicates the degree of resistance of the device to dust and other solid particles. The second number represents your fluid resistance index.

Therefore, the AirPods Pro IPX4 rating means that it can withstand splashing water from any direction. Their resistance rating to solid particles X simply means that they have not passed this specific test. You can resist sweat when you wear it during exercise, but you shouldn’t use it for water sports. If your AirPods Pro is caught in the rain, it can survive if you run on it. However, it will likely stop working if you drop it in a puddle.

Please note that the AirPods Pro charging case is neither waterproof nor waterproof. In addition, AirPods Pro’s sweat and water resistance is not permanent. These conditions can decrease over time and with constant use. In this case, Apple does not close its AirPods Pro so that it does not splash water again.

AirPods Waterproof Covers

Although the AirPods and charging cases are not completely waterproof or waterproof, there are some cases for your AirPods charging case that are waterproof. Catalyst has developed a range of waterproof covers for its AirPods charging case.

The waterproof Catalyst AirPods sleeves have IP67 protection, just like Apple’s waterproof iPhones. These cases also have a key clip and a retractable cover on the Lightning connector on your AirPods case. These covers shine in dark black, gray, blue, purple, white, and green!

How to Clean Wet AirPods

Whether you’re sweating or spinning your washing machine, here are some things you need to do immediately when your AirPods get wet:

  1. Clean the AirPods with soft, dry cloth. Make sure the cloth is lint-free. We recommend a microfiber cloth.
  2. Let the AirPods dry completely. Do not use them immediately. Do not put them in the charging case.

If the charging case gets wet, open the cover and let it dry inside out.

If the culprit is a heavier or other liquid, such as coffee, shampoo, soap, lotion, or sunscreen, do the following to clean and dry your AirPods:

  1. Moisten a cloth with clean water.
  2. Clean the AirPods thoroughly with the cloth.
  3. Make sure they dry before you place them in the case for charging.
  4. Only use the AirPods when they are completely dry.

Even if you follow the drying and cleaning steps outlined above, your AirPods may no longer work.

Signs Of Water Damaged AirPods

One of the biggest signs of water-damaged AirPods is audio distortion. If your music, podcasts, or audiobooks sound muffled or rough, this can be a sign that your AirPods are damaged by water.

If your AirPods don’t charge or stop working when wet, this can be another sign that your AirPods have water damage. If enough water gets into the grilles of your AirPods, this can permanently impair functionality.

Repair And Replacement Options

Apple does not currently offer an AppleCare plan for AirPods. However, if your AirPods are under warranty, they will not be charged a replacement fee in the event of a malfunction due to a “defective battery”.

Unlike iPhones, AirPods don’t have a liquid contact indicator, so an Apple technician can’t tell if they’re damaged by water. So if you go to your appointment in the Genius Bar, you can leave this information. Apple may not pay the replacement cost if it is known that the AirPods are damaged by water.

If your AirPods are not under warranty, repairing or replacing a single AirPod will cost $ 69 and $ 69 if you need to repair or replace the charging case. So if you damage both the AirPods and your charging case, buying a brand new pair will cost less.

Keep your AirPods dry and clean. This is essentially your long-term role. Be sure to read how to best clean your AirPods.

AirPods Waterproof: Keep Dry!

We hope this article has helped you clarify any questions or misunderstandings about AirPods and their functions. The next time your friend asks, whether or not the AirPods are waterproof, I believe you now know what to tell them.

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