Are Airpods Waterproof or Water-resistant?

One of Apple’s best offerings to mankind has been the Airpods. The ease in use, strong battery life, and quality rendition it gives have made the product a hit on the technology market. Yet, there are still the questions or perhaps confusion as to whether AirPods are waterproof or water-resistant.

The Apple AirPods is easily the best in connecting with your iPhone device for a flurry of quality activities. With the AirPods, you can have up to five hours of audio quality, you can take and make calls, you can work with the Siri application, and you can control many activities with a simple, gentle hit. Apple has created different versions – or generations – of the AirPods. But which is waterproof?

AirPods are made for use during workouts, and there is every chance that they could be exposed to sweat. It is important to understand foremost that Apple has made no assertion that the AirPods are completely waterproof. So, this means that there are no warranty packages for replacing air pods damaged by moisture or water.

When we say a device is waterproof, this means that water can’t get inside and cause damage. No matter how long that device is underwater or how deep it goes, it remains free from damage. A water-resistant device prevents water from getting inside for a while and at limited depths.

Apple’s first and second-generation AirPods iterations were completely not waterproof or water-resistant, which means that a splash of water just might be enough to damage your air pod. With time though, the release of the new AirPods versions – AirPods Pro – saw water-resistant (and not waterproof) air pods. Apple-designed the AirPods Pro to withstand small splashes of water likes rain or sweat.

Shows Apple Airpod around water, prompting the question; Are Airpods Waterproof?
What You Need To Know About Apple’s Water-Resistant AirPods

AirPods Pro features a water resistance rating of Ingress Protection (IP) X4. The IP rating system is what the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) gives to an electronic gadget or device.

The IPX4 rating of the AirPods Pro means that the AirPods Pro can withstand little drops or splashes of water, but the water resistance is to an extent as your AirPods Pro will get damaged if you totally submerge it in water.

You can afford to get a few drops of sweat while exercising or cycling or get caught in the rain with your AirPods Pro on, and it could work just fine. But do not try to soak them in water.

The most important thing we have to let you know is that your AirPods Pro earphones are not waterproof. Even if they can allow a certain amount of water, you should be cautious so as not to have a dip in the water scenario at all. But, if your AirPods do get wet, immediately try the following measures;

Shows airpod being dried after getting wet
• Let your AirPods dry completely if it gets wet.
• Make sure you do not use them right away

illustrates wet airpod being left out of its charging case so water could dry up from it
• Make sure you do not place them in the charging case.
• In case the charging case gets wet, lift the lid open and place it upside down to dry.

Your AirPod may get liquid from lotion, coffee, or maybe a soda. Try these steps to clean and dry;

Shows drying off water from airpod with soft cloth material
• Dampen a piece of cloth in water and wipe the AirPods with caution, using the cloth.
• Leave your AirPods out to dry before you place them in the charging case.
• Leave the AirPods dry completely until you make use of them.

D not do the following with your AirPods

While keeping note of these measures, here are some Don’ts for your AirPods;

a pool picture with the purpose of warning airpod users against using airpod in the water
o Do not swim with your air pods.
o Do not shower with your air pods.

Shows a man in the rain with an umbrella. purpose is to warn against using airpod in heavy rain because it is not waterproof
o Do not wear your air pods in heavy rain.
o Do not use your air pods when doing water sports.

shows airpod being tosed into a washing machine. this is wrong because airpod is not waterproof
o Do not let your air pods go in the washing machine.
o Do not take your air pods into a sauna or steam room.
o Also, try to avoid excruciatingly hot or cold temperatures. This could damage your AirPods.
o Do not put them on a radiator.
o Do not use a blow dryer to attempt to speed up the process of drying your AirPods (only air dry for about two hours). If you attempt to do so, you could easily let your AirPods overheat, and it could cause damage to the circuitry inside.

Do note that prevention is better than cure in every instance; try your best possible to not let your AirPods get wet at all because, even if you do not follow our guidelines, the chances are that your AirPod may stop working completely if it eventually and regularly comes in contact with liquids. It is still better off safe than sorry.

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How are you treating your Airpods? Is this advisory guide helpful? Do lets us know in the comments section.

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