10 Garage Door Opener Apps for Android Phone

Have you heard about “Garage Door Opener” apps that open your garage door easily without a physical key? Modern technology is great. It has made everything ease with phones. As beautiful as “garage door opener” is so it’s difficult to find a repairer.

So, if you own a door in your garage that can only be opened by door open apps, make sure it doesn’t get spoil otherwise, getting a garage door opener repairer with sound knowledge to help fix your garage door opener problem may last a while. However, for Android users with this type of a door in your garage, here are some apps to automate your garage door open with just a click on your Android phone.

I personally believed you have chosen the best garage door with opener reading reviews online, the best installation guide, and known some popular garage door opener that you can subscribe to such as home deport, Ryobi, Chamberlain, lowes, Liftmaster, and other popular garage doors. So, here in this article, I will mainly share with you top and best 10 garage door opener app for Android phone according to play store review and rating.

Best 10 Garage Door Opener App for Android Phones

Here are some popular Android garage door opener apps in 2018…

1. MyQ Garage Door Opener app

MyQ Garage Door Opener app works with LiftMaster’s MyQ-enabled products and makes it easy to open your garage door with just a click on your smartphone. With this tool used with LiftMaster’s MyQ-enabled product, you will be able to remotely close, open, and check your garage door on your Android phone when both tools are interconnected.

The MyQ garage door app sends a notification message or an alert to your smartphone whenever your garage door is opened or closed. Also, perhaps you are far from your garage, you can easily check whether the garage door is properly locked or not using this app on your smartphone.

The more appealing feature of this app regardings the garage door interconnectivity, you can simply set a time for your garage door to lock automatically. However, this app is best used with LiftMaster Wi-Fi garage door opener product and everything will be under your control.

2. PalGate app

One of the quickest and fastest ways to close and open a garage door on smartphones is using the PalGate app which works perfectly when interconnected with PalGate equipment. The PalGate garage door open app is easy to configure and use with some benefits.

The PalGate app makes it easy to open your garage door with a click when PalGage app user is within the garage door and there is a connection between the two devices The PalGate app features an “open the gate” icon on smartphone home screen and once taps, the garage door will be opened.

In the same usage manual, the PalGate app also features a user management option where you can add and delete who have access to unlock the garage door. Another positive review of the app revealed that the PalGate app also has a feature to automatically open the garage door rather than opening the gate manually using your key. It also features an encrypted feature in the premium version.

Garage Door Opener app

3. Craftsman Smart Garage Door Opener app

An experience with how Craftsman Smart Garage Door Opener app works with most garage doors worth sharing on this platform with quite a number of advantages and an easy to use for the garage door owner.

The craftsman smart app offers the smartest way to control your garage door directly from your phone, helps you to feel comfortable as to whether the garage door is closed or not with the “status” function on the app menu.

All you need to open your garage door for your kids or family when you are nowhere near the door is pull out your smartphone and click on “open gate” on the app. With the craftsman smart garage door opener app, you have the privilege to schedule a specific time for the app to automate your garage door to either close or shut.

To add an additional feature that put off the garage light without even your permission just purchase the popular Craftsman Plug-in-Light for less than $25.

Garage Door Opener App

4. Sesame Garage Door Remote Opener app

If you own an H&A Open Sesame Garage Door Opener Bluetooth device you should consider getting the sesame garage door remote opener app as both works perfectly. Just like other garage door opener apps that use a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, the sesame app uses a quick respond security code ” QR security code” to connect the sesame app with your garage door kit.

After the QR security code, you can then level up the security level using a password option, meanwhile, this app does not require an internet connection to function, all you need is enable your phone Bluetooth to grant ease access control from your phone.

To disguise the purpose of the sesame garage door app on your phone you can simply change the name and also, the app function as a garage door management app, to add and remove another smartphone to control the device from their end such as your wife or your kids so that they can easily open the garage on their own phone as well.

The door feature of the app that settles the whole thing is the vibrate notification when the door is closed or opened. The garage door opener app sends a notification to your phone by vibrating when the door is closed or opened.

Garage door opener app

5. GogoGate Garage Door Opener App

If you garage door product is manufactured by GogoGate consider download and install the GogoGate Android app to control your garage door on the app at your own convenience. This app works like most other garage door app openers though, but it works perfectly with GogoGate product and uses your phone Wi-Fi to close, open, and manage your garage door. You can check out GogoGate Garage Door before you download the app.

The app status feature shows whether the garage door is properly locked, not closed at all or whether it’s opened. Also, if you have multiple garages, the app can monitor up to 3 different garage doors. This means that, with the GogaGate products, you can monitor at least 3 different garage doors using your smartphone.

In the same prospect, you can add more than 2 or 3 users to the app so that they too can control and access the garage door when you are not available or when you are not with your smartphone with garage door opener app installed.

6. iSmartGate Garage Door Opener App

By far, the iSmartGate app works perfectly with iSmart Gate garage door device. The iSmartGate app controls your garage door close and opens feature. With a proper installation of your iSmartGate garage door, you have less to do when you install the iSmartGate app on your Android phone.

The iSmartGate make it easy to open and close your garage door using your smartphone with just a click on close or open door option in the app. The advantage of the app is that it can be used to feature several door admin that control the iSmart Gate device door remotely.

Just like other Garage door opener apps, the iSmartGate app uses Wi-Fi to connect with your phone to remotely control the garage door.

Garage Door Opener

7. Tap It Garage Door Opener app

The TapIt app works just like the name sounds. All you need to do to close and open your garage door with this app is to tap on the app and you are good. This app features similar connection with your garage door engine using Bluetooth to connect to your garage door device so that you can remotely control it on your smartphone.

For a layman, it is very easy to use and configure TapIt door opener app to work the way you want it. Another great feature of the app is the app lock feature to lock the TapIt app with your own password so that no one except you alone can open your garage door with the app on your smartphone.

The TapIt app works with almost all Garage door of your choices such as Chamberlain garage door, Ryobi garage door, Liftmaster garage door, Lowes garage door, and other popular garage doors. The app also supports multiple users so you can easily add your friends and family to it.

Garage Door Opener

8. Nold Open Garage Door Opener App

Do you have a Nold open device as your Garage door? Then, the Nold app garage door opener is what you need. The free app helps to control and manage all your Nold devices including your Nold garage door.

The Nold open app offers a feature to just tap open or close on your phone to close or open your garage door on your smartphone. The app uses Bluetooth to control your Garage door and you can add multiple users to the app to control your garage door.

With the app, you can add your children, wife, and other relatives to the app to control how and when the garage door closes.

Garage Door Opener

9. GarageSmart App

The GarageSmart app is a universal garage door opener that can control up to 3 different garage doors when used with GarageSmart product. Meanwhile, before you can use the GarageSmart app as your garage door AppLock your garage door must be a GarageSmart product. This is how GarageSmart product looks like.

When this app is used with the company’s device you can view your garage door history such as who opened the garage door, when was it opened, and when was it closed. Also, you can check on your smartphone to know the status of your garage door whether it’s opened at the moment or closed.

Garage door opener

10. GarageMate Garage Door Opener App

Another garage door opener app you may want to consider is the GarageMate app for both Android and iOS devices. To restrict other unauthorized garage door opener with your permission download and install the GarageMate app to restrict other users permission and supports up to 8 different users.

The GarageMate app works with most popular Garage Door companies such as Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman, Raynor, Wayne-Dalton, Axis Cam, AccessMaster, and Somfy. So, if you own any of these garage doors you should consider installing GarageMate so that you can easily open and close your garage door using your Android phone.

Garage Door Opener App

There are a lot of features on most garage doors that users can enjoy after successful installation, a detailed review required before you buy a garage door though, and with the garage door opener apps, it makes it very to use the garage door without stress.

The use of a garage door opener with a smartphone is far more than just downloading and installing the app, your smartphone must be either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled. However, after a lot of research, we have come to settle for these best garage door opener apps for Android phones.

These apps have gone a long way to help people monitor, control, and open their garages with their smartphones. However, if these apps missed your favorite garage door opener don’t hesitate to leave a comment and mention your favorite.

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