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15 Best Android Gallery Lock Apps

At Gadgets Wright today, we are going to share with you our picks for best Android gallery lock apps to lock and secure your Android phone gallery. It doesn’t matter whether you are in need of best app lock for Android, or you are in need of the best gallery lock app for your Android phone.

What is best for us today is we have scrutinized and searched for the best Android apps that can easily lock your phone gallery and restrict unauthorized access to your Android gallery.

We will try as much as possible to share the best gallery lock apps that will require a pattern and password to unlock your gallery. Also, the apps we are going to share with you here to lock your phone gallery will also include apps with a forgot password feature to request for your gallery lock password when forgotten.

Gallery Lock

Here Are Some Best Gallery Lock Apps in 2018

Here are some of the most reputable gallery lock apps we found in play store for the year 2018 for our loyal readers.

1. AppLock

Gallery Lock Apps

To start here, we begin a universe app lock app for all Android phone with a feature to lock messengers, lock gallery, lock phone startup, lock phone call, lock phone messages, lock phone Wi-Fi, and lock the entire phone feature with an app.

AppLock Android app makes it extremely easy to lock Android phones with a pattern, PIN, and password. AppLock is our favorite gallery lock app this year and year before.

2. Privacy Knight AppLock

Gallery Lock Apps

Next, on our list of gallery app lock is  Privacy Knight AppLock by Alibaba group to lock Android phone using a pattern, password, fingerprint for a fingerprint sensor device, facial unlock feature and face tracking of intruders.

This app is considered unpopular among Android users, but it’s one of the few Android apps to lock Android phones and restrict all intruders from using your phone. The app can lock gallery, lock phone call, lock messages, lock call log, lock phone Wi-Fi, etc.

If your mind isn’t settled yet with the best gallery lock app you can choose for your Android phone you should consider the  Privacy Knight AppLock.

3. Norton App Lock

Gallery Lock Apps

Norton is a popular Anti-Virus company like Avast, AVG, among others. But, the giant Anti-virus company also provide a security lock app called Norton App Lock for Android phone to protect and secure phone including phone gallery.

The ad-free Android lock app support series of features to lock and unlock Android phones. When you download and install Norton App Lock, you can lock your phone gallery with a pattern, password, PIN, fingerprint, and face tracking to capture every intruder trying to access your phone without your permission.

Norton App Lock for Android captures intruder’s photo without knowing and save it in your phone gallery. It’s not just a phone gallery lock app, it also helps to locks messengers on your smartphone.

4. HexLock App Lock

Gallery Lock Apps

HexLock is another popular Android app to lock down your gallery with a fingerprint and PIN and pattern and the lock backup feature. HexLock isn’t as popular as AppLock though, but it has a cool and friendly interface to lock Android phone 100% and restrict all unauthorized access from your phone.

This app lock offers a systemic way to create your own Wi-Fi profile other than using a public profile such Home and office profiles. However, if you have some sensitive information in your phone gallery and you don’t want other people to see it, kindly download and install the popular phone lock app called “HexLock app.

5. App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin

Gallery Lock Apps

This a dynamic gallery lock app I have ever used aside from the one mentioned above. App Locker offers a different approach to secure phone apps and phone gallery at the same time.

Unlike other phone lock apps where you can only use either a PIN or pattern or password to lock your phone gallery, while with app locker for Android phones you can set different unlock feature for different apps.

You can lock phone gallery with pattern and lock your WhatsApp messenger with a password and still lock down your Facebook account with a PIN on the same phone using the new app locker feature and all at no cost.

6. Keepsafe App Lock

Gallery Lock Apps

Another gallery lock app to try on this list is the KeepSafe app lock for Android phones. It makes everything look simpler and like nothing is really happening. Once you set up the phone lock feature and choose your mode of phone lock, your phone is 100% secure and free from unauthorized access from friends and family.

You can use the forget password feature if you forget your login pattern or password or PIN and create a new unlock password.

You can always think of KeepSafe app lock when you want to schedule gallery lock on your Android phone or you’d like to disable the app lock from functioning over removing the app totally from your phone.

7. FingerSecurity

Gallery Lock Apps

This is an incredible app to secure your phone gallery with a fingerprint sensor. Other than that, the app has a unique feature to hide all phone recent information on the screen and still lock your phone from people accessing your phone without your permission.

The FingerSecurity app works just like phone lock and unlocks feature. It helps lock your phone start at a specific time. Meaning that you can set a delay-lock for your Android phone. The lock feature will kick off at an appointed time and before you know it, everything is locked with your fingerprint.

8. AppLock – Fingerprint

Gallery Lock Apps

The ApplLck fingerprint is different from AppLock app shared above with almost no similar feature to lock phone gallery. The app offers a unique feature to lock a different app with different lock feature. If app “A” is locked with “PIN”, app “B” can be locked with “Pattern” without each locking feature interfering with one another.

Also, the AppLock -Fingerprint lock app for Android phone also features a delay tip to delay lock on your Android phone based on the setup from the app settings. Of all the list of the app lock for an Android phone, this is one of the best apps to lock phone gallery with a time delay.

9. MaxLock

Gallery Lock Apps

You have probably heard of “MaxLock” for Android phone. The app is the popular AppLock competitor among users and in play store. While this app is popular because of its feature, some users detest it because it required a root access.

If you own an Android device with a root access you should download and install MaxLock lock app for phone gallery and other phone apps to enjoy the app premium features.

The MaxLock app provides a lock feature such as a PIN, pattern, and knock code to unlock your phone when locked. Other than these features, you can also enjoy, fake crash feature, a MasterSwitch to disable it easily, ability to remove thumbnail of apps in the recent window.

10. CM AppLock

If you need a decent app for gallery lock and other phone apps lock you should also consider the popular CM AppLock for Android phone. The app supports the use of fingerprint sensor, password, and PIN to lock your Android phone from others and provides a backup for password recovery for your phone.

Another noticeable feature of the app is the ability to set up a delay time and automatic re-lock of the app to capture unauthorized users when incorrect pattern or password or PIN is entered three times. The capture is not made visible and it saves directly to your phone CM AppLock folder which can be found in your phone gallery and phone manager.

11. Perfect AppLock

Gallery Lock Apps

Perfect AppLock is yet another popular lock for phone gallery and other phone apps. The perfect AppLock protect your phone settings, phone data, and phone privacy from people accessing your phone without your sole permission.

With perfect AppLock, you can let your sisters, brothers, and cousin play with your phone while you set up a lock delay on the phone and take a walk. With perfect lock App, it takes forever for intruders to access your phone gallery and save pictures of intruders to your phone gallery after 3 attempts.

12. Smart AppLock

The Smart AppLock is one of the best Android phone gallery locks in 2018 with some awesome features to secure and protect your Android phone from people around. With this app, you don’t have to be scared whether your phone is a wrong hand or not. Once you are done with smart lock app settings you will lock down all phone apps, phone gallery, and phone settings.

Meanwhile, the popular feature of smart app lock is the disguise feature to change app lock icon to phone dialer and still take the picture of the intruder unknowingly and save it into your phone gallery.

13. LOCKit

Gallery Lock Apps

LockIt is a fantastic phone lock app with a friendly and users interface. The LockIt app features amazing screen lock feature with either PIN or pattern or fingerprint. The fun part of the app is that the app provides a lock theme to make your phone screen look catchy and lovely.

You can also use the app as a lock for your phone gallery and restrict all unauthorized permission from access your phone and other relevant information on your phone.

The app takes capturing intruder to another level. Rather saving intruders picture into your phone gallery, the LockIt app forwards intruders picture to your primary email address during setup and you catch them even when your phone is stolen.

14. Knock Lock

Gallery Lock Apps

Knock lock app works exactly as the name implies. All you have to do is to simply knock on your screen following a set pattern to unlock your device. The know lock app not only locks phone screen it also locks gallery and other phone apps.

Apart from feature to lock your phone apps and phone gallery, knock lock app helps to lock phone call log and prevent it from accidentally dialing of a phone number from your phone contact or phone call log. Also, it also features an amazing wallpaper to make your Android phone screen look amazing with a lock screen

If you ever wanted to get a fun to use gallery lock app always consider to check out knock lock app from play store. Although, the app is not popular like other app locks but it worth checking out to bring more fun to your device except being used as a lock app.

15. ES App Lock

Gallery Lock Apps

We have been talking about locking phone gallery with lock apps since, but we have not exactly mentioned an app that does not only lock phone gallery but also lock entire videos on your phone and photos.

The ES app lock gallery straight and lock all photos and videos present in gallery folder alongside other apps on your phone with either a PIN or pattern or with the use of phone password.

The unique of security feature on the Es app lock is the feature to lock an individual app with different lock pattern. This implies that you can lock app “A” with a pattern different from the pattern used to lock app “B”. So, what are you waiting for? Head to play store to download and install ES App Lock for Android phone all for free.

These are some of gallery lock app you can finger in Google play store with good rating and users review. There are some other apps that worth using to lock gallery though but their rating is not as interesting as these ones.

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