The Best Movies On Amazon Prime

Now, we have a comprehensive list of the best movies streaming on Amazon Prime right now. Amazon Prime is known for serious business when it comes to your favorite TV shows and movies.  Amazon knows that few of us stick to just one genre, and that’s why their selection of movies and TV shows is so great.  The streaming platform is definitely equipped with comedy, drama and horror movies to watch, so there is something for everyone

There are a few really great titles out there for a selection of movies included on Amazon Prime.  There are new, boozy films that you may or may not have seen in theaters, classics that you probably haven’t seen since middle school, and good-natured films that can’t help you but come back again and again.

Android and iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad have their own Amazon video apps that are available from the respective App Store.

Naturally, Amazon fully supports its own Fire tablets.  All of these are accessing content from the Dedicated section of Fire OS.

Amazon video content, Prime or otherwise, can be viewed on a PC or Mac via an Internet browser.  Just go to the Amazon Video section of his website, and you can choose between prime shows and movies or the retailer’s digital video store.

  7 Best Movies on Amazon Prime in 2020

Below, we share top movies on Amazon Prime you can stay at home to enjoy during this era.

1.    Lady Bird (2017)

Lady Birds (2017)
Lady Birds (2017)

Early on her way to university, Lady Bird (Sawyers Ronan) tries to bring life to her hometown of Sacramento, California in all its forms.  All his relationships go through the wringer.  How she treats her mother (a gorgeous Laurie Metcalfe snatched for the Oscars), how she finds out the truth about her first boyfriend (you will cry) and how she can maintain her best friend. It’s just one of last year’s best movies.

2.    Big Sick (2017)

Big Sick (2017)
Big Sick (2017)

Kummel Nanjiani of Silicon Valley wrote this comedy based on her own marriage and the stars.  The trials of cross-cultural romance come under investigation because stand-up comic Kumar became an American student on one of his shows.  Not only did his parents remember his life, but it was the least of his worries;  Shortly after they start dating, Emily falls into a coma, leaving Comilla to deal with her parents.

3.    Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)
Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

The Impossible Series hits the ground running after a five-year hiatus, it seemed impossible, for that dynamic frenzy in another sequel to it.  Now, director Christopher McCarry has done it again with Fallout, finding the plot, the sweet spot of action, will give Tom Cruise another pulse-pounding piece of the movie at the risk of his life.

Ethan Hunt leaves his IMF crew on either side and at the same time returns to scale height at the same time and throws caution towards the wind.  This time the group is following a terrorist group that is planning to detonate three plutonium cores simultaneously around the world.

4.    Cabin in the Woods (2012)

While this isn’t exactly a classic horror movie, this film must have started earlier.  Five friends head out into the woods, ready to party all weekend in a quiet country cabin, completely unaware that they have chosen to take part in any religious sacrifice with a completely wonderful twist and turn, The Cabin in the Woods perfectly keeping you on your toes  Works great.

5.    Honey Boy (2019)

The play follows the life of child actor Otis Lort (Lucas Hedges) as he goes from youth success to an introspective Hollywood star.  The battle for fame and trying to balance the relationship with his abusive alcoholic father (Shia Labiuf) became almost impossible as the bond was broken year after year.  As LeBoff himself writes, this emotional story is richly based on his own life.

6.    Blow The Man Down (2020)


One of the latest additions to Amazon Prime is the even better film coming out this year.  Blow the Man Down sisters Mary Beth (Morgan Saylor) and Priscilla (Sophie Lowe) are following because they collected runs with a dangerous man and tried to do so under the algebra in their own town.  Blow the Man Down has been compared to Fargo for his dark wit, as well as for his impressive performances.

It is also celebrated by critics for its impressive cinematography and direction despite its low budget.  A twisty thriller with lots of style and charm, Blow the Man Down is an indie favorite in early 2020.

7.    The Farewell (2019)

the farewell
the farewell

Farewell followed Billy (Aukwafina) because he learned that his grandmother (Zhao Shujan) had very little time left to survive, and travelled to China with the family to spend time with him.  Billy further learns that his grandmother’s terminal diagnosis is being kept a secret from him, a morally neutral decision that is still prevalent in China.

Farewell gave an amazingly textured performance, along with a key performance.  More known for his comedy performances, Aukwafina also gave an impressive performance in his first dramatic character.  The uniqueness of the story, as well as the stunning direction from Wang, combined to create one of the best films of 2019.

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