How to Download GenYouTube Extension for Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla

Do you want to download YouTube videos using GenYouTube browsers extension? Don’t be stressed out, this guide will explain in detail how to install GenYouTube extension for Chrome browser, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

GenYouTube app is a standalone download site and a short code to ripe YouTube MP4 with 1 click download button directly from the YouTube website.

What is GenYouTube?

GenYouTube app downloader is a tool to download YouTube videos in several ways, convert to MP3, and save YouTube video as MP3.

The provides different approaches to download and save YouTube videos. It has a trick similar to the “ss YouTube trick” to download YouTube videos and convert it to MP3.

There are various ways to download YouTube videos with the help of the GenYouTube site. Gen YouTube trick works by adding gen before the YouTube video URL you want to download and click on the enter button.

Another easy approach to using GenYouTube app to download YouTube videos is to use the GenYouTube extension for browser. However, here in this guide, you will learn how to install GenYouTube extension for Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari browser.

How to Install GenYouTube Extension for Chrome

With Gen YouTube extension for Chrome you can grab YouTube video with 1 click. However, you need to install Tampermoneky to install GenTube app on your Chrome.

Gen YouTube

  1. Go to the Google Chrome store
  2. Search for TamperMonkey and click on add to Chrome
  3. Wait until it adds it to your browser
  4. Download GenTube plugin
  5. Click on the GenYouTube helper plugin and click on open when done.
  6. Click on Install to add the plugin to your Chrome browser.

You cannot download the GenTube plugin from the Chrome store. And to install the GenTube extension for Chrome, you first need to install Tampermonkey.

Next, I’ll walk you through how to download YouTube videos with the GenTube videos downloaders

How to Install Mozilla GenTube Extension

If you are one of the Mozilla Firefox fans follow this guide to download and install the GenTube plugin to save YouTube videos.

YouTube videos Download

  1. Go to the Mozilla Firefox store and search for GreaseMonkey
  2. You can download GreaseMonkey and add the plugin to your Mozilla if you are reading this guide on the Mozilla browser.
  3. Once GreaseMonkey is successfully installed go to the download page to download the plugin for Gen-YouTube.
  4. Click on install from the popup and wait for Mozilla to add the widget to the browser.

The Gen.YouTube add-on is a script so you cannot install it directly from the browser’s store. However, with the GreaseMonkey plugin, you will be able to add the plugin to your Mozilla browser and download YouTube videos in HD.

Add GenTube Plugin to Safari Browser

Safari is a popular browser that also supports installing GenTube script using the TamperMonkey add-on. For a Safari browser, here is a step-by-step guide to adding the script to your browser to save YouTube videos.


  1. Download and install the TamperMonkey plugin on your Safari browser.
  2. To add the YouTube video download script/widget to the Safari browser
  3. From the TamperMonkey popup click on the install button that comes up when you open GenYouTube helper 1.0
  4. Now, the widget will be added to the Safari browser and you will be able to download YouTube videos as MP4 or MP3.

We have not found a walkaround to use the download helper on the Opera browser. However, if you are fond of the Opera browser follow these procedures to save YouTube videos from the browser to your computer.

How to Download YouTube Videos

To download YouTube videos using the Gen-You-Tube script or trick here is what you should do.
1. Go to YouTube and search for your favourite video and click on the video to start streaming (not compulsory though)
2. Click on the YouTube video URL to edit it and add “gen” before the YouTube URL (See the image below)GenYouTube
3. Click on the enter button and you will be taken away from the YouTube video download page.
4. Click on the download link or the alternate link to choose the download format.Download Links
5. You will be taken to the video playback interface. Click on the 3 dots to the bottom left and click on the download button from the popup.Download YouTube video using GenYouTube

With this approach, you can download YouTube videos offline on Android, iOS, and PC browsers. This approach works without using the Gen YouTube extension.

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