BT Notifier for smartwatch [2019 Use Guide]

BT notifier for Smartwatch like Android and iOS phones is an app installed on your phone, be it Android or iOS to send information from phone to a smartwatch such missed calls, messages, incoming and outgoing calls, etc.

This BT notifier smartwatch helps to restrict the mobility in mobile and hang it to a smartwatch on your wrist. This means that when you are within the range with the Bluetooth connected device you can easily receive all notifications to your Android or iOS without your phone.

We’ll talk extensively on BT notifier for Smartwatch in this post. The push notification for a smartphone on your smartwatch to receive all notifications on your smartwatch from your smartphone when you are within the range of BT Notifier to your smartphone connection.

This guide will put you through how to connect your favorite BT Notifier to your smartwatch.  You can use BT for iPhone, Android, Jio phone, Blackberry, and Windows phone.

If you need a BT notifier for Android here is a guide for you. This article will cover everything you need to know. If you own a DZ09 smartwatch, you can download BT Notification for DZ09. It works with other

Everybody is now using a Smartwatch with their phone to receive notifications such as incoming calls, SMS, alarm, send and receive messages, and all that. So, let say, which app is your best BT notifier for smartwatch before or after you got your first smartwatch, say, DZ09, for an iPhone or Android phone.


How do you pick the best BT notifier for your smartphone for easy connection? Do you seek attention from a friend who uses a smartwatch with a Bluetooth notifier on their smartwatch to connect their smartwatch with their smartphone? Or do you just go to play store or Apple store to download the best BT notifier for Smartwatch and try various of them before you choose the best for your smartwatch?

Well, if you don’t know the best BT notifier for smartwatch you can use, don’t lose hope. I was once in the same shoe with you sometimes ago when I don’t know the best BT notifier to choose for my DZ09 Smartwatch. And that is why I am going to share the best BT for a smartwatch that covers a very long distance, at least 100 meters.

You know DZ09 is among the best Smartwatch that won’t cost you a fortune. So, if you have not gotten a DZ09 smartphone you should consider getting one today.

Firstly, let us take a look at What BT notifier is all about and what the app does.

What is BT Notifier?

A BT notifier is an app that functions as a medium to communicate between a smartwatch and a smartphone using a Bluetooth connection.

The BT notifier for a smartwatch, when connected with a smartphone, makes it easy to read messages, pick calls, see missed calls, make a phone call, and do all sort you can do on a smartphone on your smartwatch.

While they are various BT notifier app for smartwatches, the distance between the smartphone and the smartwatch to make Bluetooth connection active depends on the Smartphone manufacturer and the BT app features.

With Apple Smartwatch, you can keep a distance of more than a 100 meters and still make the connection between the two connected devices active.

How to Download App on my Smartwatch

In most cases, you don’t download BT notifier on smartwatches instead you download the notifier on your Smartphone and connect to your smartwatch when you enable the smartwatch Bluetooth. But you may have to scan the smartwatch barcode first, this is an example of DZ09 smartwatch when you want to connect the device with a BT notifier app.

However, they are a lot of apps to notify you of your smartwatch when connected to your smartphone. For instance, when you buy Apple device with an Apple smartwatch, you’d not necessarily need a third-party BT notifier.

Nevertheless, you can still use BT app notifier if you had an experience in the past. Some of the BT app notifiers are must use. Therefore, when you want to connect a smartwatch to a smartphone, perhaps a new smartphone without a built-in smartwatch notifier you’d need a BT app notifier.

Best BT Notifier for Smartwatch [Android]

Here are some of the best Bluetooth notifier apps for Android for a fast BT connection. All you need to do is download any of these BT notifier apps and follow the procedure in the next headline to connect the two smart devices.

Here is the list of the best BT notifier apps for Android

Bluetooth Notifier App

For M8 smartwatch owners, the Bluetooth Notifier app [APK] is not new to you again. However, the BT notifier is not found in the play store and Bluetooth notifier is not the same as the APK app [btnotification.apk]. However, this notifier offers a similar function for smartwatch when connected to a smartphone.

The BT notifier app has a feature to auto-enable when your smartphone is restarted, auto connect when set as a trusted device with your smartwatch, notify on Bluetooth disconnect, and other features.

BT Notifier for Smartwatch

Woo Partner

Woo partner BT notifier app is a cool app with prominent features like incoming calls notifications, message notifications, low battery notifications, and a whole lot of other features that can easily make your smartwatch to replace your smartphone.

BT Notifier for Smartwatch


Here is another BT Notifier app to connect smartwatch to smartphone and access all smartphone menu on a smartwatch. The BTNotification app offers a yet simple interface to save time with your smartphone.

With the BT ap,p you can receive and make calls on your smartphone, read and send messages, and manage your smartphone on smartwatch completely.

BT Notifier for Smartwatch

For the past few years, these are the BT notifier for smartwatch I have used on my Android phone to connect with my Smartwatch. And I am still using some of them.

How to Connect BT Notifier to a Smartwatch

Upon successful installation of BT notifier for smartwatch on your Smartphone, follow the steps below to connect your smartwatch to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Enable the Bluetooth connection on both the Smartwatch and Smartphone. Search for an available device on your smartphone or smartwatch Bluetooth and click on the name of your smartwatch if you have not changed the device name you should see the brand name and vice-versa. Enter the Bluetooth connection code and click on add.

After that, you will be able to access your mobile menu, read messages, make calls, send messages, and do exactly as you can do on your smartphone on your smartphone. However, the smartphone will disconnect from the smartwatch if either of the Bluetooth is disabled.

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Add Your Devices as a Trusted Device

When you add the smartwatch to your smartphone as a trusted device, the two devices will connect automatically when their Bluetooth is enabled without passing through the process to connect the two devices together.

How to Enable Trusted device on Android

Navigate back to your Smartphone Bluetooth settings, click on Smart Lock menu, tap Trusted devices and click on the name of the connected smartwatch. On the popup, click on add as a trusted device.

Install BT Notifier for Smartwatch DZ09

I currently own a DZ09 smartwatch and here I am going to show you how to simply connect the DZ09 smartwatch to your smartphone. The procedure works perfectly for M8 smartwatch if you own one.

BT Notifier for smartwatch

Firstly, download and install QR and Barcode scanner app from play store. Scan the DZ09 barcode. Upon successful scanning, open the link and download any of the best BT notifier apps shared above. You can also download  Bt Notifier.apk.

Install the BT notifier app downloaded. And if it’s the Bt Notifier.apk, enable install from unknown sources on your device security settings and install the APK BT notifier app.

Once the installation is completed, follow this step to pair the BT notifier with your smartphone.

Desktop Notification for Android

Let’s call this desktop notification for Android a bonus to this guide. The is a bit different from BT Notifier. With the Desktop notification for Android, you can start receiving Android notifications on your computer using an extension called Desktop notification for Android.

This is different from connecting your phone to your computer using a Bluetooth or USB cable or via Xender, Flash Share, ShareIt and other tools to transfer files from your phone to your computer. However, with this notification for Android, you will start receiving all incoming notification to your Android on your computer.

That is really great. To achieve this, follow the procedures below.

  • Open the Google play store app on your smartphone and download “Desktop notification for Android“. If you have this app installed already kindly skip this step
  • Now, launch Chrome browser and install the notification plugin for Android notifications
  • Now, sign into your Google account on both devices
  • Once that is done, all notifications on your smartphone will reflect on your PC.

This is by far the simplest way to use WhatsApp on your computer without installing WhatsApp web.

The desktop notification for Android is alternative to BT Notifier to receiving phone notifications on a PC without complex settings.

Congratulations, you have successfully connected the BT Notifier to your Android smartphone. Always make sure you are within the range that will make both devices connected together using the notifications push app.

Feel free to leave a comment if you are unable to connect your iPhone to your Apple Watch using this guide.

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