The Best Photo Editor Apps for Android

Photo editor apps are apps to edit photos on your Android phone and iOS (iPhone, iPad, & iPod). With these photo editing apps, you don’t need to transfer photos taken on your Android phone to your computer for editing using computer software.

With these best photo editing apps, you can do all your photo editing right on your phone. You can change or blur background images, crop out photo bumpers, remove unwanted parts of the picture, and do other editings you’d have done if you are to use computer software such as PhotoShop.

If you know how to edit photos and video clips on your computer you can make it less stressful by using apps to edit photos and videos on Android to do the editing without transferring them to your PC for final finishing.

Now, if you are looking for the best photo editor apps you can download and install on your Android smartphone to edit your photos before you upload them to your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, here is the best list you can find.

Photo Editor Apps

There are many photo editor apps in the Google play store and Apple app store. However, we have listed some of the best, most used, most popular, and high-rated photo editing apps for Android.

Snapseed Photo Editor App for Android

Photo editor apps

SnapSeed is an all-purpose photo editing app for Android with perfect colour control and exposure. The app offers a wide range of editing tools you are familiar with when you are using the PhotoShop photo editor software for a computer.

With SnapSeed, you can manipulate photos picture, sharpen it, adjust the brightness, blur some parts of the picture, add emojis to your photos, and texts, and add an Instagram flower to your picture.

With the app, you can change your picture from portrait to landscape and change it back. And the app is totally free to use for your mobile photo editing.

Snapseed Features

Here are some features of the Snapseed photo editing app for Android phone

  • Huge range of editing tools, yet very easy to use
  • Exposure, colour, and sharpening adjustments
  • Crop, rotate, straighten, and perspective correction
  • Selective adjustments, brushes, and healing tool
  • Black & white, vintage, and texture filters
  • Portrait enhancement, lens blur, and vignette
  • Double exposure, frames, and text
  • Price: FREE

2. VSCO Photo Editor App for Android

Photo editor apps

VSCO is a mobile fancy app to create a beautiful photos on your mobile app. The app takes absolute control of editing your photo on your Android phone rather than using a computer photo editor such as Photoshop, etc.

The VSCO photo editing app has more than 130 filters feature for premium user to filter out where you didn’t want to show in your captured photo.

The picture editing app has some unique feature that works perfectly with your phone’s inbuilt camera to take pictures directly instead of using the default phone camera.

Although, VSCO has a limited filter available for free users. However, the app has over 130 filters for the paid user for just $19.99 per year. With the free filter, you can blur the photo background, change the background image, sharpen and cut out parts you didn’t want in the picture, take pictures in a low-contrast environment, etc.

VSCO Feature

Here are some of the additional features of the VSCO photo editing app for Android.

  • Subtle one-tap filter presets that create the look of classic film
  • Adjustable filter strength
  • Full set of 130+ filters available via an annual subscription
  • Editing tools for cropping, exposure, colour, and sharpness
  • Built-in camera app with advanced manual controls
  • Price: FREE (with a subscription fee for additional filters and tools)

3. Afterlight 2 Editor App for Android

Photo Editor Apps

Afterlight 2 is another free editing app to edit photos on your Android phone that works just like the above-mentioned photo editor apps. It’s best for a selector colour user to get the best blend of their picture with the background and can easily turn their phone to a mobile photographer.

The photo editing tool also has advanced features to crop pictures on mobile, a feature to finetune pictures taken in an environment you didn’t like and modify the photo background and change it to a more appealing background.

The app filter is also great and it cannot be neglected. Think about your favourite filter and output after the filter, the after light 2 apps will definitely meet your need and demand to have a beautiful photo after the whole editing.

The app is also good for artwork. You can manipulate the picture and add texts that best describe the photo before you click on the Save button. The OPAC feature is also amazing to darken some part of your photo and also lighten it. You can also change a particular colour on the photo before you share it.

Afterlight 2 App Features

Some of the features of this app include:

  • Exposure, colour, and sharpening adjustments
  • Advanced tools such as curves, selective colour, gradients, and blend modes
  • Dust and light leak overlays
  • Free filter packs by well-known mobile photographers
  • Double-exposure tool for blending images
  • Layers tool for adding text and artwork
  • Price: $2.99

4. Enlight App for Editing Photo

Photo Editor Apps

Whatever you have heard about the Enlight photo editing app, this quota will add significant information you need to know about the editing app.

Enlight app is a photo editing app to remove unwanted parts from your photo, adds borders and frames to your picture. The app also allows you to add text to your picture and do some finishing touches such as rotating, cropping your picture, painting, and adding some sketch effects to it.

You can also use this tool for a freehand sketch to draw yourself with the app rather than taking a photo of yourself. If you are also looking for a photo editing app with some amazing colour manipulators and colour blends you should consider the Enlight photo editing app.

The enlight picture isn’t a free app though, but, the price worth it.

Enlight Features

Below is a part of the enlight feature you can’t do without.

  • Selective control over exposure, colour, and details
  • Masking tool for seamless blending of effects
  • Crop, rotate, straighten, and perspective correction
  • Filters, two-tone gradients, light leaks, and vignettes
  • Black & white, paint, and sketch effects
  • Clone tool for removing unwanted defects
  • Double-exposure, tilt-shift, and photomontages
  • Drawing tools, text, borders, and frames
  • Price: $3.99

5. TouchRetouch Mobile Photo Editor


TouchRetouch is an app to give your photo a final retouch. If you have used other photo editing apps on your Android and iOS and it doesn’t work for you, the TouchRetouch will definitely work.

While the app is a paid app the features are really amazing. The TouchRetouch app can remove any unwanted photo bumper from your photo.

If there is any image you’d love to remove from your photo you just have to use the TouchRetouch app to remove it even if it’s a small dent you can clear it using the editor app for Android and iOS.

With the editing app, you can first clone your photo before you start to clear off the mess so that you can restore the original if you mistakenly saved it when you are not done. And you can also click on the undo button to clear off all your editing.

Additionally, the editing app can remove any tiny option showing in the picture’s background. If you have a small dent in your face the app can remove it without changing your look.

TouchRetouch Features

If you want to know more about the editing app see the app features.

  • Quickly remove unwanted objects for a cleaner composition
  • Brush and lasso tools for accurate object selection
  • Remove dust spots, wires, people, and other objects
  • Remove blemishes and smooth out wrinkles in portrait photos
  • Duplicate objects using the clone tool
  • Price: $1.99

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