How to Block Facebook Users on Facebook Messenger

How to Block Facebook Users on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has a varieties of options to put your Facebook account in order if you can just play around with your account settings. And one of this amazing features is the access granted users to block Facebook users on Facebook messenger. No doubt, you can block people directly on Facebook while surfing on browser or using Facebook app.

All you only need to do is navigate to the user’s profile you want to block to unfollow the person and click on friend option to unfriend the person. That is really simple.

To reconnect again goes beyond unblock the person. You’ll have to resend friend request again!

Meanwhile, on Facebook messenger the procedure followed another direction. By default you can follow the conventional way of blocking users on Facebook to block the person on messenger but there is also another way to simple block friends on Facebook without access their profile and without unfriending them.

What happened when you blocked someone on Facebook is that you will no be able to receive and send messages to them and also you will no longer have access to their profile page again. Since you are the one that blocked the person and depending on the option you choose to go with, Facebook might ended up stop suggesting the person to you as a friend.

It’s very easy for me to know if I am blocked on messenger by any one on my friend list. This is because we will both lost connection and the person will no longer be available at the top of my chat as it used to be. But if the person is someone I don’t normally chat with be it’s possible I don’t get to know whether the person blocked me or not.

Facebook algorithm is designed in such a way that the person you blocked or who blocked you will not know that you have done such except you let the person know.

The same way you blocked users on Facebook messenger you can also unblock the person from the same Facebook messenger for the person to become active again.

Note that blocking on Facebook is different from when someone unfriend you. When you are blocked you are still on the person’s friend list, just that you will no longer be able to send and receive messages from the person and also, if the person take it so serious you may be blocked from access the person’s profile BUT when you are unfriend from the person’s friend list it means there is no more connection between you both.

How to Block Facebook Users on Facebook Messenger

The procedure doesn’t required a rocket scientist knowledge. If you can do just copy and paste either on your phone or laptop you should be able to do this alone. Before you do this you may want to note that once you blocked Facebook users on messenger the person will be blocked on Facebook web or Facebook app.

First, you need to download and install Facebook app for your device. For your device operating system just click on it link and download Facebook messenger if you don’t have it already on your device.

  1. Android phone
  2. iOS Phone
  3. Windows phone

Launch the installed app and login to your Facebook account using your Facebook username and password.

Click  on the name of the user you want to block on Facebook and click on thread details to the upper right of the page besides camera icon.

Block Facebook User on Messenger

Try to scroll down the page and you will see series of options. Click on block icon above game and below ‘create group with user e.g Anu.

Block Facebook User on Messenger

And now you will be presented with two options to either choose from or select the two options depending on the sole reason why you want to block the person. But for this case, we’d select the two options so that the current user will not be able to send messages to me and the current user will not be able to access my profile page.

Block Facebook User on Messenger

A new page will pops up asking whether you really want to block the person or note. If you want to block the user click on block else click on cancel.

The person will be added to the list of blocked users you already have. And if the person is the first person you will be blocking on Facebook the person will be the only one in the column showing the number of users you have blocked on Facebook from both Facebook messenger and Facebook web.

Block Facebook User on Messenger

Note that you can only block same user once in every 48 hours!

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook Messenger

To make it easy you can also unblock someone on Facebook messenger whether you blocked the person on Facebook messenger or not. Let’s quickly take a look at how to unblock someone on Facebook messenger and become friends again.

Login to your Facebook messenger once again and click on the name of the user you want to unblock. Before you can unblock someone on Facebook messenger you must have blocked that person before otherwise you won’t be able to unblock the person.

Just the way you blocked the person. Click on thread details as shown above and scroll down to block option. Don’t worry you ain’t going to block the person again.

Then toggle the block option to unblock the person from the list of blocked users and you are good. The person will not start to see your update, you will be able to send and receive messages from the person, and above all the person will be able to view your profile details.

How to Block Facebook Users on Facebook Messenger

Following a new window that will pops up click on unblock and the person will be unblocked and removed from the list of blocked users on your Facebook account.

How to Block Facebook Users on Facebook Messenger

Congratulations you can now block Facebook users on messenger and at the same time unblock someone on Facebook messenger.

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