How to Turn Off Autoplay on Facebook Android And iOS App

The more Facebook is becoming engaging the more is pissing users off because it rob people of their data. Take for instance, you can’t survive Facebook for a month with 3GB worth of data bundle on mobile with Facebook video autoplay feature. Then, how to turn off autoplay on Facebook Android and iOS app now become a problem for most people.

So if you are few of my friends who concern about how to turn off autoplay on Facebook Android, how to turn off autoplay on Facebook desktop or if you are addicted to browser like Google Chrome and you’d love to stop autoplay on Facebook  Chrome here is a post for you.

Without much words on how to turn off autoplay on Facebook Android and iOS app, let start the deal for the day as to how you can put a stop to Facebook video autoplay on Android phone.

Note: The method you are about to read on Facebook autoplay on Android still work perfect as at the time of publishing this article.

How to Turn Off Autoplay on Facebook Android

Here, we shall take a look at how to stop Facebook video autoplay on Android phone using Facebook Android app and find our ways around it to stop video autoplay on it to help conserve our data bundle.

1. Download and install Facebook Android app if you don’t have it install already on your Android phone

2. Login to your Facebook account using your Facebook username and password

3. Click on the 3-horizontal line below friends list to proceed

autoplay on Facebook

4. Scroll down the page and click on app settings below following under help & settings.

autoplay on Facebook

5. Under autoplay option click on mobile data and Wi-Fi connections.

autoplay on Facebook

6. From the list of options in Facebook video autoplay, scroll down to select never autoplay videos.

autoplay on Facebook

That is it… Henceforth Facebook will no longer load videos on Facebook automatically except you click on play video yourself.

Note: Facebook turn of autoplay itself if your phone battery is low.

How to Turn Facebook Autoplay on iOS (iPhone) Facebook App

If you are using iPhone 6 or other iOS devices, you may want to turn off Facebook video autoplay feature to save more data if you are not on Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, this is very simple to do.

So, to turn of Facebook video autoplay on iOS Facebook app you can also follow the same steps in how to turn off Facebook autoplay videos on Android.

How to Turn off Facebook Autoplay Videos on Google Chrome

If you get annoyed the way Facebook autoplay videos on browsers like Google Chrome you may want to pause it or stop the feature on your account. And for the sake of time, you can just do this on Google Chrome without using any plugin to effect this change and it will auto stop videos on Facebook newsfeed.

The following steps show exactly how to stop Facebook autoplay videos on Chrome browser.

1. Open your Google Chrome browser and visit chrome://chrome/settings/content on the address bar.

2. A new window will pop up, kindly scroll down and select “click to play” under plugin

autoplay on Facebook

3. Henceforth Facebook video will not auto play again. And to play any video of your choice on Facebook you need to click on it to play on Google chrome.

Were you able to stop Facebook autoplay on Android, iOS and Chrome browser? If you have any challenge (s), kindly drop a comment so that we can take a look at it together.

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