Is Bookzz World’s eBook Site Safe to Use?

When talking about the best website to search and download academic books and papers, Bookzz, is the first choice of many. After Sci-Fi, largest research papers network shut down, Book zz became relevant and many use the websites to search for textbooks, research papers, and references in different fields.

Bookzz, the privacy websites, became relevant to academic sector sharing copyright contents without permission. However, is Book zz legal to use or illegal?

Is it safe to use Bookzz website to search and download eBook, ePubs, and other research works on the platform, does the Book zz platform contains a virus? Is Bookzz new domain name free to use, Why Bookzz is shut down?


Is Bookzz eBook site a Legal Site?

No! Saying Bookzz is a legal website is far from saying the reality. To be called a legal website, it connotes having permission to share contents without a legal suit against the organization in charge of sharing the contents.

However, the world’s largest eBook site, Book zz upload contents directly to their database without permission which is against the law and illegal.

That being said, it is good as saying Bookzz is in an illegal website to download eBooks. Also, Book zz website admin not only upload contents directly, users can also upload and take download content they do not have the permission to share.

This is illegal and it’s against the law. Bookzz users and admin could be sued for pirate copyright contents with a legal right.

Is Bookzz Shut Down?

Yes! Book zz website is officially shut down. The world’s best eBook website announced in the middle of May 2017, that they will be shut down permanently which they did. It was officially stated in an email Bookzz sent to all users that Bookzz will be officially shut down.

The shut down reads:

BookZZ have moved to

Hi, Username!

One more trouble. The last one. We hope:)
We have lost the bookzz domain and now bookzz have moved to
Please use instead of Also, we would be grateful if you tell this to your friends.
Your login details on are the same as on BookZZ.
Stay tuned and have a nice day there! You can email us at

The main reason why the world’s largest eBook website was shut down remains anonymous to all users. However, from our research, Book zz site was shut down for sharing pirated content. And there is still a possibility that they’d lose the next new domain name.

Sharing copyright contents is illegal.

Does Book zz Contain a Virus

Book zz contains popups and popunders advertisement when you are on the download page. These popups or popunders prompt a user to either download a program to free more space or install a PC cleaner.

However, during this process, popups like Kissanime or Stafflinq could be bad and dangerous to your computer when mistaken installed from download a website. When either of these popup viruses or other forms of malware enters into your computer, it’ll bridge the virus security and reveal your privacy to a third-party without a permission.

This malware, when enters into your system will disable your antivirus security, take over your computer search engine, starts displaying popups all over your computer desktop and browsers when connected to the internet.

However, a precautional measure should be taken when downloading from an illegal website so that a popup program that is mainly developed by the developer to take over your system and control the entire activities on your computer.

These popups generate revenue for the developer and steal all your computer contents if not removed before it’s too late.

Is Bookzz ( New Domain safe?

As much as it is risky using Book zz to download eBooks a copyright wither permission, the new domain name,, which was a product of Book zz shut down, is still not safe for use.

When you visit a website without a VPN it reveals your identity and makes your IP traceable and trackable. However, downloading premium contents from a website without a copyright is illegal and it’s more or less adding salt to an injury.

Bookzz Final Verdict

It cost knowledge to gain knowledge. And, whoever wants to see far should stand legally on the shoulder of the giant. However, instead of using Book zz piracy website to download eBooks without a permission it’s of advice to pay for the copyright and even the right to distribute if the need be.

You can even borrow the book from an online library for a token. This secures the future of your online activities regarding using a pirated content without a permission.

Although, Bookzz is a huge ebook collection database uploading pirated contents with a permission to do. Despite this, using Book zz is illegal and it should be abolished and do stay away from using it.

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