How to Get Good Internet Speed?

We have always relied on the Internet to gather and gain information useful to our tasks, lives, or even for leisure. Whether we are accessing it with the aid of a basic data subscription or a WiFi, there is a certain speed with which this online information appears. Have you ever wondered what good internet speed is though? Let’s talk about it here.

What is the Internet?

To fully understand this interesting scope of discussion, we will fill you in on what the Internet is. The Internet is a worldwide computer network system that provides varieties of information and communication facilities. This it achieves with the inclusion of interconnected networks using authorized communication protocols.

The Internet connects millions of computers globally irrespective of location or model of the device. It is a massive network of networks. How does that sound?   It provides different online communication and information services. These include web pages, Emails, etc.

Now you have a brief broad idea of what the Internet is and what we use it for. You can then imagine the thoughts of using a bad or good internet speed while accessing information online. You must have experienced this at one point in time.

What is a Good Internet Speed?

Can we say 100 Mbps is a good internet speed? Or is 10Mbps bad and slow? It’s normal to ask these questions at some point, especially when you’re faced with a lingering internet pace when in crucial need of a good one.

We will take you on how internet speed is measured and what is okay to be considered as a fast speed. Not those alone, we will cut across what is or should be regarded as slow internet speed and how to possibly overcome it.

How is a Good Internet Speed Measured?

Internet speed is gauged by the volume of data the internet connection can download or upload. These are referred to as download speed and upload speed respectively.

For most users, having a good internet speed is what is important and effective in their tasks and whatever reason for its usage. Talk about streaming online TV or downloading an album online or spending time on Audiomack.

Upload speeds come into the picture when discussing activities like video calls or conferencing probably on Slack or Zoom. Sometimes you might have to upload large files to maybe Cloud or some other server and poor internet speed can frustrate the process. I think we both know how that feels.

Meanwhile, both speed types have their speed rates shown as bits per second (bps). An internet connection transmits thousands of bits per second so as a method k, M and G are used to show how many thousands of bits are involved in the process.

Perhaps you are current with the metric format, k = 1,000, M = 1,000k, G = 1,OOOM. Meanwhile, most times you come across an internet download or upload speed is displayed, you are more likely to see Mbps more often than Kbps or Gbps. This is so due to the fact that Mbps speeds are more configured to suit what we use the Internet for.

When your internet speed falls in the Kbps category, then it’s slow. You are at an ultra-fast speed when you see the Gbps and this is rare but getting common as technology improves.

A good speed, therefore, is at or above 25 Mbps. This speed supports almost all online activities like online gaming, web surfing, music download, and HD Streaming.

Fast internet speeds are those within the 100+ Mbps range and are often better and suitable for an advanced online experience.  It is also suitable for the connection of multiple devices and users at a time.

How to Get Fast Internet

As we said earlier, you might encounter a slow speed and all you want would be a good internet speed. An internet speed test will give you a useful idea on whether or not the issue is with your connection source or device.

If you conduct the test and end up with a speed below 25Mbps, you may have a slow internet connection and might likely be unable to perform usual online activities as much as you want to.

Alternatively, trying out other internet providers with fast internet speeds in your area can be the solution. You might not have to switch though; your current internet service provider might just have a better or faster internet plan which you can upgrade to.

What Difference Does a Good Speed Make?image shows difference between various internet speed rates

A little speed increase such as 10 to 25Mbps, might not likely bring about a soothing difference in your internet experience. Meanwhile, larger increments, say, 25 to 100Mbps can give you a totally impressive internet experience.

What do you think about this educative article and what experience have you had concerning internet speed? Do let us know in the comment section.

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