How to Remove Virus from your Computer

The virus is currently the trending virus after we dealt with the popup Kissanime virus on our computer. Just a moment after I restarted the computer I noticed another popup different from Kissanime, this time, it is Stafflinq virus.

The Stafflinq we all know is a smartphone app to beautify your device. However, I can’t really say whether the virus website and the app are the same. All I know is I keep seeing a popup virus on my desktop without installing any software.

This must have been the part of the popup virus I ought to have removed when I discussed how to remove popup Kissanime via the control panel. However, if you are new to the virus you should gain more insight into it and see what you stand to benefit when this virus spends time on your PC.

What is Virus?

The is not the website to the usual app you download for your smartphone. This is a virus that installs a popup package on your computer and pops whenever you connect to the internet.

The popups are advertisements to bring revenue to the developers. When the virus finds its way into your system, it steals your search history information, your keyword search on search engines, and other information you have on your PC to automatically designed an advertisement to look like what you were looking for.

When you click on the ads, it will redirect you from the current page to another page you don’t have the idea of what the pages are meant. In most cases, the virus is advertisements are Chinese language popups.

In an attempt to close them it will pop up in another area of your Windows if it has not covered the entire desktop.

This doesn’t look harmful though since you can always back off the advertisement page without revealing your information. However, this is a virus and it has your information already.

The moment the virus is installed on your computer your security and privacy is temporarily under attack. The virus bridges all your security and privacy and shares all your information with third parties or the developers. Apart from the developers making money from the ads they can also sell your information to third parties and make more money from it. Virus

How to Remove Virus

You don’t have to wait until this virus take over your computer and control how you manage your privacy. Some of these bad guys will request for money to delete your information if you don’t take remove their programs from your computer. However, to worsen the scenario, the virus can also affect your browsers.

When the virus has its way into your browser it changes your homepage to the virus’ homepage, changes ads from other websites to the virus’ ads, and do a lot more to make you absolute uncomfortable.

There is a manual way and an automatic way to remove the program from your computer. The automatic clear the entire virus caches while the manual way may not yet remove the virus from your computer.

Remove Virus Manually

To remove the virus without a software follow the steps below.

For Windows 8/8.1/10 move your mouse pointer to the bottom right and search for the control panel. Click on Uninstall a program and search for Stafflinq or related files you don’t know how it got there and click on uninstall.

Uninstall as many as you can to make sure the virus and its accomplice are removed totally. After that, restart your computer.

Remove Virus Auto

This doesn’t require the computer control panel. With the auto-removal, you will clean up your computer from this mess with the help of virus removal software.

First and foremost, download and install Zemana AntimalwareIt’s a free software so you don’t have to bother about money. Double click on the software icon on your desktop and click on Scan button. Wait for some couple of minutes for the software to scan for the virus and remove it. Once the removal process is completed, then, restart your computer.

Key Note:

They are various type of these popup viruses you will always come across online. To fight again them, use an active antivirus or better, use Windows Defender. With WindowsDefenderr, you will be asked whether to install directly from the internet or not.

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