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How to Setup Gmail Vacation Autoresponder on Windows/Mac PC

While you are away for your vacation with your family, how do you manage your email account? Do you schedule autoreply or auto respond on your account? If you are using Gmail as your primary email rather than company email you should be thinking of the possible way of replying to messages when you are on vacation. Google probably know better than you do and that is why they quickly introduced Gmail vacation autoresponder feature.

Overview of Gmail Vacation Autoresponder

Google probably know that the best way to easy users off their workload during vacation is the ability to respond to important messages while they are away. Some vacation forbids the use of gadgets let alone accessing your email account. However, there is a way to reach your partners and business associates when you are on vacation. Although this means may not let you send different messages to different people rather a specific message that you are off the grid for now and, you will get back to them as soon as you are available for business.

However, you should be able to craft your autoresponder email in such as way that it will easily communicate a message to the receiver and not just a junk of sentence. While preparing your autoreply Gmail you may need to check other autoresponder’s examples.

It worth to also note that your autoresponder may stop working. This is sometimes beyond what you can ask why. But would definitely back to work if it was a server respond error.

However, here in this article, we will share with you how to create Gmail vacation autoresponder email that will autoreply every message that comes into your Gmail accounts within the time interface.

If you don’t want to read through the entire post you can watch this video on how to set up Gmail vacation autoresponder message.

How to Create Gmail Vacation Autoresponder

If you have been yawning for a way to create an email autoreply from your Gmail account that will automatically send itself when you are on vacation, here is the right post for you. You will be able to do this irrespective of your gadgets. Here is an example of how to set it up on your own account. To be very sure we are on the same page you will be advised to avoid all forms of distraction so that you will filter your Gmail autoresponder for a specific time.

Method 1:

If you have Gmail email login for Android, this method will be super easy. This post dedicates this post for Android users to create autoreply messages on their Android phone.

Go to your Android app menu and click on Email icon for Gmail. Login with your Gmail login details. Literally, if you have used any Gmail on your phone before it will be the default. However, you can remove the old Gmail account and add another one in case it’s not the Google account you intend to use as your Gmail autoreply account.

Gmail Autoresponder message

Click on the 3 vertical line to the upper left and scroll the page to inbox settings.  You can also click on inbox settings in front of primary sync is off.

Gmail autoreply

From the list of options, click on vacation autoresponder to turn it ON.

Gmail vacation autoresponder

Under vacation autoresponder, select the date of your autoreply validity. Create your autoreply message and create your message. You can choose to send an autoreply to your email contact list only but it’s wise to send it to everybody that try to reach you during this interval and click on DONE.

Gmail vacation autoresponder

See my Gmail autoresponder example below


This is an autoresponder message. Please, I have taken a receipt for your message if you receive this email. And I’ll get back to you ASAP after my vacation.

Thanks for your understanding.

As simple as it’s it conveyed the message that you are on vacation and that you will not be able to respond to any messages pending the time you are on vacation.

How to Setup Gmail Vacation Autoresponder on Windows/Mac PC

The above step is simply how to set up Gmail auto reply on your smartphone. If that looks different on your own smartphone, you may want to check out this section. This section revealed to you how to setup your Gmail account autoresponder on Windows/Mac PC.

Login to your Gmail account. If you have more than single Gmail account, log in to the one you want to set up Gmail auto-reply to all email on it. Do you want to create Gmail account without a phone number? Kindly read this post it has everything you need to know.

Gmail Vacation autoresponder

While on your Google account [Gmail], click on settings located at the top right of the page to the left of account help.

Gmail Vacation settings page

Scroll down to vacation autoresponder section under a personal level indicator and click on vacation responder on to toggle it “ON”. Enter your message subject and craft your autoresponder’s message in the column provided. For example on autoreply message for your Gmail check the previous section above and click save.

Gmail vacation autoresponder

Note: Gmail vacation autoresponder reschedule autoreply message to a contact that sends multiple messages within days or hours. However, this may appear as if the autoreply to all email address is not working but it does.

You can craft your own Gmail autoresponder message better than, this is just an example of how autoreply message should look. Just be creative and convey a message to the sender.

Were you able to create your Gmail vacation autoresponder messages and got it delivered to the right person using the above strategy? Please shoot us a comment to know where you stand and how it goes.

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