How to Manage & Clear iCloud Storage

In this article, I will reveal to you how to clear iCloud storage and free more space on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. If your iCloud storage space is full and you want to free some space on it to be able to store more of your iPhone backup on the cloud here is a guide you need.

If you manage your iCloud data space properly by freeing more space, reduce the photo size via phone settings, etc you will not have to worry about your iPhone backup if stolen or misplaced. With the iCloud 5GB storage you can backup and restore your iPhone back online.

If your 5GB free iCloud storage is running out of space, this guide will help you to delete old photos from your iCloud when it’s full to free some spaces.

When you buy a new iPhone you can delete the old iPhone backup to free more space on your iCloud account. Another approach you want to use to clear iCloud space on your iPhone is to identify duplicate contents such as videos, photos, music, etc and delete them permanently.

How to Remove Duplicate Photos on iPhone

You can remove duplicate photos from your iPhone to free more space on your iCloud storage. You can do this manually and you can use a tool to identify duplicate contents on your iPhone and delete them permanently.

However, to be able to identify all duplicate photos, videos, and all other contents on your iPhone to clear occupied space on your iCloud storage you should consider using the software or app.

Some of these tools are paid. But, with the free version or trial version, you will be able to identify duplicate contents and send them to recycle bin before the trial period expires.

Delete Old iCloud Storage File Backup

You have two options when it comes to why you should clear iCloud storage on your iPhone to create more space for backups. It is obvious that the 5GB iCloud storage won’t be enough to store all you have on your iPhone.

However, after the 5GB storage is full, you can upgrade your iCloud account from free to paid. With iCloud offering different price, you can choose the one you can afford to add additional storage space to your iCloud account.

Secondly, to free space on your iCloud account, you should delete old iCloud backup to create more space. You don’t have to wait until you will no longer be able to store on files on your iCloud iCloud.

How to Clear iCloud Storage on iPhone

If you decided to delete old backup on your iPhone to create more iCloud storage space here is what you should do.

1. Go to iPhone settings >> Apple ID

clear iCloud storage

2. Tap on iCloud above iTunes & App storeiCloud option

3. Under the iCloud storage tap on Manage Storage

clear iCloud storage

4. Under the Manage option  click on Backup

Backup iPhone

5. Click on the name of the backup you want to delete from your iCloud account.

Old iPhone backup

6. From the bottom click on the Delete Backup button

7. Now, a popup will appear. Click on Turn Off & Delete to confirm that you really want to delete the backup file.

Note: When you want to select the iCloud backup file to delete make sure you delete the concerned file otherwise you’ll lose all your data and you will not be able to restore it again.

Enable iCloud Storage Backup

From the last step above you have instructed your iPhone to turn off iCloud backup. However, to enable it again, you have to manually do that otherwise your iPhone storage will not be backup automatically.

1. Go to iPhone settings >> Apple ID >> iCloud >> iCloud backup

clear iCloud storage

2. Tap on the toggle icon to enable iCloud backup

clear iCloud storage

3. To start iCloud backup click on the OK button on the popup.

Start backup

For the record, your iPhone will no longer backup automatically to your computer when syncing with iTunes. However, your back up to iCloud will start automatically when next you connect your iPhone to a WiFi and you also connect your iPhone to a power source.

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