How to Activate Crackle on Xbox, Apple TV, Roku using

Crackle com activate

Let’s discuss how to activate Crackle in this tutorial using to validate the crackle activation code you generate.

You will be able to activate Crackle on Apple TV  after you generating the Apple TV activation code and validate the activation on crackle. com /activate.

You will be able to achieve Crackle activate on Roku media player, Apple TV, Firestick, Xbox One and Xbox 360, and Smart TV using the crackle activation code on

Crackle Activate

You need to activate crackle on devices like Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, Samsung Smart TV, etc.

You first need to generate a Crackle activation code. The 8 digit activation code is the code you will enter on when you open activate.

You have to write down the crackle activation code when you generate it on your TV screen before you visit www crackle com activate on your smartphone or PC browser and enter the crackle 8 digit activation code. Features

So, if you are like me, who love to seat comfortable to enjoy Crackle TV comics, comedies, documentaries, live events, live shows, videos, and other contents on Crackle, you need to generate crackle activation code and activate crackle on Apple TV, Roku, activate.

But, if you are unable to generate the crackle activation code it’ll be very stressful to activate the TV platform on home-gadgets.

However, it’s a tough fight for most people to generate a crackle activation code for Roku media player and others.

For this, this post is compiled to teach you how to how to use the activation website to activate TVs after the crackle activation code has been successfully generated on your TV.

Activate Crackle on Roku Media Player

Firstly, make sure your Roku media player is connected to the internet, either broadband or Wi-Fi and connect the media player to your Roku TV.

On your Roku media player, click on Channel store under the menu options and search for Crackle. Now, take note of the Crackle Roku activation code on your TV screen.

Crackle com Activate

Open a browser on your computer or your smartphone and visit www.crackle com/activate and type the Roku activation code.

Enter your Crackle login information and select your TV provider if you have one.

Wait for some couple of minutes for Crackle to validate your activation code and wait for the success message that you have successfully activated Crackle TV on Roku.

Once the activation process is completed, the Roku activation code will disappear and displays Crackle TV channels.

Activate Crackle on Apple TV

Let us talk about how to activate crackle on Apple TV using crackle activation code and activate with a backward slash. That is,

Following the procedures below to generate crackle TV activation code and input the crackle activation code on /activate.

Power-on your Apple TV and search for Crackle TV in the search box under the main menu and click on it.

The TV will display the crackle 8 digit activation code on the screen. Take note of the activation code or write it down.

Now, open a new browser on your gadget (Computer or Smartphone) and visit Crackle activation page at

Enter the crackle activation code on your Apple TV screen.

Wait for some couple of minutes for Crackle to validate the activation code.

However, if the activation code says expires, restart the whole process again and type the activation code on the activation page and click on submit.

Crackle Activate on Xbox using

Xbox is not left out. Both Apple TV and Xbox can activate Crackle on their consoles. Therefore, we’ll take a fast look at crackle Xbox 360 activation.

You can stream Crackle TV on Xbox One and Xbox 360 after generating the activation code and validate it on

However, the is working fine and this is how to activate crackle on Xbox console. You can check the Crackle Faq for more information on the list of devices support to use Crackle TV.

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