How to Activate YouTube Using

Do you have a problem to activate YouTube on your media player when you have the YouTube activation code using site?

This post will explain how to activate YouTube on Apple TV, Kodi player, Xbox360, Xbox One, Roku, Chromecast, Samsung TV, and many other smart gadgets using is a unique site to activate YouTube video streaming service with the YouTube activation code on a streaming media players and game consoles such as Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and other devices with a forward slash before activate at the back of

Through the you will be prompted to enter the YouTube activation code generated from the YouTube app on your streaming device and click on “Next” to validate and activate YouTube on the device.

However, here in this guide, you will learn how to generate YouTube activation code to activate YouTube videos installing the YouTube channel app on your device and activate using Supported Devices

YouTube allows you to activate YouTube channels on the following devices.

  1. Roku media player
  2. Amazon Fire TV
  3. Firestick
  4. Apple TV
  5. Xbox One
  6. Xbox 360
  7. Android TV

Android and iPhone/iPad users only need to download YouTube app from the Google play store and Apple app store respectively.

When you want to activate YouTube on these devices always take note of the backslash or forward slash activate. You will now have backslash activate.

Install YouTube App

To generate the YouTube activation code the YouTube app must be first installed on your streaming device.

  1. Go to the app store
  2. Search for “YouTube” under “TV and movies” section
  3. Click on “Add channel”
  4. Install the YouTube app on your media player

With the YouTube app installed on your media player, you can view YouTube activation code and activate it on site. on Roku

Here is a step-by-step procedure to activate YouTube on Roku media player.

  1. Power on the Roku media player and connect it to a WiFi
  2. Sign in to your Roku account
  3. Press the home button on your remote control
  4. Navigate to the Roku channel store
  5. Click on the YouTube channel app
  6. Click on the gear icon to the left side of the YouTube channel app
  7. Click on the drop down menu and select the Google account to sign in using your Google password and username
  8. Take note of the YouTube 8 digit activation code on your TV screen
  9. Open your browser and go to
  10. Enter the YouTube activation code on your screen and click on the next button
  11. Click on allow access when you are prompted to allow Roku to access your YouTube account.

Following the procedures above the Roku media player wil start streaming all YouTube channels you subscribed to.

Note: On mobile, you may be redirected to to type the YouTube Roku TV activate activation code. Samsung Smart

Smart TV has the fastest approach to activate YouTube. Here is how to.

  1. Go to your Smart TV app store
  2. Find the YouTube app and click on it
  3. The YouTube app will display the 8 digit activation code on your TV screen
  4. Open your browser on smartphone or PC and go to
  5. Type the activation code on your TV screen
  6. Click on “Next”
  7. Allow permission when you are prompted Kodi

The process to use the to link your YouTube account is a bit different from others.  Before we begin the activation process you first need to download and install the YouTube add-on from the Kodi add-on repository.

  1. Find Add-ons and install from Repository/Get Add-ons.
  2. Click on Kodi Add-on Repository
  3. Select Video Add-ons
  4. Click on YouTube. 
  5. Click on install now and wait until the installation process is completed.
  6. Now, go to Kodi >> video >> Add-on >>YouTube
  7. Open the YouTube app
  8. Kodi will generate an 8-digit verification code.
  9. Now, visit on either computer or on a smartphone.
  10. Enter the 8 digit code given to you by Kodi
  11. Click on proceed button for YouTube to finish up activating Kodi on YouTube. Apple TV

It’s very easy to link YouTube to Apple TV. All you need to do to watch YouTube videos on Apple TV is the YouTube app.

  1. First, download and install the YouTube app on your Apple TV
  2. Launch the video app.
  3. Navigate to settings
  4. Sign into your Apple TV account.
  5. Note the 8 digit code on the TV screen.
  6. Open a new tab on your desktop browser or on your smartphone
  7. Visit TV
  8. Now, type the 8 digit code and click on proceed.

After a successful message, you can now browse for latest videos of the channels you subscribed to on YouTube and watch them on your Apple TV. Xbox One and Xbox 360

You can also link your YouTube account to both Xbox One and Xbox 360 if you have or the two consoles.

  1. Firstly, download and install the YouTube app on your Xbox (One or 360) device.
  2. Navigate to settings and click on sign in. 
  3. Now, press “X” on your Xbox console to generate the usual 6 digit code to link your Xbox and YouTube together.
  4. Launch a browser on your computer or smartphone and visit Xbox one
  5. Enter the 8 digit code into the column provided
  6. Click on Next

Wait for a couple of minutes for YouTube to finalize linking, and once done, you can start to enjoy YouTube videos on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 respectively. Amazon Fire TV

To download and install YouTube app on Amazon Fire TV to generate YouTube activate activation code to activate Amazon fire TV see this;

  1. Press the home button on your Amazon Fire TV
  2. Navigate to Amazon store
  3. Search for “YouTube” and install the app on your TV
  4. Sign in to your YouTube account if prompted
  5. Take note of the YouTube activation code for Amazon Fire TV
  6. Go to on your computer
  7. Sign in to your Google account
  8. Enter TV code on your TV screen
  9. Click on the “Next button”

Follow the instruction on your computer screen to finish activating YouTube service on your Amazon Fire TV. Firestick

  1. Press the home button on your Firestick
  2. Navigate to the search box and search for “Downloader”
  3. Click on “Downloader” under “Apps & Games”
  4. Click on the “Get” button to download and install the “Download” app
  5. Open the “Downloader” app
  6. Click on the “Settings” to the left sidebar
  7. Tick to enable JavaScript under the “Settings”
  8. Accept the “Pop up” warning by click on “Yes”
  9. Copy and paste the “YouTube” app download link for Firestick or Amazon Fire TV
  10. Click on the “Go” button
  11. Tap on the “Install” button
  12. Click on “Done” to open the “App”
  13. Sign in to your Google account if prompted
  14. Take note of the YouTube activate activation code for Firestick
  15. Go to on your computer
  16. Enter the activation code
  17. Click on “Next”

Follow the instruction on your TV computer screen to complete the YouTube activation on your Firestick. Hence, you’d be able to stream and follow your favourite YouTube channel on your Firestick.

How to Play YouTube Videos on PlayStation 3

Here is how to play YouTube videos on PlayStation 3.

  1. Return to your PlayStation 3 home screen
  2. Use your remote control to go to the search box and find the YouTube video to play
  3. Use the pause/resume button on the remote control to play, pause, and resume video
  4. Use the fast forward button to forward the video for 10 seconds (per press)
  5. Tap on the rewind button to go back (10 seconds)
  6. You can also view the video caption if it has a caption
  7. For inappropriate contents (or adult) select the flag option to report the video.

Find and Play YouTube videos on Xbox 360

Here are the steps to stream YouTube videos on Xbox 360 after activation.

  1. Go to the YouTube main menu
  2. Press the “Y” tab to search for your desired video
  3. When you search for the video you will see some suggestions related to your query.
  4. Use the Xbox 360 D-pad or left stick to select the desired result from the suggestions
  5. Press “A” to search for the highlighted search
  6. You can also use the D-pad or left stick to browsing for more videos if the suggested videos are not what you are searching for
  7. Once you have seen the desired video press “A” to select and start playing.

How to Activate YouTube PS3/PS4

Do you also have an idea of how to link YouTube and PS3 and PS4 together? Well, I am happy to tell you that the same procedure works on both devices.

  1. Firstly, download and install the YouTube app on your PS3 and  PS4 from play store.
  2. Now, navigate to settings and click the sign to log into your account.
  3. Press “X” on your PS3 or PS4 to generate YouTube 8 digit activation code to link your PS and YouTube together.
  4. Launch a browser of your choice and visit www youtube com activate ( )
  5. Type the 8 digit tone code on your PS3 or PS4 screen and click on proceed for YouTube to finalize linking within minutes.
  6. If it asks for permission click on Allow access and the linking will be successful. on Google Chromecast

The step by step for activating YouTube on Google Chromecast is extremely easy. However, since Google own and control both Chromecast and YouTube it’s very easy to link the two together. You can use the Chromecast extension or using a direct approach.

    1. Make sure your mobile device or tablet is on the same Wi-Fi network as Chromecast.
    2. Open the YouTube TV app.
    3. Tap the Cast button. This is found at the top of the app Home screen.
    4. Choose the device you want to cast to.
    5. Choose a TV show or video.
    6. Tap Play.

So simple.

In a nutshell, the makes it possible to have access to all YouTube videos including YouTube red and YouTube premium on the listed media players without your smartphone and laptop.

In case you have any difficulty connecting your media player with the YouTube channel you are subscribed to kindly leave a comment below.

The quickest to access without passing through the whole process shared above for TV is via com/activate

  1. Once you have generated the activation code on your device, just write it somewhere and visit and not the activate link.
  2. Now, type the “6 digit verification code youtube” on the column provided and click on next to proceed
  3. Then, follow the on-screen instruction as you did on YouTube com/activate to connect your device together.

The tv is the simplest approach I love to use without bothering myself with the youtube activate at without a forward slash at the back of activating.

YouTube Activated

To get Activated YouTube on all devices. You can either follow or tv. activate. Either of the approaches works perfectly OK.

However, what is most important in activating YouTube are the 6 digits activation code and the activated website.

Apart from activating the YouTube dark mode new feature, activate should also serve as a must use an option to ease you from sticking to a single device to access YouTube at all time.

What is your take about the Youtube-com-activate feature on YouTube that works with free YouTube and YouTube read?

How to Fix code error

Sometimes, when you try to re-log into you get an error code and you will not be able to log in. However, here is how to fix YouTube activate error code.

  • Open the YouTube app
  • Click on sign in & settings
  • Click on the X button to generate a new activation code
  • The YouTube app will generate another activate code
  • Write the activate code down and exit the page
  • Open your phone or PC browser and visit
  • Enter your Gmail username and password and sign in to your Google account
  • Type the YouTube activation code and tap continues
  • Click on Allow Access
  • Done

The error message will be cleared and you will start streaming YouTube on Xbox.

Check Xbox Internet Connection

Another issue that can cause error on Xbox is the internet connection. However, a better way to fix the error code on Xbox one is to restart your router and then reconnect again.

This will troubleshoot the Xbox internet connection and you will be able to activate YouTube on Xbox.

  • Open Xbox guide by press the button
  • Go to settings >> all settings
  • Select Network >> Network settings
  • Click on Test network connection

Now, if the issue causing the not activated, the above steps will troubleshoot and fix the error

Next, you should just restart your Xbox console after troubleshooting the network connection.

Restart Xbox Console

At times, you don’t have to go through the above procedures to fix code not connecting on Xbox due to network error connection.

However, sometimes, the simplest approach can be the best result. In this case, another approach to resolve the activation code error is to restart the Xbox console.

  1. Press the Xbox button to open up the Guide.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Restart console.
  4. Choose Yes to confirm.

After the above steps you Xbox consoles will restart.

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