How to Delete a YouTube Video in 2020

Have you being seeing it as a difficult task to delete a video from your YouTube channel? Have you decided to clear previously downloaded videos you once uploaded on YouTube? Is there a particular playlist you carelessly uploaded on your YouTube and want to get rid of it? Do you want to refresh your YouTube Channel by clearing all videos on your channel?

How to Delete a YouTube Video

If these above sounds like the challenge (s) you’re facing, don’t worry we’ve got you all your solutions. Having been acquainted with your YouTube channel, uploading videos on your channel isn’t a big deal so also deleting a particular video, all videos, or a playlist from your YouTube channel. I make it sound easy right??

Yes, it is indeed!!

Whether you’re an Android user, iPhone user, you can comfortably get rid of non-relevant videos on your YouTube channel using your devices, even on your web browser and computer.

Right here, we’ll be uncovering the latest and easy ways or methods used in deleting videos on your YouTube Channel. It might seem like rocket science, but before the and of this article you will discover how easy it really is. All that would be required of you is to do is read this article till the end.

How To Delete Youtube Video On An Android Device

  • Stage 1: Get your Android device and click on your YouTube app.
  • Stage 2:  If already logged in, your homepage displays.

youtube app

  • Stage 3: Click on your profile picture just at the top right corner. This displays your account list.

  • Stage 4: Tab on “my channel”.

Delete youtube video

  • Stage 5:The click on ‘my channel’displays different folders containing people that have subscribed to your channel, videos you’ve uploaded on your YouTube channel, your playlists, and also an option to navigate to the homepage.

Select youtube video

  • Stage 6:  Click on videos to display a list of uploaded videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Stage 7: An option “Delete upload” displays, then click on ‘OK’ to successfully delete the uploaded videos on your channel.

Delete youtube video

It is of great importance to note that any video deleted cannot be retrieved and it’s gone forever.

How To Delete YouTube Video On A Computer

  • Step 1: On your PC, open your YouTube through the browser window.
  • Step 2: Sign in to your Google account.

  • Step 3: Tab on your account profile that displays at the top right of the screen, then navigate to ‘ your channel’.
  • Step 4: On your homepage, tap on the “YouTube studio”.

  • Step 5:Drag your cursor to click on the square-shaped video button located at the left of the pane.

  • Step 6: Select the videos you want to delete by highlighting them,  then tap on the three dots.
  • Step 7: The three dots display the ‘Delete’ option once you click on ‘Ok’ the video deletes.

Deleting your videos on YouTube means the videos are gone permanently no matter the reason for deleting them and they cannot be retrieved. Your YouTube videos can be deleted through using Video Manager.

Carefully follow this step by step process to uncover another method of deleting your YouTube videos.

  • Step 1: Using your web browser click on to log into your account avatar.
  • Step 2: Navigate to ‘My Channel’ and then Video Manager.

How to Delete a YouTube Video

  • Step 3: Once you click on your video manager it opens to reveal a list of all videos, Highlight the videos you want to delete.

  • Step 4: Click on ‘Delete’ then ‘Ok’ option to permanently remove the video (s).

How To Delete Video Containing Your Content

In situations where you have a video that is not directly uploaded by you but contains your image in an awful unappealing appearance, you can decide to delete such videos because they contain your content which is displayed to millions of people to view.

In such situations, how do you go about it?

There are different methods which you can apply such as;

Directly contacting the video publisher and if you are lucky enough he may agree to remove the video by himself easing the problem.

Sending a message by going through ‘About channel’ to make your request can help take down the video that contains your content forever but it all depends on the ability of the YouTube Channel Owner to see and navigate to your request on his or her YouTube channel.

~Lastly, You can also hit the comment box of the owner of the YouTube channel requesting the removal of the video. Leaving a comment notifies the owner of the YouTube channel.

It is thus, advisable to critically scrutinize your videos before uploading on your YouTube channel and to be sure before deleting any video because once it is lost, it can’t be recovered. 

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