How to Download Hotstar Videos on Android/PC

One thing you want to learn about Hostar is how to download Hotstar videos from Hotstar premium account and free account before your account expires, both the paid and free trial.

It’s not difficult to download Hotstar videos and we can say it’s not that easy. You can’t compare how to download from Hotstar and compare it with how to download YouTube videos.

There are many tools available for downloading YouTube videos online and on Android. However, there are limited tools on how to download Hotstar videos in Android.

Apart from the default Hostar videos Downloader app, they are limited Hotstar video Downloader online to serve as a competent Hotstar video Downloader you can rely on to search and download videos from Hotstar.

What we’ll discuss here is how Hotstar video download can be done and save a copy of the video of your choice on your device.

What is Hotstar

HotStar is a digital platform for sharing and download all kinds of videos such as Hollyoowd and Bollywood. It’s a premium movies streaming platform and the biggest in India.

However, being the biggest, all customers are looking for one way or the other on how possible is it to download Hotstar videos online.

It’s expected. So, if anyone is guilty of looking for Hotstar Downloader, we should all be. Most especially, the Hotstar video Download for Android to download Hotstar video online.

It’s even worse when you want to download Hotstar videos on PC and there is no trusted Hotstar download for PC you can use.

Hotstar Video Downloader

If you are struggling with how to download Hotstar videos using the best Hotstar video downloader here is a guide for you.

Here in this Hotstar video download DIY, you will learn how to download videos from Hotstar without using paid Hotstar videos downloader. If you have downloader like IDM you will learn how to use download Hotstar video using IDM.

Meanwhile, there are some online Hotstar video Downloaders you may want to use. However, despite being a tool to download videos from Hotstar the online sources are either cluster with ads or not loading completely.

For this, we have detailed how to download Hotstar videos in the following section including how you can download videos from Hotstar on PC, using shortcode, and also with the help of downloader for Hotstar.

Hotstar Video Download

They are three ways to download Hotstar videos and save it on your device if you don’t want to stream Hotstar movies live. You don’t need an external Hotstart downloader.

The Hotstar video download app and APK app are both available to search and download your favorite Hotstar video online.

You will learn how to download Hotstar video on Android and PC. It’s a simple approach. For PC, you can use video downloader like IDM. For more information about the best Hotstar downloader check out these best tools to download and convert videos online.

The easiest way to download series from Hotstar is via an online downloader using Hotstar APK but the popular movie’s website has a download for Android, iOS and computer-based software to grab a copy of Hotstar movies and save it offline.

Hotstart APK

With Hotstar downloader, Hotstar APK movies downloader, etceteras you can easily grab any free video from Hotstar and watch it offline rather than watching live series on the movies’ site.

The downloader is easy to use with a simple copy and paste just like other popular video downloaders online.

For Android and iOS devices, Hotstar has an app to ease users to easily watch and download series from the popular website called Hotstar APK Downloader.

Other than that, online downloaders also make it easy to search and download videos from Hotstar and save it offline. Meanwhile, I do recommend to download your Hotstar videos using online downloader or Hotstar APK if you despise using more apps on your device to avoid poor performance.

How to Download Hotstar Videos on Android

Hotstar official application for Android phone is available for download in Google play store and is only available for Indian users. You can also Hotstar APK for direct download. However, if you are one of Hotstar fans based in India and would love to download Hotstar videos for free here is what to do.

1. Open Google Play store app to download and install “Hotstar App”

2. Search on the TV show, movies, series to download and click on the Video

3. Click on the download button under the playback option

Download Hotstar Videos

4. Once the video is downloaded successfully you can check your download folder for the downloaded video.

As simple as it is, the Hotstar app provides the easiest way to download Hotstar videos from Android phones very easily.

How to Download Hotstar Videos Using PC

If you want to download Hotstar videos on PC you need a good video downloader. Here is what you need to know on Hotstar video download for PC using any of these Hotstar downloaders.


This trick proved to be the easiest way to download videos, series, and movies from Hotstar but it requires a little bit of expert and concentration.

It’s no way different from using a downloader to download videos online. However, the procedure requires dealing with a CMD like software for PC.

Meanwhile, while preparing this guide we found out that this approach offers a rather easy way to download all uploaded files on Hotsart mainly on your computer.

1. Download and install “ HotStar Downloader for PC” here

2. Extract the .zip file Hotstar download for PC downloaded earlier on to your PC or to a folder

3. Open the downloaded file after extraction and open “hotstarlivesteamer “

Download Hotstar Videos

4. Copy and paste the Hotstar video link you want to download and paste it on the CMD prompt that opened when you opened “hotstarlivesteamer” and hit the enter button.

5. Next to the download video in the CMD type “P” and click  “Enter Button”

Download Hotstar Videos6. Once the video is downloaded successfully you can find it in the “Hotstar Live Steamer” folder you extracted above.

Online Downloader

Another popular way to download Hotstar video by is using video downloader such as IDM downloader for windows, Qdownloader, etc. Your choice of video downloader matters when you want to choose a downloader for your favorite Hotstar video.

With these options, you can now start to download Hotstar videos without limitation or additional software.

Just a question to you….. What is your favorite Hotstar video downloader software that is different from Hotstar official video downloader app?

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