How to Delete Document and Data on iPhone to Free More Space

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you will find out that “documents and data” take more space than the actual apps installed on your iPhone. To stay ahead of your iPhone and iPad storage been taken by unwanted or unknown files in your iPhone section called documents and data you should learn how to delete it to keep your device smooth and running efficiently.

The beauty of this post is that you can easily delete it on your phone without deleting apps with third party apps.

If you have an app you valued so much and your iPhone memory has gone beyond harboring another app due to low storage. Then you may need to delete documents and data without deleting the app to free more space on your phone or better still, delete the app and then reinstall to clear documents and data created by the app.

This post will share more light on documents and data on iPhone, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and other iPhone products. However, if you have iPhone 6, this post will share with you tutorial on how to delete documents and data on iPhone 6

Before we dive into the core aspect of this post in detail, let take a glimpse look at what you should know about iPhone documents and data and how it takes up your device storage more than the actual app storage.

What Actually Cause Documents and Data on iPhone Devices?

You may want to ask this question! I did ask myself when battling with documents and data section of my old iPhone 5, upgraded to iPhone 6 now though. That what actually store up spaces for documents and as well data more than the actual space of the installed app. The I came to realized that the follow actually caused it.

  1. App caches
  2. sign in information
  3. messages history
  4. App attachment

To be frank, the total number of apps installed on your iPhone determines the quality of space your iPhone documents and data will take up on your device.


What exact is documents and data on iPhone and other?

When you install an app on your device it creates some caches, and when you log in to apps like Facebook, SnapChat and save your sign in info or sign up info, attachment remains, and messages history are the main reason why you have more than necessary documents and data storage.

For instance, an app like WhatsApp on iPhone takes up more storage in documents and data section of the app more than the app size itself. So, each and every time you install an app you should expect your device to put more caches into your device documents and data section and as such, it often increases the storage taken.

Each app creates its own documents and data though.

If you a game addict and you have games like Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed ( Download – 918 MB Install – 1.01 GB), Republique (Download – 917 MB Install – 1.3 GB), Need for Speed Most Wanted (Install – 1.8 GB), The Walking Dead Season 1 + 400 Days DLC (Download – 317 MB Install – 2.6 GB), Injustice:Gods Among Us ( Install – 1.6 GB), Baldur’s Gate – Enhanced Edition ( Download – 1.7 GB Install – 1.9 GB), Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta – Episode 1 Gold Edition (Download – 1.8 GB Install – 3GB (!!!), and Deus Ex – The Fall ( Download – 770 MB Install – 1.5GB). Then you should expect a rapid increase in your iPhone documents and data space as each app take more space on your device in documents and data section of the app under app management.

The illustrations above showed most popular iPhone games, the size and installed capacity. You can see that additional spaces are added to the app size which creates more documents and data more than expected. Some documents and data created by most of these iOS games are more than the actual size of the app. If you, however, have at least of these games you should follow this procedure to learn ‘how to delete documents and data on iPhone without deleting the app perhaps.

How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone

The fastest and recommended way of revamping your iPhone 6 and other iPhone model from storage shortage is actually not without deleting the app. You actually need to delete the app and re-install it again. When you delete the app whose documents and data took more than necessary storage on your iPhone it clears the app cache and other related information.

Deleting apps on your iPhone will delete everything that has to do with the app including the documents and data section of the app on your iPhone. To achieve this, softly follow this procedure and you will be good and revamp your iPhone back to normal.

Navigate to your iPhone settings

On the option that follows click on General and then, on Storage & iCloud Usage

documents and data

A new window will pop up, click on Manage Storage option under available storage option

Documents and data on iPhone

Once you click on the manage option you will see list of apps installed on your iPhone and each app with their designated space taken on your iPhone.

Now scan through the entire app and identify the app which taken much storage and click on it. In most cases, apps like games and mainly, SnapChat app take has potential to take a lot of spaces on your iPhone. Also, a Facebook app could take more space more than expected there by piling up more documents and data for your device.

Documents and data

As seen on the image above. SnapChat documents & Data took 343MB which is too much for an app. So, deleting this app will free 343MB on your iPhone so why won’t you choose to delete the app and reinstall it again.

Click on Delete App at the bottom of the app. A new pop up will appear, then click on Delete App from the option. This will delete the app on your iPhone and create more space. For this app alone, it will clear 343MB, from your iPhone documents and Data alone.

You can repeat this procedure to delete more apps that took much space on your iPhone all in the name of documents and Data.

However, it’s advisable that you should try and check your iPhone games and see which one is also taking too much space hiding under Documents & Data on your device.

Do not forget that the Documents and Data size on SnapChat above is 343MB.

And, visit the app store to reinstall SnapChat and navigate as illustrated above to manage SnapChat app on your iPhone and check Documents and Data section of the app.

In fact, it reduced more than 1000% of the old size. See the image below for clarity on what we are saying.

Documents and Data

From my opinion the remains, 24KB is actually the new login info to your apps store. And that is perhaps, really necessary at this time.

This has been the most viable means to delete documents and Data on iPhone if you want to free more space. Although, if you want to delete Documents and data on iPhone without deleting the app you may have to use third party app different from this approach. But with this method you can be rest assured that you can free more space on iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and even other iPhones

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