How to Connect JBL Speaker to iPhone

Do you have a JBL Bluetooth speaker and do you want to connect it to your iPhone or iPad? Then, follow the steps below on how to connect JBL speaker to iPhone which is quite straightforward to get an optimum sound effect from JBL speaker rather than factory speakers of iPhone. Irrespective of the JBL Bluetooth speaker model you decide to use, the process of pairing any JBL speaker to an iPhone is almost alike.

It’s also possible to connect as a personal organizer, camera, and music system, and not just as a portable phone. It’s workable to turn your iPhone into the brain of your home audio system, keeping all of your music on it. That’s fun, right? The sound may be introduced into a particular room in diverse ways.

Getting different JBL Bluetooth speaker models is a wonderful way to start. If you have an iPhone and JBL speakers, you may connect them to receive better sound from the JBL speakers, connecting any JBL speaker to an iPhone is essentially the same, whether you’re using a JBL Charge or JBL Boombox. You are good to go either way. 

We will guide you How to Connect JBL Speakers to iPhone in this article, scroll through and follow the guidelines below. 

How to Connect Any of The JBL Speaker Models to iPhone

The following are step-by-step guidelines on how to pair your JBL speakers to iPhone. Follow these steps and get your speaker paired instantly:

Turn on your JBL Bluetooth Speaker

The first step is to power your Bluetooth speaker and enable pairing mode. Was your speaker recently connected to any device? If yes, it will automatically connect to that particular device immediately after you turn it on. In this case, you need to press and hold the Bluetooth button for at least 3 seconds to enter pairing mode. If your speaker was not previously connected to any device, it will automatically be in pairing mode when turned on. Pairing mode is indicated by a blinking light.

connect jbl speaker to iPhone

Put your JBL Bluetooth Speaker into Pairing Mode

To see your JBL Bluetooth speaker on your iPhone, enable the speaker into Bluetooth pairing mode. To do that, press and release the Bluetooth button.

When you press the Bluetooth pairing mode button, the speaker makes a repeating single pluck guitar note sound several times. Also, the power button changes from a solid white glow to a flashing blue color. Make sure you do not miss any of the steps. 

Enable Bluetooth settings on your iPhone

In this next step, find and go to Bluetooth settings on your iPhone. Enable Bluetooth and go to other devices. Find your JBL speaker in the list and tap on it to connect. After clicking, your iPhone will be connected to the JBL speaker. 

Ensure your iPhone is connected to JBL Speaker

Ensure your iPhone is connected optimally to the JBL speaker. You are free to play anything from your iPhone and if you hear sound from the JBL speaker, then your connection is completed. This step is the most essential part of connecting your JBL speaker to your iPhone.

Now, you have successfully paired your JBL Bluetooth speaker with an iPhone. You can now play music through the speaker. On some JBL Bluetooth models including the Flip4, you can also make calls on your phone, and hear them all through this speaker.

If you are unable to connect after following all these steps, then there’s a problem somewhere with your JBL speaker and you may need to reset it. If you have any other model, the process will be almost the same. 

Common Problems you May Encounter While You Connect JBL Speaker to iPhone

The following are problems you may come across while connecting JBL Speaker to your iPhone:

Why JBL speaker doesn’t show in the devices list on my iPhone?

  • The main cause of this is that your JBL speaker is yet to enter pairing mode. You need to make sure it is in pairing mode which is indicated by a blinking blue light. You can reset the JBL speaker to solve the pairing issue. Try turning OFF and then ON your iPhone Bluetooth.

Can I pair multiple JBL speakers together with the same iPhone?

  • In case, all of your JBL speakers have the “JBL Connect” feature, you can connect all of them at once and play audio from a single source, your iPhone

Why is my Bluetooth speaker not connecting?

  • Just in case your Bluetooth devices won’t pair, it’s probably because they’re out of range or not in pairing mode. Try restarting your devices or having your phone or tablet “forget” the connection if you’re encountering persistent Bluetooth connection issues.

Have you tried all the steps above and it has worked? Do we hope your JBL speaker is giving you optimum sound? If yes, feel free to leave a comment in the section below. We hope,  this will resolve any problem you encounter during the connection.

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