How to Know if Someone Blocked You on iPhone

When the telecommunication system was designed, there are several things taken into consideration, but knowing if someone has blocked you or not, is not one of them. And one consequence of this is that there’s no way to certainly know if you’ve been blocked or not. So what we’d be discussing are things that can strongly predict if you’ve been blocked or not, but not necessarily things that can ascertain it. And the following are these three things in question.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on iPhone

Here is how you can find out on your own to know who block you on an iPhone.

Call the Person

For you to tell if a person has blocked you or not, the first thing you should do is to call the person’s phone. This step is very important. In other words, you can’t afford to ignore it.

So when you call the person, note the response you get. There are so many possible responses you can get.

Firstly, the call may not even go through at all. If this is what happens, then this is most likely due to a poor network connection, or a problem with your phone.

As for people who get a response saying the person’s number is unreachable or switched off, you can rest assured none of these means your number has been blocked. The person’s phone is rather dead or can’t be reached at all.

But if you called the phone and it rings. But shortly after ringing you get the number busy response or the call goes to voicemail, after ringing for a short period, this is a sign that your number has been blocked. However, this isn’t enough to conclude that you’ve actually been blocked, so you should also try the next step.

Message the person

This step is only meant for people who receive SMS delivery notifications. If you don’t receive SMS delivery notifications, you can actually enable it. But unfortunately, we wouldn’t be discussing how to enable this. However, there are a lot of articles discussing this, so just use Google to find one of them.

So after you must ensure your phone can receive SMS delivery notification, the next thing you are expected to do is to send the person an SMS. The SMS doesn’t have to be specifically anything. In other words, just think of anything and send it.

Once you send the message, the next thing to look out for is a delivery notification. If you receive a delivery notification, this doesn’t really tell much. In other words, if the SMS gets delivered, it means the person received the message, but this doesn’t necessarily tell if you’ve been blocked or not. What would rather indicate that you might have been blocked, is when you don’t receive a delivery notification.

Also, if you receive a message not delivered notification, it’s also very likely you’ve been blocked.

Call the Person [With your caller ID hidden]

For people who received a Message Delivered notification, for the SMS sent, it is impossible to say if the person has really blocked you or not. And it’s because of people like you that we decided to include this last step.

And the way to carry out this step is as simple as calling the person again. But before calling the person again, hide your caller ID.

To hide your caller ID, simply append *67 to the number. In other words, if the person’s number is 0912345678, you should dial *670912345678.

So if you call the person this time around and the phone rings, then it is very likely the person has blocked you. In other words, whenever the person’s phone sees your number, the phone automatically blocks your call. But since you’ve now hidden your caller ID, the phone wouldn’t know you’re the one calling, and it’s going to give way to your call.

It is, however, important to state that there are times when the *67 wouldn’t work. And under such circumstances, you can hide your caller ID under your iPhone Settings app. If you don’t know how to do this on the app, you should probably use Google to find an article on how to do it.


Just as we have stated, there’s no way to ascertain if a person has blocked you or not. But the information we have provided should help make correct predictions most of the time.

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