How to Get Back Deleted Messages on iPhone

For anyone who has been wondering if it’s possible to get back a message that has already been deleted, the simple answer to this question is yes. And if you’d like to learn how to retrieve a deleted message, then you’re reading the right article. In this article, we’d be discussing three different ways to recover deleted messages from an iPhone. And these three methods work with all iPhone, including old iPhones like:

  • the iPhone 6s
  • the iPhone 6s Plus
  • the iPhone 6
  • the iPhone 6 Plus
  • the iPhone SE
  • the iPhone 5s
  • the iPhone 5c
  • the iPhone 5
  • the iPhone 3G
  • the iPhone 3GS
  • the iPhone 4 [GSM model]
  • the iPhone 4s

How to Get Back Deleted Messages on iPhone

Method 1

The first method we’d discuss would be ideal for someone who has just recently deleted the message they’d like to recover. But nothing stops you from using it if the message was removed a long time ago. It is, however, worthwhile stating that for anyone who’d like to use this method, it is very important you stop using your phone, as much as you can, pending the time you recover the message. And the reason for this is that the more you use your phone after a message has been deleted, the lesser your chances of recovering the deleted message.

This method has to do with taking advantage of how computers generally work: when you ask a computer to store something, the computer stores it in a memory location. And when you ask it to delete something, it doesn’t remove that thing from the memory location. Rather, the computer stops showing what’s in the memory location. And that item you asked to be deleted, would remain in that memory location, until the computer stores something else in that location. In other words, when you delete a message, the message isn’t immediately deleted from your internal storage. So if your computer hasn’t stored any new item in that memory location, you should be able to recover the message in that location.

But how can you go about reading the contents of a memory location which isn’t displayed anymore? Well, doing this is as simple as using any of the message recovery software available out there. We have a lot of them, but one of the most impressive of this software is a software called Enigma Recovery. This software is available on the Windows platform as well as the Mac OS platform. But you should note that using it to recover a message might cost you some money.

Method 2

The earlier you try recovering a message, after it has been deleted, the greater your chances of having the first method work. But if the first method doesn’t work, and you made a back up of your phone to iTunes, prior to the time the message was deleted, then this method should help you out.

When your iPhone is backed up, to iTunes, there are a lot of things that get backed up, and some of them are text messages. In other words, if you backed up your phone when the message was on it, then it’s very likely you can still get it back.

However, when it comes to restoring a backup, you have to be careful. The reason for this is that when a backup is restored, a lot of things on your phones would be deleted. And those things in the back up would replace the things that have just been deleted. In other words, if you sent or received some new messages after the back up was made, you risk losing all those new messages. While this can be terrifying, there’s a way out of it, although it would cost you some money. The Enigma Recovery software we mentioned above, is not only capable of restoring messages from internal storage, but it is also capable of restoring messages from the backup, without causing a person to lose all the new items on their phone.

It is also worthwhile stating that if you didn’t back up your iPhone, using iTunes, but rather backed it up, using iCloud, then this method should also work for you.

Method 3

Let’s assume you are unable to recover the deleted message from your phone’s internal storage, and you never created a back up of your phone, when the message was still on it, then what you can probably do, is to contact your service provider. Whenever we send or receive messages, service providers often keep copies of our messages. In other words, they might be able to provide us with copies of the messages deleted.

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