EaseUS Data Recovery: A Tool to Recover Lost Files

That sound cool that you can recover up to a 2G worth of file you have lost on your computer, memory cards, HDD, and external storage using a free tool called EaseUS data recovery? Well, that’s not a joke. Today, I’m going to share the totality of why I choose to use EaseUS tool as the savior of my files recovery tool when all files were lost and also helped me to recover deleted files on my PC after I emptied my recycle bin and later discover I have an important file I have to recover.

Firstly, before we talk about the good work of EaseUS data recovery, price, features and how to use the recovery tool to recover lost files on all devices including external hard drive, microSD, floppy disc, and many more, here is a true idea of what you should to your mind when you hear the name EaseUS data recovery.

What is EaseUS Data Recovery?

Let start by taking a look at the word “Data Recovery”. This implies that a lost or deleted files are recovered. Now, EaseUS, is a tool, a set of programmed or call it lines of codes compiled together to perform the task to recover a lost file or lost files.

This now means that when you have some files such as documents, text messages, photos, videos, apps, and other valuables you lost mistakenly or someone deleted on your devices such as computer and phone, EaseUS data Recovery scan your device and identify those files and help you to recover it back and make it accessible on your device.

In a nutshell, EaseUS is a free data recovery software for recovering lost files and regain all access to them without corrupting them. Some files recovery tool will help recover deleted files and corrupt them upon recovery, however, there hasn’t been a single case of EaseUS recovery tool corrupting recovering files.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery

Features are what defined the worth of a tool. When a tool is not universal it’s very hard to believe it works as expected. However, if you are longing for the features of the EaseUS tool, here are some of the features.

  • Recovery accidentally deleted files
  • Recovery formatted files
  • Recovery deleted files in the recycle bin
  • lost partition recovery
  • Recover lost files on damaged hard drives
  • Recover lost files due to virus attack
  • OS crash recovery
  • Raw partition recovery

All these can be done within minutes and there is no special tricked required. All you have to do to recover lost files with help EaseUS recovery tool is to download and install the data recovery tool on your computer and start the recovery process.

Recovery Up to 2G Deleted Files for Free

There are over 1000 files types you can recover using EaseUS data recovery. The tool recovers all forms of files extension. However, for a free user, you can only recover 500MB worth of files at a go BUT, EaseUS you can simply upgrade to 2GB which is 400% of the initial file recovery size on the go.

EaseUS data recovery

To increase the size of files that are recoverable using EaseUS data recovery tool you only need to share the tool on your social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. There is no special trick, once you share the tool on your page via status update you will instantly increase and gain the chance to recover a minimum of 2GB files you mistakenly deleted on your computer.

EaseUS Data Recovery Price

EaseUS is the cheapest data recovery tool I have ever come across. You don’t need to empty your wallet or contact a programmer to help recover lost files that are corrupted on your computer as a result of a virus or a file you mistakenly deleted.

Below is EasyUS data recovery tool.

EaseUS data Recovery

How to Recover Deleted Files with EaseUS Data Recovery

Here is how to recover deleted files on your computer with the help of EaseUS recovery tool on Windows, Mac, and Linux computer.

  • Download and install EaseUS recovery tool on your computer
  • Launch the recovery tool, there is no need to restart your computer and select the deleted files location. If it’s an external hard drive, connect it to your computer and select the directory.

EaseUS data recovery

  • Select Quick scan or Deep scan to start scanning for deleted files in the directory. In case you are running out of time, you can pause the scan and resume later. You can do this with EaseuS recovery package which most data recovery tool doesn’t possess.

EaseUS data recovery

  • After successfully scan, take a close look at the files and select files you’d love to restore using the filter option or recovery all files and tap on the recovery option to start restoring all deleted files.

EaseUS data recovery tool can be used to recover all forms of files whether it’s accidentally deleted or your formatted your device without the recent file backup. We have used Ease recovery software for a couple of time and it’s our favorite recovery tool.

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