How to Disable Google Chrome Bookmark form The Address Bar

Google Chrome bookmarks are the sites you added to your browser’s toolbar so that you can have easy access to it without having to go through the entire browsing history or typing the website URL into your browsers’ address bar. The bookmarks appear by default. But you can disable them from appearing. Everything about this post will center on Chrome bookmarks and how to disable Google Chrome bookmarks

In the bookmarks tab, you can add a website homepage and you can also add a single page when you click on the “bookmarks” icon which is located at the extreme right of the address bar that says “bookmark this page”.

When your browsers’ bookmark is enabled you will see all bookmarked address in the browsers bar. However, sometimes you need to hide your browsers bookmarked and change the bookmarks location if you have some important pages in your bookmark that are not for the multitude.

And by default, Google Chrome bookmarked is made to appear the moment you click on bookmark this page except if the number of pages or addresses you already added has exceeded the number the bookmark can accommodate, and of course, a new jump will be created automatically for other bookmark sites for easy access.

However, the purpose of this article is to share with you how to disable Google Chrome bookmarks from appearing in the address bar.

How to Disable Google Chrome Bookmarks

To disable Google Chrome bookmarks open the Chrome browser and click on the 3 dots to the top right. Scroll down to “bookmarks” and click on “Show bookmarks bar” to untick the option. Instantly, the bookmarks bar will disappear but this does not delete your bookmark files or folders

The combination of keys “CTRL + SHIFT + B” also hides and unhides Chrome bookmarks bar.

Another way to disable Google Chrome bookmark without a combination of keys or going through the step explained above is highlighted below.

Right-click on the “Bookmark” bar and click on “Show Bookmarks” from the popup to either hide bookmark on Chrome or enable bookmarks on Chrome.

Disable Google Chrome Bookmarks

This will hide the bookmarks instantly. To enable the bookmarks bar, follow the same procedure to disable it and the bookmarks bar will pop up again.

How to Export Google Chrome Bookmarks

With the Chrome “Bookmarks export” feature you can move all your Chrome browser’s bookmarks to other browsers such as Firefox, Opera-mini, Edge, UC browser and other browsers of your choice with import bookmarks feature.

To import Chrome bookmarks click on the 3-dots to the top right and select “Bookmarks“. From the drop menu select “Bookmarks manager”. You can also press the combination of “CTRL + SHIFT + O” to open Chrome bookmarks manager directly.

How to Disable Google Chrome Bookmarks

In the “Bookmarks manager” page click on the 3-dots to the top right of the “Search Bookmarks” column and click on “Export Bookmarks

How to Disable Google Chrome Bookmarks

Choose a location to export your Bookmarks and click on save button. Note that Chrome bookmarks are saved in HTML code.

Disable Google Chrome Bookmarks

With the Chrome bookmarks export file, you can import the HTML to another browser instead of copying and paste the bookmarked address in Chrome.

With this guide, you should be able to disable Google Chrome bookmarks from the bookmarks bar and be able to export your Chrome bookmarks in HTML with ease.

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