Downloading Whatsapp Media (Photos & Videos) on Android Phone

Whatsapp Messenger offers a handy way of sending free messages over Wi-Fi and mobile data. Whatsapp is so popular that users have ditched sending SMS to sending Whatsapp messages. People now prefer sending Whatsapp to sending SMS on phone. While Whatsapp rock it really hard but users are found of searching for how to disable auto save media whatsapp on android phone. Whatsapp gives option to easily stop downloading Whatsapp media (Photos and videos) and set it accordingly.

So, if you are one of those searching for ” how to stop whatsapp saving photos on Samsung S7″ or other smartphone here is a post for you.

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Media auto download on Whatsapp consume lot of data if you ware using Whatsapp with mobile data and this will put you are the verge of running out of data bundle before time. The auto media download in Whatsapp save photos on Android without permission. Meanwhile, if you’re used to Whatsapping using Wi-Fi, disabling downloading Whatsapp media may not be necessary but for mobile data you may have to block Whatsapp from saving videos and photos on your phone automatically.

The more reason why you may have to consider auto downloading Whatsapp media is to keep your device away from running slow. Too much media on your device with low memory can cause your device from running very slow except you always delete unused file such as media, photos, videos, apps, documents, etc. on your Android.

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The same procedure to stop auto save photos and videos on Android phone such as Samsung, also work on iOS device. So, if you have iOS device you can as well follow this procedure to stop Whatsapp from saving photos on your iPhone.

Downloading Whatsapp Media (Photos & Videos) on Android Phone

Whatsapp has since offer options to disable media download after few months the app was launched. And this feature has been the best way to tell whatsapp what to download and what not to download over Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Following the procedure below you will learn the exact way on how to disable auto save media whatsapp on android.

Fire up Whatsapp Messenger on your Android phone and click on the ellipsis, that is the three dots to the upper right of your Whatsapp account homepage and click on settings from the drop menu.

Downloading Whatsapp Media (Photos, videos, audio, and document)

While on your Whatsapp account settings page, look through the list of options available there and click on “Data Usage”.

Downloading Whatsapp Media (Photos, videos, audio, and document)

Under network option you will see option for “media auto-download” then click on when using mobile data” for mobile data option and “When connected to Wi-Fi”,  for while connected to Wi-Fi option.

A new Windows will populates then un-tick all option under using mobile that. And then click on “OK” to effect changes. This will stop your Whatsapp account from downloading photos, audio, videos, and document automatically.

Downloading Whatsapp Media (Photos, videos, audio, and document)

Henceforth all whatsapp media sent to you will no longer download automatically unless you made manual move to download media on your account.

Note that stopping auto-downloading whatsapp media (photos, videos, audio, and document) doesn’t stop you from send media to your Whatsapp contact.

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