How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on Android without Root Access

Of all the good features of Whatsapp the only thing I think is currently missing is scheduling your messages. Yes, whatsapp is popular but still really need improvement. Due to the level of the app and current number of daily users you should be able to schedule whatsapp messages for days, weeks, and even months to come.

The whatsapp scheduler feature would just have to be like automated messages on iPhone and you will only have to worry a little.

The way automated messages on iPhone works is like having an event ahead that you need to keep to heart like birthday, meeting with your boss, anniversary or a friend reminder on whatsapp you will be able to schedule a specific message that will be sent on the day of the event.

However, since Whatsapp has not included a feature to schedule whatsapp messages as the time of writing this tutorial then there should be a way out. And the only way out is to use third party app with automated messages feature.

Meanwhile, there are apk files to schedule whatsapp messages some of which are whatsapp message scheduler lite apk and whatsapp message scheduler lite pro. But to be on a safer side due to different bugs emanating from using apk files we’d need to use a third party app found in Google play store to schedule whatsapp messages.

The popular app with this fantastic feature is called ‘scheduler for whatsapp’. Scheduler for whatsapp is an Android app that let you schedule whatsapp messages just like the way you setup your clock alarm. All you need to do is compose the message you want to send on a specific date and let scheduler for whatsapp do the job for you.

And of course, you will be able to schedule whatsapp messages without root access. That sounds great right? So let ride together here!

How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on Android without Root Access

First and foremost you need to download and install ‘scheduler for whatsapp’ from Google play store to your Android phone.

When you launch the whatsapp message scheduler you will be promted to grant accessibility settings to schedule messages then click on ‘OK’.

How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on Android

A new window will populates then search through the new page and click on whatsapp scheduler.

How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on Android

Toggle the ‘OFF’ button and click on ‘OK’ on the whatsapp scheduler assignment to continue.

How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on Android

Now go back to whatsapp scheduler app and launch it again. On the homepage click on the ‘+‘ icon in wine color to move to whatsapp scheduler page.

How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on Android

Click on whatsapp contact and click on ‘click  here to add contact‘ under select recipient. Under time and date kindly choose the appropriate time. Under frequency click on the drop menu right in front of it and select how often the message you should be sent.

Under ‘enter message and attach image create your message and kindly attach any image you want to add by clicking on the camera icon and add the image or take a new shot and click on create button to the upper right of the page.

How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on Android

That is it. The message will be schedule and deliver at the appropriate time.

You don’t have to worry about it. All you need to do is schedule multiple messages to be sent based on your need and interest.

How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages for Groups

Scheduler for whatsapp also let users schedule whatsapp messages for group. However to make automated messages on Android for whatsapp using scheduler you are required to become a premium user. Scheduler for whatsapp is a premium app found in free.

To have full access to schdeule whatsapp messages for contact and groups kindly subscribe for premium account. Meanwhile, there is no limitation to the number of messages you can schedule directly to your whatsapp friends using scheduler for whatsapp.

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