Dropped Pin: How to Drop Pin on iPhone

Google knows much more about us and we can’t hide from their surveillance. The invention has done more for humanity with its services more than what humanity has done for itself. With services like Google Maps, you can find your way to any destination. Google made it easy to pins drop on smart devices. With dropped pins on Google Maps, you can easily track your exact location. Therefore in this article, we will consider how to drop a pin on Google Maps on iPhone.

Dropped Pins on Google Maps means that you intentionally save the location GPS coordinate in the spot where the pins are dropped. With that, it makes it easy to share your location or the pinned location with your friends and family with a single click.

Dropped Pins on iPhone? What does it Mean?

What do dropped pins on iPhone on Google Maps mean? It means to pin a particular location or GSP coordinate on the Google Maps on your iPhone so that you can easily share it with your family and friends to know your current location and the coordinate to follow to the location.

Note that you cannot share the exact street when you dropped a pin on the Google Maps on your iPhone.

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However, if this sounds good to you, here, you will learn how to drop pins on Google Maps on iPhone in this article.Dropped Pin on Google Maps on iPhone

How to Drop Pins in Google Maps on your PC

We will walk you through the procedures to drop pins on Google Maps and remove dropped pins on the Google Maps on your PC (Windows and Mac) in this section of the guide.

  • Go to Google Maps on a browser on your PC.
  • Click on the search box and enter the exact location your want to pin on the Maps. This will help you to narrow down your location GPS coordinate.
  • Now, before you can drop a pin on the Maps you need to zoom in to be able to identify the exact location on the Maps.
  • To drop your pin on the Maps after zooming in find and select the location whose GPS coordinate you would love to pin.
  • Once you have identified the exact location right-click on the location and choose “Direction to here” from the popup.
  • Enter the starting point where the person (s) you want to share the dropped pin is or are coming from and the Maps will produce the driving direction to the spot with the quickest route.
  • That is how to drop pins on Google Maps on PC.

Next, you would want to know how you can drop a pin on Google Maps on your mobile phone and share it with your friends and family.

Dropped Pin on Google Maps on iPhone & Android

This is dedicated to all iPhone and Android users to know how to drop pins on Google Maps on iPhone to be able to share the GPSS coordinate with their allies for direction to the exact spot.

  • Open www.google.com/maps on your browser or open the Google Maps mobile app on your device.
  • In the search box, enter the location to pin on the Google Maps and zoom in to be able to figure out the exact spot. With the zoom out you might pin the wrong GPS coordinate.
  • Once you have identified the exact location press and hold down the spot until a red pin drops on the pinned location.
  • Some options will appear once the pin has been dropped. These are the options that you will see.
    • Get directions from a certain place to that spot
    • Label that spot for future use
    • Share the GPS coordinates (via a link) through text, email, and so on
    • Download that map so you can access it offline
  • Select the option that best defines why you dropped the pin on the GPS coordinate and you are done.

There is no limit on the number of times you can drop pins on Google Maps on your iPhone or Android. If the dropped pin has completed its task you can simply delete or remove it.

Therefore, we will move to how to remove or delete dropped pins on Google maps on Android, iPhone, and computer.

How to Remove Dropped Pin on Google Maps

If the dropped pins are not removed or deleted they will be there on the Maps and can cause congestion when you want to drop a new pin. Therefore, we will recommend you remove or delete dropped pin you no longer want to keep on your Google Maps screen.

  • Open the Google Maps app or go to www.google.com/maps on your web browser.
  • Find the dropped pin your want to remove or delete.
  • Right-click on the pin and choose “Remove this destination.”
  • Done.

With the steps, you can remove dropped pin on the Google Maps app and drop another PIN.

How to Share Dropped Pin on Google Maps on iPhone/Android

Lastly, we are going to discuss how to share the dropped pin on Google Maps on iPhone or Android and even Windows and Mac with your friends and family.

  • Open the Google Maps app or visit the Google Maps on www.google.com/maps on a browser on an internet-enabled device.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines to the top left to unleash the app menu.
  • Find and select “share or embed Maps” from the app menu.
  • A pop-up will appear containing the dropped pin share link.
  • Copy the share link and send the link to whom you want to share your GPS coordinate.

That is how to share dropped pins on Google Maps with friends and family to know your exact spot on the coordinate with limited information on the street.

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