Confirmed: How to Installed Dual Whatsapp on Dual Simcard Android Phone

This post is for those that are using dual SIM card Android phone and would love to use dual whatsapp app whether it’s dual whatsapp apk or not it. Since there is no specific requirement to start using two whatsapp app on one single phone using two SIMs  then why don’t you start using it?

In tech world, to enjoy any smartphone to the best you may need to grant root access to the device but in the case of how to use two or dual whatsapp app on Android phone you do not necessarily need a root access since the app to use 2 whatsapp in dual sim phone is an apk file.

And from research made you can even use 3 whatsapp app apk on an Android running dual SIM card. So, if the itch still lies on which way to use more than one Whatsapp account on your device this article will provide solution to it and even given you options whether you will love to download og whatsapp or you will prefer running dual whatsapp app on your phone using the popular gbwhatsapp with multiple features.

Credit to one of our readers who requested for a tutorial on how to use dual whatsapp on Android phone. In this episode of whatsapp app, you will learn everything you need to do to start using 2 whatsapp in one mobile phone with ogwhatsapp apk app for Android phone.

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Two or Dual Whatsapp App on a Single Phone

Some guides online required granting root access to any Android phone by users that would love to run 2 whatsapp app on 1 phone. But, the act of rooting Android phone is like a myth to most Android users, not because they can’t find someone to help them root their Android and start using dual whatsapp apk on it but they are scared of damaging their Android phone during the process. However, whether you are scared to root your Android phone or not, this post will share strictly the method that can be used to run two whatsapp on Android phone with dual SIM cards option without rooting and it will work perfect without any issues or itches.

So, come to think of that; with dual whatsapp app or apk you will not get error, how would you feel? Some tech guides teach you how to run two whatsapp account on one Android but encounter error using og whatsapp. However, here you will learn how to use 2 whatsapp in one mobile without ogwhatsapp and without telling you to download og whatsapp rather another dual whatsapp apk to run  multple whatsapp account on one Android phone.

 What are the Requirement for Running Dual Whatsapp Account in One Mobile?

Before you can start to run two whatsapp account on a dual SIM cards smartphone there are some basic requirements you mobile must meet. Although, rooting is not necessary to run dual whats app apk on one mobile but your Android phone must meet the following requirement.

Important Notice: In this post you will learn to run two whatsapp account on a mobile without ogwhatsapp apk app for Android phone.

1. Your Android phone must be whatsapp enabled device

2. It must be able to install apk app

3. Rooting is not a criteria but it is an added advantage

4. Working internet connection like 2G or 3G while 4G is not a criteria it’s an advantage for fast implementation.

5. Common sense. Although you do not need rocket scientist knowledge to implement this tutorial on how to run multiple whatsapp account on one Android but you need to be able to carry out simple instruction without been supervised.

When you have all these requirement available you can now proceed to install multiple whatsapp account on one Android phone without ogwhatsapp as promised.


How to Install Dual Whatsapp apk on Android Phone with Two SIM cards

In this section we would share with you methods that can be used to install two or multiple whatsapp account on an Android phone running two SIM cards without og whatsapp download. The procedure below unveiled everything you need to do to start running multiple whatsapp account on your phone today.

Method 1:

Download and Install GBWhatsapp on your Android phone follow the procedure below.

Note: You must be able to install apk apps on your device enabling installation from unknown sources. To achieve this navigate to your phone settings, click on security and click on unknown sources to be able to install GBWhatsapp.

1. Download GBWhatsapp apk app (GBWhatsapp apk installer) which is alternative to ogwhatsapp you don’t want to install on your Android phone.

2. Launch the downloaded GBwhatsapp on your Android phone, scroll down to the bottom page and and click on install

Dual wahatsapp apk

3. After successful installation of GBWhatsapp click on open to launch the apk app

dual whatsapp app

4. If you have a back up of your default whatsapp you want to move to the new whatsapp app account click on restore otherwise click on agree and continue to set up your new whatsapp account alongside the default whatsapp you are using.

Dual Whatsapp installation

5. Enter your second SIM card mobile number. Note this mobile number must be different from your default whatsapp number else it will preempt multiple verification process each time you launch your dual whatsapp apk app and click on next.

Dual phone dual whatsapp trick

6. For GBWhatsapp to send one time verification code to your new whatsapp phone number confirm the mobile number from the pops up you need to confirm the number and click ‘OK’. Now, enter the 6-digits code sent to the phone number to login to your new whatsapp profile and then click on next to proceed.

7. Whatsapp will start initializing your account. This may take a while depending on your internet connection after which you will be welcome with GBWhatsapp changelog as a sign that you have successfully installed the apk file. Then click on ‘OK’ to take receipt for the updated information of your account.

dual whatsapp changelog

8. For the first time of running dual whatsapp apk app on your dual SIM cards Android phone, GBWhatsapp will remain blank since their is no chat that have been recorded. You can then click on the ‘+’ sign to add contact to your OGwhatsapp download alternative app for running two whatsapp on one Android phone.

Dual whatsapp with GBWhatsapp homescreen

Basic Feature of GBwhatsapp for Running Dual Whatsapp App

After everything what are the things you stand the chance to enjoy for installing an additional apk file to run multiple whatsapp on your Android phone? Well, you can check the full list below……

  • Updated version to 2.17.246 (Based on Playstore)
  • No Need to Root your Device
  • Privacy Option
  • Anti Ban of Account
  • Themes mods Enable
  • Supported Video Calling Enable
  • Zooming of Profile Picture
  • View the media without loading
  • View the media without loading
  • The possibility of hiding to appear
  • Possible of sending video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB
  • Possible to sending 90 image at once without 10
  • Possibility of sending an audio clip size up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB
  • click on the links without storing the message sender or the number of the owner counter statistics for groups

If you followed these procedures very well you should have dual whatsapp or multiple whatsapp installed on your phone with dual SIM cards now. However, if you have any issues using this procedure to install multiple whatsapp on your Android phone kindly drop us a comment and we’d also appreciate your testimony if this really worked for you.

How to Install Dual Whatsapp Using Parallel Space Multiple Accounts

his method reveals how to install parallel-space app on your phone directly from your PC to your Android one.

1. Open a new tab on your PC browser and visit Google play store

2. Type ‘parallel space’ in the search box without quote and hits the enter button. Click to parallel-space on your Android phone.

Note: The Android phone you want to install on must have internet connection enabled. Also, the same email address must be used to login into your Google store account on mobile and on PC.

Download Parallel Space Android App on Android Phone

The procedure is almost the same and you do not need rocket scientist knowledge to download the app directly on your Android phone.

1. Navigate to your phone app menu and launch play store app.

2. Type in the search box ‘parallel space’ without quote and hits the search button

3. From the list of apps displayed click on ‘parallel-space’ with curl p icon. Accept that should access your device and click on accept.

4. The app will then download and install on your Android phone.

Parallel space is another popular Android app you can always refer to whenever you want to run dual whatsapp app on your smartphone without installing apk version. However, there are other alternatives to parallel space multi accounts apps like 2Accounts, app cloner to mention a few that can be used to run dual whatsapp account on a single phone.

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