Angelica Zachary Net Worth, Age, Career, and Biography

Angelica Zachary is popularly known as the wife of the famous comedian Marlon Wayans who used to be an actress and model.

She rarely appears in the spotlight, since she prefers to keep her personal life private. However, after tying the knot with Marlon Wayan in 2005 she began to gain more unexpected popularity. Marlon Wayan is famously known as an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer.

Presently she has two kids with Marlon Wayan who are Amai and Shawn. Unfortunately, they have parted ways following some misunderstanding from both sides. 

Currently, Angelica Zachary has custody of her kids. However they still both co-parents the kids together. Since it has been revealed that she is an actress and model. Angelica Zachary’s net worth is around $3million while her ex-husband Marlon Wayan has a net worth of $40 MIllion.


Angelica Zachary was born on the 22nd of February 1972. Since she rarely puts out details about her personal life. This has made it pretty exhausting figuring out her age. However, it wasn’t until Marlon Wayan sent her a birthday wish on Facebook that we got to know the exact date she was born.

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Angelica Zachary was born in New York, the United States where she was also raised. She practices Christianity and she is of the African-American race. She is an American citizen and her birth sign is Aquarius.

Information about Angelica’s parents or siblings has not been revealed yet as Angelica prefers to keep that discreet. However, it was revealed that her dad is from Africa while her mom is from Japan.

Early Life & Education

Angelica Zachary

Angelica Zachary became a person people got curious about after she got married to Marlon Wayan. And after her Marriage to Marlon Wayan, She rarely comes into the spotlight nor talks about family members or her personal life so, there is little to no information about what she was interested in at a young age and the school she went to.

However, she must have shown some interest in venturing into the entertainment niche since it was revealed that she partook in a comedy parody film where she acted as a “pedestrian”.


There have been very few details known about how the career of angelica Zachary went. However, it was revealed that she was an actress and model since she partook in the 1998 comedy film known as “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”. In the film, she had a brief role as a pedestrian.

Presently she isn’t known with any profession after her divorce from Marlon Wayan.

Angelica Zachary Net Worth

After parting ways with Marlon Wayan, he had a divorce settlement which he fulfilled to Angelica. It was reported that the money Angelica received from the divorce is $3.5 million. With that huge figure, it is safe to say that Angelica Zachary net worth is around $3.5million. While her husband Marlon Wayan has an estimated net worth of $45 million.

Marlon Wayans Angelica Zachary 

Angelica Zachary

Marlon and Angelica met at an undisclosed event in the 1990s. After their first meeting, they began to develop an interest in themselves, however. It took a while before Wayan and angelica started to court each other.

Their courtship started in 1992 and they finally decided to get married in 2005. After Angelica got married to Wayan Her popularity increased 

Presently the union is blessed with two children who are Amai Zackary Wayans and Shawn Howell Wayan. Amai is presently 20 years old while Shawn is 18 years old.

after spending long years together, Wayyan was accused of cheating on angelica which didn’t go well with her.

Eventually, both parties got a divorce in 2013, However, both sides still co-parent their kids.

Angelica Zachary Children

Angelica Zachary

After Marlon Wayan and angelica Zachary parted ways in 2013, they were left with the responsibility of co-parenting them. Although the custody of the children has been given to Angelica.

The name of her children are Amai Zackary Wayans and Shawn Howell Wayans

Angelica Zachary movies

The only recorded film in which Angelica Zachary has been involved, is the comedy parody film called I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”, The film was shot in 1998. And since then she hasn’t been involved in any other films.

Angelica Zachary age 

Angelica Zachary wasn’t born into a family with a silver spoon, which is not soo financially buoyant. She was born on the 22nd of February 1972. As of today May 26, 2022, her present age is 50 years old.

Angelica Zachary Height 

Angelica has a well fit body since it was reported that she regularly does exercise and she maintains a balanced diet. While she is still single and presently taking care of her kids. Her height hasn’t changed a lot.

As of 2022, her last reported height is 5 feet 5 inches which is equivalent to 165cm.

Angelica Zachary Weight

Angelica has a pretty attractive body size with a body measurement of 34-26-35 while she tries to stay fit with a pretty attractive look at the age of 51. And pretty attractive black-coloured eyes. Angelica Zachary last reported weight is 56kg which is equivalent to 123lbs.

Angelica Zachary Instagram

Angelica Zachary isn’t very active on social media, although she has an Instagram account with less than 1k followers. Her account is private so it’s only those who follow her that can see her posts. 

You can check out Angelica Zachary’s Instagram account in the profile table below.

Angelica Zachary Wikipedia

Presently, Angelica might not be soo popular as her ex-husband Marlon Wayan to have a Wikipedia page, however you can find out more about her by reading this blog as we extensively give you a detailed overview of her biography

Who is angelica Zachary

Angelica Zachary is the ex-wife of the popular comedian, and actor called Marlon Wayan. She had a relationship with Marlon Wayan and gave him two kids, A boy, and a lady. However, due to unknown reasons s both parties left one another. Presently she is in the custody of her kids.

Her story is similar to that of a lady called Wanda Hutchins who courted a basketball superstar for a long time before they ended up parting ways.

Angelica Zachary Age and Birthday

Her ex-husband came on Facebook to express his appreciation to angelica on the 22nd of February. What this means is, She celebrates her birthday on 22 February of every year.

Who is Angela Zachary

Angelica Zachary name is usually misspelt as Angela Zachary. She is the former wife of Marlon Wayan whom she had two kids but later broke out due to some misunderstanding.

Are Angelica Zachary and Essence Atkins Related?

Angelica Zachary
Marlon with Essence Atkins

The common mistake with Angelica and essence Atkins is that people confuse them together. That is not all, in some places their pictures are confused. However, here is the truth. Essence Atkins is an actress and she has once acted in a movie where she assumed the character of Marlon’s wife. 

In conclusion, she isn’t Marlon’s wife or in any way related to angelica.

How old is Angelica Zachary?

She lives a pretty discreet life following her divorce from Marlon Wayan. Presently, Angelica Zachary’s age as of 2022 is 50 since she was born on February 22, 1972.

IS Marlon Wayan and Angelica Zachary’s daughter an LGBTQ?

The news might sound odd but according to some reports she reported kissing a girl and she liked it. She made the revelation to her dad who wasn’t moved about it. He simply showed his support. However, there is no report on how angelica responded to it.

Marlon Wayan has been questioned by fans about the sexuality of Amai his daughter. While he keeps attacking them back, however, Angelica hasn’t publicly responded to Amai’s sexuality since we don’t know if she approves of it.

Is Angelica Zachary Related to Essence Atkins?

There are not related to one another. There have been some common mix between them. Most bloggers mix up their pictures since she once assumed the role of Marlon’s wife in a film they both acted on together.

Interesting Facts About Angelica Zachary

  • To show you how discreet she is, Angelica Zachary has an Instagram account, but it is private. She rarely posts about her personal life on her social media pages
  • She once acted in a comedy parody film
  • She is usually confused as Essence Atkins because Essence once acted as a character of Marlon’s wife in a film.
  • She is Financially Okay after receiving $3.5 million as a divorce settlement from Marlon Wayan.
  • She is of African American ethnicity.
  • Her dad is from Africa while her mom is from japan
  • Angelica courted Marlon in 1992 and they married in 2015 that was 13 years of courtship
  • They had their first child before they got married. her name is Amai.
  • Amai is a lesbian following the incident she experienced after kissing a lady while admitting that she liked it.

Angelica Zachary Personal Life

Name:Angelica Zachary
Birth Place:New York City
Height:5 feet 5 inches or 165cm
Age in 202250 years
Birth Date22nd of February 1972
ProfessionModel, Actress
Marital StatusSingle after Divorce from Marlon Wayan
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Ex-Husband:Marlon Wayans ( Divorced)
Net Worth:$3million
Eye Color:Brown
Hair colour:Blonde
Kids:Amai Zackery Wayans, Shawn Howell

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