Ecobee vs Nest Thermostats

Have you been wondering what brand of the thermostat to go for? Then this article will help you decide right, as we will be discussing the Ecobee vs Nest thermostats and everything you need to know including the differences, pros, and cons.

If you want to take a census of all the brands of thermostats the world over, they are quite a number of them but when you need to narrow it down to the “top two” brands, then your options will very likely be the Google Nest Learning Thermostats and the Ecobee Smart Thermostats with Voice Control, which is why we are looking at Ecobee vs Nest thermostat.

These two are both manufacturers of smart home electronic devices such as smart speakers, smart displays, streaming devices, thermostats, smoke detectors, routers, smart light switches, security systems including smart doorbells, cameras and smart locks.

But for those that are confused about picking the best thermostat from their venture this article is recommended as this article, we will be focusing only on the Ecobee vs Nest thermostats.

Speaking of Ecobee vs Nest thermostats, one thing which we must be sure to point out is that they are both smart thermostats, which means they are upgraded from the standard traditional thermostats.

Smart thermostats can more or less be called smart housekeepers, as they can keep your home while you are away. With a smart thermostat, you do not necessarily have to worry if your electronic gadgets were turned on or off and how much power will be consumed, because your smart thermostat automatically lowers the temperature when you leave your house and gets them back on when you arrive home.

More so, they are also compatible and can sync with many other smart home devices for an overall smart home setup.

Having established this, let us move on to the main gist of Ecobee vs Nest thermostats.

The Ecobee and Nest thermostat shares some similar features and prices as well but this guide will cover each smart thermostat’s distinct differences so you look at them side by side and then make a decision depending on what suits you best. Ecobee vs Nest Thermostats

Ecobee vs Nest Thermostat

Here, we will take into consideration the peculiar difference between the Ecobee Vs the Nest thermostat, beginning with the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Nest Thermostat Specifications

Below are some of the notable nest thermostat specifications.

  • The nest thermostat has a 3.3-inch full-colour display.
  • They come ready in stainless steel, white, black, polished steel, copper, brass and mirror black.
  • Nest is Google Assistant voice support, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT enabled.
  • Compatible with 95% of 24V HVAC systems.

Ecobee Thermostat Specifications

For Ecobee, check out the specifications below.

  • Ecobee has a 3.5-inch full-screen LCD touchscreen.
  • Has built-in Alexa voice control and speaker.
  • Compatible with HVAC systems with up to four stages of heating and two stages of cooling (4H/2C).
  • Includes one remote temperature SmartSensor.

Ecobee Vs Nest Thermostat (Differences)

Below are the distinctive differences between the Ecobee and Nest thermostats.

Learning Ability

Did you ever stop to wonder what the ” learning” in “Nest Learning Thermostat” means? The name simply says your smart thermostat learns. It can watch whatever you’re doing while also following your schedule to learn how to manage your home better(the way you would want it done).

So Nest takes note of every adjustment you make and after about a week of adjustments, Nest will “learn” your schedule and the temperature settings you prefer, so it always adjusts itself to suit you per time. The good thing is you can turn this feature off if you do not fancy it, so Nest just runs on the conventional schedule.

Meanwhile, Ecobee works with a more conventional schedule. The kind that allows you to set your desired times and temperatures for when you are home or away and once the times and temperatures are set, they don’t change unless you change them.

Design and Look

One thing that stands out with the Nest is the dial comes in seven colour finishes, which gives you a variety to choose from. This dial is the control point to change temperature and make other adjustments.

On the other hand, Ecobee’s thermostat design is not exactly the most attractive, especially since we are discussing Ecobee vs Nest. However, its large display makes programming and settings easy but there are no body colour options.


Sensors are one integral part of any thermostat, as they are what makes the heating and cooling system deliver heating and cooling as necessary. Sensors are also a part of why thermostats are smart enough to efficiently manage your home’s environment. So, we will first analyze the Nest sensors and then that of Ecobee.

Nest sensors are capable of;

  • Monitor your room’s temperature.
  • Measuring the humidity level in a room.
  • To detect the proximity of objects.
  • Identifies when someone is occupying a room.
  • Measures the amount of light in a room.
  • Finds the position of the ring on the thermostat(magnetic).

The Ecobee smart thermostat has four integrated sensors that are equally capable of detecting; humidity, temperature, proximity and occupancy but cannot detect the amount of light and is not magnetic.

Sounds/ Control

Nest thermostats can be controlled in many ways. One is its “learning” ability that lets the device learn to manage and adjust your schedule or use Google Assistant/Alexa voice commands. Being that it is also compatible with the Nest and Google Voice app, you can control multiple sensors straight from your smartphone, or you can take the old-school way of turning on and pressing buttons, that if you don’t mind the inconveniences.

Meanwhile, what Ecobee does not have in looks, it has it in Sounds and controls. Ecobee’s sound functionality is top gear, as it has an integrated Alexa speaker and microphone, coupled with Siri and you can as well stream Spotify directly on your thermostat.

To conclude the discussion on Ecobee vs Nest thermostat, we will list out some pros and cons of both thermostats.

Pros of Nest Thermostat

  • Able to learn your schedule automatically.
  • Designed with a stylish look.
  • Integrated with six sensors
  • Compatible with remote sensors.

Cons of the Nest Thermostat

  • It is quite pricey
  • Has no built-in speakers

Pros of Ecobee Thermostat

  • It is Alexa enabled.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Siri.
  • Has a built-in Spotify
  • Connects to Bluetooth speakers

Cons of the Ecobee Thermostat

  • Installation requires a C wire.
  • Has a large screen bezel(i.e the frame of the device used to hide the electronic circuitry and wiring).

At any time you are pondering on a Nest vs Ecobee thermostat, these are the similarities and differences you should consider but in all, the best thermostat to buy solely depends on what your specific needs are. So, we hope this guide helps you to make an appropriate decision.

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