Best Cheapest Hearing Aids Under $100

Have you just visited an Otolaryngologist and now you have been prescribed an expensive hearing aid? If yes, there are some things you want to consider before going against your Otolaryngologist’s orders.

If you have an extreme hearing disorder, you might be left with no option but to purchase a pricey hearing aid since it can work better in such a scenario. However, if you have a mild to low hearing disorder, then you can decide to go for the best cheapest hearing aids, but how cheap are we talking about?

Getting the best cheapest hearing aids out there comes with its risk since most of them usually come with one or two downsides such as lacking noise cancellation or having a short listening time

But, since you are here to get the best cheapest hearing aids, we will be breaking down some of the widely accepted criteria you should look out for when looking to get the best cheapest hearing Aids

NB: if you have an extreme hearing loss you should strictly follow your Otolaryngologists advice

Before Selecting a hearing Aid

The price of hearing aids falls on factors such as the manufacturer of the Hearing aid, the particular model you are going for and the features that comes packed with it. These might sound like some important features to look at but they are not dependable.

Hearing Aids are not fashion accessories, and that is why we have taken the time to go through tons of hearings aids to ensure that most of what we will be listed here are widely accepted and are under the regulation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

That being said, let’s break down some of the criteria we have used to come up with the list of best cheapest hearing aids.

Quality of Sound

Less sophisticated hearing aids are usually cheap and cheap ones come with some downsides. While it is okay as each brand wants to make a profit. Producing hearing aid that doesn’t have a quality sound is non-negotiable as it defeats the purpose of making them in the first place. Which is to hear clearly

Decent hearing aids should provide the option to adjust the audio to your preference but not all of them might come with noise cancellation.

And if it doesn’t come with that, it would be much harder making it hard to use it in lousy places. But hey, if you are getting one. You need to ensure that, they come with decent audio quality.

Should be Affordable

Hearing aids are produced to improve the hearing condition and as such it is not a luxury product, but then, it might come a bit pricey f you have extreme hearing loss. Some brands create some of these things to make profits while raking in high-profit margins.

However, there are some well-priced hearing aids out there that cost far lesser without compromising on their quality provided you are not dealing with extreme hearing loss.

Solid customer support

For some, the learning curve to using a hearing aid might be steep and as such, they might require some support.

Some manufacturers provide these to enable users quickly get a hang of it while some don’t. However, if you’re getting a very cheap hearing aid you might not get customer support.

Types of Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are classified into 2 which are the ITE(Inside the Ear) hearing Aids and the BTE(Behind the ear) Hearing Aids. 

Both classes work just fine. However, the difference is only in the style. Besides that, the style in some cases could be an advantage but then, it is dependent on your preference.

For instance, the ITE hearing Aids are usually Half shell or full shell and they are small in size making it hard to see. 

However, the BTE hearing aids usually fit behind the ear making it much visible to others that you are using a hearing aid.

While this might not be comfortable with some people. BTE usually come packed with more features when compared with ITE.

Batteries with long listening time

How long a hearing aid stays should be considered as you do not want to keep charging your hearing aids every hour. If you decide to go for an ITE you can 3 – 7 days of listening time while in some it won last up to half a day. 

The reason for this is the small nature of ITE making it less capable to accommodate more batteries. 

However, BTE usually comes with longer listening time and other features such as streaming since they come with much bigger space and can accommodate bigger batteries.

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Best Cheapest Hearing Aids

Now that we’ve gone through some of the things you ought to consider when selecting the best cheapest hearing aids, we will be delving into the top 5 best cheapest hearing aid you should go for that offers a decent amount of features without you having to break the bank.

Britzgo Digital Hearing Amplifier (model BHA-220)

Best Cheapest Hearing Aids

The Britzgo is another BTE hearing aid on this list that has one of the longest standby times. 

You can say, BTE hearing Aids are big enough to contain a large battery and thus, they have the potential to last longer than their ITE Counterparts.

However, ITE hearing Aids also come with their advantages but their features are similar.

One of the things you will appreciate about this hearing aid is that it amplifies the hearing aid audio making the sound clear and crisp

Not many cheap hearing aids offer that feature which is why we have listed it among the best cheapest hearing aids.

In addition to that, you can use this hearing aid on both ears sides without issues of it dropping out.

With all these features, it comes with some downsides as the lack of background noise cancelling and the fact that it amplifies all sound might not make it a great fit in a noisy environment but hey, it’s just $20.


Audien ATOM Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier To Aid

Best Cheapest Hearing Aids

“$99 changed my lifestyle. didn’t have to get robbed to hear. People haven’t even noticed I have them in my ears”

Audien ATom is another impressive ITE hearing aid on this list.

One of the things that make it stand out is the ease of wearing it and the level of comfort it affords you since you can change the size of the ear tip to (small, medium or large) depending on whichever fits you. 

This feature ensures that it doesn’t slip out of your ears. 

Coupled with that, It does a great job of amplifying your speech while also keeping background noise to the minimum.

Another impressive feature is the consistent, long and crisp sound quality and the 20-hour battery life which might not seem too impressive but then, it has a decent listening time.


HSKLOCK Hearing Aids

Best Cheapest Hearing Aids 

While it might be pretty hard to find cheap hearing aids with noise-cancelling technology, the HSLOCK does have a noise-cancelling feature. 

This feature makes it suitable in any environment notwithstanding the level of crowd preset.

Aside from that, it is pretty easy to use since it comes with easy manual controls. Also, you don’t need to worry bulge about the discomfort of wearing I for a long time since it affords you to use a third-party ear tip that suits your ear size.

Although one of the things most users might find displeasing about this hearing aid is the fact that, it doesn’t fulfil its 500 hours battery time expectation as it lasts far lower than that.

In addition to that, you cannot charge the batteries so you might need extras when the current one passes out.


Ibmonnet Hearing Aids For Seniors Rechargeable 

Best Cheapest Hearing Aids

Rank: best cheap hearing aids for seniors

“My hearing loss was near total, all I could hear were faint whispers. Not being able to afford an expensive hearing aid, I tried this product. I can now hear the TV, hear conversations. For the price, it’s a great bargain.”

This is one of the compact BTE hearing aids on this list. 

It is perfectly suited for mild to low hearing issues but is not advised for extreme hearing loss issues.

If you are looking to get something cheap that offers quality background noise reduction while having superior sound quality, then you might want to consider the Ibmonnet hearing aid.

Besides that, the listening time is pretty high as it can last for close to 4 days.

You don’t have to charge it too frequently as it comes with space for a bigger battery size if you plan on getting one.

Also, it is safe to say the Ibmonnet hearing aid is versatile as you can use a single hearing aids in both ear without feeling any form of discomfort


Maihear 2 In 1 Bluetooth Hearing aid

Best cheapest hearing Aids

The Maihear 2-in-1 hearing aids look just like Bluetooth earbuds. But then, it is an ITE hearing aid, however, it is not very conspicuous.

It comes with some pretty impressive features such as the.

Increased personalization you stand to get with the app that comes with it.

In addition to all that, this hearing aid comes with streaming features and a long-lasting 24-hour hearing time. 

Being one of the best cheapest hearing aids on this list, another impressive feature it comes with is the automatic optical in-ear detection that makes sit automatically turn on when inserted in your ears and turn off when it is taken out.

Although it is not suited for extreme hearing loss as you can only use it for moderate to low hearing loss.


How can I get Cheap Hearing Aids?

It depends on what you mean by cheap, If your budget is way below $50 then you need to be aware that they might not be worth buying. But then, you can always scrutinize the hearing aid by using the criteria above to conclude if it is decent enough for the price.

But, If you want a hearing aid that won’t give you issues you should up your budget to at least $300.

Besides, getting an extremely cheap hearing aid can come with downsides such as lack of noise cancellation or poor battery life

What is the Average Price of hearing aids?

The disparity between the prices of hearing aids can be very high as some hearing aids can go as low as $20 while they can go as high as $7000. It is dependent on the features it comes with, the style of the brand and what type of hearing issue sit correctly. Hearing aids for extreme ear loss might be more expensive to purchase.

Do Cheaper hearing aids work?

Yes, they do. Some cheap hearing aids get the job done and some cheap ones perform a great job taking care of issues such as background noise they are also comfortable to use

However, they are not suited for extreme hearing loss issues

How long do hearing aids last?

There are a series of factors that affect the life span of a hearing aid. Usually, it can last for 2-3 years. But it depends on certain variables such as the length of time they’re worn each day and the conditions that they’re worn in

What is the Different between ITE and BTE hearing aids?

Hearing aids are classified into two based on outlook and style. The first classification is BTE, which is referred to as behind-the-ear. It is usually bigger than the ITE since it is visible and usually big.

While it might not be suitable for someone who doesn’t want others to know he/she has hearing issues. It comes with more features when compared to ITE hearing aids.

some of the features you would enjoy about BTE are the long battery life and the ability to stream audio and video.

The ITE hearing aids mean in-the-ear. The way it is usually built is has a very small size making it less conspicuous. If you don’t want others easily figure out that you have hearing issues, you might want to go for ITE, however, ITE tends to lack a long battery life, noise cancellation and the ability to stream.

But there are some exceptions to it depending on how pricey the hearing aid is


Since you’ve gone through this article, you should have been well informed on the best cheapest hearing aids out there and how to scrutinize one. If you have other hearing aids you feel we missed out on feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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