How to Access WhatsApp Account on Facebook App

Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp and Instagram we have witnessed a lot of changes on the platforms. Before Facebook bought WhatsApp, the platform with an average of 1 billion daily users promised to run the messenger without ads but now we have seen Facebook trying to include ads and business strategy on the platform. However, the two platforms have linked together such that WhatsApp automatically shares your phone contacts on Facebook, and now Facebook WhatsApp integration makes it possible to access WhatsApp account on the Facebook app.

If you are an internet marketer you can easily run ads on Instagram via your Facebook advertisement page and have a good return on your investment. That is probably what Facebook thought about WhatsApp business. Meanwhile, you don’t need to verify your WhatsApp account before you can access it directly from your Facebook messenger for iOS and Android phones.

However, WhatsApp is a great platform to reach more audience via WhatsApp group and via the upcoming WhatsApp advertisement platform. While Facebook plans to first launch the business advertising platform in North and South America, Africa, Australia and “most of” Asia, without a reason why Europe is neglected, I think we have to wait for Facebook, the WhatsApp and Instagram parent website to give out reasons why they choose not.

Facebook WhatsApp

Facebook WhatsApp: How to Access WhatsApp on Facebook

If you are running the latest Facebook app you will see an option to access your WhatsApp directly from the app. Not only that, you need to WhatsApp your WhatsApp to the latest iteration to enjoy this feature.

The Facebook WhatsApp integration brought an easy way to login to WhatsApp on Facebook messenger without leaving the platform. If you choose to disable WhatsApp notification popup when a message comes you will not be able to see and read the message except you swipe down your phone screen.

However, the best way to access your messages on WhatsApp when you have your Facebook app launched without a split screen is to go to the Facebook horizontal line on your messenger to the upper right and access WhatsApp from there. A click back will take you directly to the page you were on Facebook before you choose to take this action.

1. Download and install Facebook app if you don’t have one installed on your phone already

2. Click the horizontal line beside Facebook notifications

Facebook WhatsApp

3. Scroll down the new popup page and click the grey WhatsApp icon

Facebook WhatsApp

After this, you will be taken to your WhatsApp account without leaving the page. This procedure makes it very easy to access WhatsApp on Facebook. The new Facebook WhatsApp integration and Instagram integration make it very easy to access both Instagram and WhatsApp via Facebook messenger.

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