How to Edit Instagram Posts And Comments

So you want to edit Instagram posts instead of deleting the posts? Learn how to edit Instagram posts on Android, iOS and on your computer here in this post.

Just four days after I had posted an update on Instagram I discovered a typo-error which I had to correct without the mind to delete the post. And I successfully edited the Instagram post without deleting it and updated it back.

Instagram has a handy option to edit Instagram posts, delete Instagram posts and even edit comments on Instagram. The simple approach to correct mistakes in Instagram posts can be used to correct mistakes if found in Instagram comments.

While you can edit your comments and post on Instagram using PC or visiting your Instagram account on either mobile or computer browsers, it’s fast and easy using the Instagram app for Android and iOS device.

This editing option on Instagram works with all updates whether the update is new or old. All you just need is to log in to your Instagram account online and edit the said post or comments.

If you having issues with your Instagram posts or comments and you will like to edit them to correct them due to wrong spelling or typographical error here is a guide for you.

How to Edit Instagram Posts And Comments

If you own a computer you can edit your Instagram posts and comment on it. Also, if you are fond of using the Instagram app to enjoy the photo sharing website, here is how to edit posts and comments on the Instagram app.

1. Launch the Instagram app on your Android and sign in to your Instagram account.

How to Edit Instagram Posts And Comments

2. Click the love icon and go to the post you want to edit and click to launch it to see all your Instagram followers reaction.

How to Edit Instagram Posts And Comments

3. Click the three dots at the upper right of your Instagram photo or post and select edit from the pop-up.

How to Edit Instagram Posts And Comments

4. Instagram will pop up the post in an editing mode where you can make changes to the post you already published. After you have successfully edited the post click the change mark to make the change to the post.

How to Edit Instagram Posts And Comments

Once you have successfully done this, the post will change and it will display the edited post with “edited” option below the post when you click on it.

How to Edit Instagram Posts on Computer

It’s easier to edit your posts on Instagram using a computer because of the screen size. Other than that, there is no other benefit or reason why you may want to choose to edit your Instagram posts on your computer over your Android and iOS phones.

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