How to Delete WhatsApp Status Update or Story

You can actually delete WhatsApp status in your timeline if you discover something is wrong with the status or there are some complains that you should take the story down by your friends or group of concerned people.

When you share a story on your WhatsApp status update either with the use of images or text or you congratulate someone via your WhatsApp and you think it’s high time you take the status down you can actually do that.

Before WhatsApp introduced the new status feature where you can easily use images and texts without limit as your status, the old version of WhatsApp stores status on your WhatsApp and cannot be deleted. However, great thanks to the new WhatsApp with the feature to remove a status you are not pleased with.

Meanwhile, you can as well edit your WhatsApp story if you don’t want to delete it. While, when you deleted the status you can come up with a new status. However, you need to know that the moment you click on recycle bin icon on your WhatsApp status option it will delete the status with an update that you have successfully deleted the status update and it’ll no longer be seen by others.

How to Delete WhatsApp Status Update or Story

WhatsApp does not hold the right that you shouldn’t delete anything that has to do with WhatsApp as long as it’s your own. In fact, you may choose to delete WhatsApp app from your phone if you are tired of the free chat and call app for both Android and iOS users. However, the moment you deleted your WhatsApp account you can re-install it again if you so “care” to. But you may want to think twice why you need to take your time off the social media.

1. Locate and launch your WhatsApp account on your app menu and click on the status section on your account interface.

2. Click “my status” which is where you will have access to all the status story you have updated

Delete WhatsApp Status

3. Your status will start scroll automatically as designed by WhatsApp. So, swipe up the status you wanted to delete.

Delete WhatsApp Status

4. Click the recycle bin basket and accept the delete warning by clicking delete from the two options.

Delete WhatsApp Status

Wait for some seconds the status will be deleted. In case you have more WhatsApp status you want to delete just follow the same steps and deleted then one after the other. The only limitation of this WhatsApp feature is that there is no way to delete your entire WhatsApp status update for now so you have to delete them one after the other.

This is how to delete WhatsApp status without any app or without waiting for expiry time which is 24 hours.

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