How to Fix Voicemail Call Issues on iPhone iOS 11

If you recently upgraded your iOS device to iOS 11 or later you will probably have the voicemail call issue. With the erupting issue with the new iOS update, you will not be able to listen to voicemail messages on your iPhone. Instead of you to listen to voicemail call on your iPhone with the latest update, you will be prompt to call voicemail instead.

However, the error could continue like that until the bug is discovered and fix if no other solution is provided to the issue of not being able to listen to voicemail messages on iPhone with iOS 11.

Therefore, the result of the inability to read or listen to voicemail on iPhone bring about this post on how to fix voicemail call redirecting to call voicemail number.

Fix 1: Voicemail Redirecting to Call Voicemail Issue

Apple support suggests that users that are facing the voicemail redirect issue should create a visual voicemail instead to solve this issue.

Reset Network Settings

The procedure you want to try is to reset your iPhone network settings. To reset iPhone iOS 11 network settings:

Navigate to  Settings > General > Reset. Now tap “Reset Network Settings” and enter your passcode.

Your iPhone will reboot. This should stop listening to voicemail messages redirecting to calling voicemail.

Set up Visual Voicemail

To create a visual voicemail to fix voicemail redirect to call voicemail on iOS 11 or new version simply follow the steps below.

Call Voicemail

Navigate to Phone app >> Voicemail >> Set Up Now >> Create a voicemail password >> Done >> Type your password >> re-type your password >> Done.

Fix 2: Enable Airplane Mode

If resetting the network doesn’t end the issue then, enabling offline mode and then reboot your phone might the solution from the other end. Enabling offline mode for just 30 seconds to return to the normal  Visual Voicemail.

The encounter I had with “Call Voicemail” is that listening to voicemail messages become a problem. The first time I upgraded to the iOS 11, the issue was fixed with the airplane but the second time wasn’t easy and it was when I reset the network that cleared the error redirecting listening to calling

How to Enable or Disable Airplane mode

Enabling airplane or offline mode on your iPhone will automatically disable cellular, WiFi connections and Bluetooth. To enable airplane mode on iPhone simply follow the direction in the next line.

Call Voicemail

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your display anywhere on the iPhone Home screen.
  • Tap the airplane icon.
  • Wait 30 seconds then tap the airplane icon again.

To know you are already in offline mode the airplane indication will no longer be enclosed in the little orange icon and the airplane icon will show active.

Do not forget to disable airplane mode after 30 seconds to gain access to WiFi, Cellular connection, and Bluetooth on your device.

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